WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results April 12, 2024: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results February 23, 2024: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results February 23, 2024: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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Here are the full results for this Friday's SmackDown which is scheduled to air live on February 23, 2024, at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, UT.

Friday Night SmackDown currently airs live every Friday on Fox from 8:00 ET–10:00 PM ET in the United States. WWE SmackDown starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT Sport 1 on Saturday mornings.

WWE SmackDown Time In Australia: It airs live on at 10 am (AEST) on Fox8

WWE SmackDown Time In Canada: It airs live every Friday at 8 Am on Sportsnet 360

WWE SmackDown Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on Supersport in South Africa on Saturday at 02:00 am CAT

SmackDown Time In Italy: In Italy, SmackDown airs on DMAX at 2:00 pm with the international version of one-hour shows airing on Cielo in Italian

SmackDown airs live on Sony Ten 1 HD and Sony Ten 1 in India at 6:30 am. While SmackDown airs live on Fox Sports in Mexico and across Central and South America since 2014.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown, February 23, 2024 Play-By-Play Results

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Tiffany Stratton

Liv dodges a clothesline and connects with a powerful forearm, sending Tiffany tumbling to the floor. She attempts to escape up the aisle, but Liv cuts her off, yanking her back and sending her crashing into the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, Liv scores a near fall.

Tiffany retaliates, driving Liv face-first into the turnbuckle and executing a spinning clothesline for another near fall. They trade blows, with Liv landing punches and Tiffany responding with forearms. Tiffany then throws Liv into the turnbuckles repeatedly, but Liv escapes a slam and counters with a brutal lungblower, nearly pinning Tiffany.

Liv whips Tiffany into the corner and follows with a powerful hip attack. However, Tiffany anticipates Liv's next charge and catches her with a well-placed kick. She capitalizes with a double stomp, securing another near fall. Tiffany throws Liv with a hip toss and follows up with a splash in the corner. She attempts another clothesline, but Liv counters brilliantly with a crucifix bomb, misses the pin.

Tiffany pulls Liv off the ropes and applies a suffocating reverse chin lock. Liv fights back with punches, but Tiffany momentarily silences her with a forearm. She then taunts Liv with a disrespectful pie-face before receiving a flurry of punches in return.

The fight continues, with each woman landing strikes and knees. Liv eventually gains the upper hand, hitting a series of clotheslines and kicks followed by a punishing hip attack in the corner and a knee strike. Climbing the turnbuckles, she connects with a devastating Codebreaker, nearly putting Tiffany away.

Tiffany counters with a spinebuster of her own, earning another near fall. She positions Liv and ascends the turnbuckles for her signature "Prettiest Moonsault Ever," but Liv anticipates the move and sidesteps, leaving Tiffany landing awkwardly on her feet.

Liv capitalizes on the opportunity, landing a double stomp and a side Russian leg sweep, but again, Tiffany kicks out at two. Refusing to give up, Tiffany counters a Coedbreaker attempt with a jawbreaker and a stunning cartwheel into an Alabama Slam, narrowly missing the victory. Tiffany climbs the turnbuckles once more for the Moonsault. However, Liv, displaying remarkable agility, intercepts her on the ropes. She attempts a sunset flip powerbomb and connects with brutal precision, but Tiffany kicks out again.

Tiffany drags Liv towards Bianca Belair, who's observing the match at ringside. She then throws Liv into the announce table before sending her back into the ring. In a moment of chaos, Tiffany even throws a slap at Bianca, prompting her to approach the ring apron. Liv, seeing Bianca, attempts a quick roll-up, but the referee, distracted by Bianca, misses the pin. Tiffany capitalizes on the distraction, kicking out and sending Liv crashing into Bianca, knocking her off the apron.

Tiffany pins Liv for a three-count, securing a hard-fought victory.

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton

Kayla grills Drew McIntyre, asking him where his head's at for Elimination Chamber.

Drew declares this is his destiny, the culmination of his entire career, every triumph and setback. He claims he craves the title as much as it craves him, and that losing means his journey was as pointless as CM Punk's WWE stint.

Bobby Lashley interrupts, tossing shade at Punk and reminding Drew of his own WrestleMania 37 defeat. Lashley then struts off, leaving Drew fuming.

Backstage, Ashante Thee Adonis is giving Cedric Alexander a fashion makeover, insisting they need a killer tag team look. He critiques Cedric's choices, finally settling on a leather ensemble, much to his cat's disapproval.

A recap of the Bloodline drama on Raw unfolds. Jimmy confesses to Roman about kicking Jey in the face, claiming Paul Heyman called the play. Roman, unimpressed, exposes Jimmy's naivety and reveals it was his own call. Heyman interrupts, announcing the arrival of Grayson Waller, piquing Roman's interest.

Bron Breakker, brimming with excitement, gears up for his Smackdown debut.

We cut to glimpses of various superstars arriving in Australia for Elimination Chamber.

Singles Match: Bron Breakker vs Dante Chen

Bron starts strong, grabbing Chen in a waist lock takedown. Chen avoids being splashed in the corner, demonstrating agility. Bron counters with a powerful shoulder tackle and a side headlock to control the pace. He builds momentum with a running clothesline, forcing Chen to scramble onto the apron. Chen tries to gain the upper hand by dropping Bron onto the top rope and connecting with a stiff forearm. He attempts a high-risk springboard crossbody, but Bron reads the move, catches him mid-air, and slams him down with a devastating powerbomb. To seal the deal, Bron unleashes his signature spear, flattening Chen and securing the victory with a definitive three-count.

WINNER: Bron Breakker

Kayla Braxton interviews Finn and Priest about Elimination Chamber. Finn doubts Tyler and Pete's chances. Priest promises Legado a beating. Cruz and Joaquin plan against Legado. Elektra Lopez blames them for LWO's end. Angel and Humberto ambush Cruz and Joaquin. Santos warns them of consequences. Officials break up the chaos.

JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio vs Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate

Tyler and JD start, trading holds. Tyler and Pete gain momentum with double-team moves. Dom and JD fight back, isolating Tyler. Dunne targets JD's limbs, but Legado fights on. Bate and Dunne unleash a flurry of offense. Legado showcases resilience with near falls. Pete and Tyler secure victory with a double Tyler Driver.

WINNER: Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate

Finn and Priest confront Pete and Tyler, but the latter fight back and take out Damian. Bate and Dunne then target JD and Dom outside the ring. Meanwhile, tension brews backstage among Logan Paul, Austin Theory, Grayson Waller, and Kevin Owens. Dakota Kai is seen being assisted to the medical room after an attack.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins (with Bobby Lashley and B Fab) vs Akam and Rezar (with Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Paul Ellering)

Ford and Akam start aggressively. Dawkins joins in with a flurry of offense. Rezar and Akam regain control, targeting Ford's neck. Dawkins mounts a comeback with high-impact moves. Ford and Dawkins showcase resilience, but interference from Kross and Scarlett leads to Rezar and Akam securing the win with a devastating neckbreaker/powerbomb combination.

WINNER: Akam and Rezar

Dakota gets her knee checked with Nick Aldis in the room. Bayley arrives, concerned about the attack on Dakota. They vow to stand together and make their attackers pay.

We are in the back with Roman Reigns, Jimmy, Solo, and Paul Heyman. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman brings out Grayson Waller into the room and Heyman introduces him to Reigns.

Reigns tells Waller that he has something important for his ears only, we cut to the chamber card.

Singles Match: LA Knight vs Drew McIntyre

Before the match even starts off, WWE United States Champion Logan Paul makes his entrance and sits on the commentary desk.

The bell rings and they both lock up, Knight punches, while he eats one from Drew, followed by a headbutt. Knight with a neckbreaker, followed by a knee in the corner. Drew with a Glass Gow kiss and Knight goes down. Knight is on the apron and prepares for DDT, meanwhile, Knight sends him over the head and then performs a move from the apron to take down Drew.

Drew with a belly-to-belly superlx on the ground. Meanwhile, we see Kevin Owens come in there on the commentary desk. Drew catapults Knight into the frame of the ring.

We are back from the break...Drew is taking control of Knight. Drew unloads a kick flat on the ribs of Lknight by using the turnbuckle and than goes for a cover, but Knight kicks out. Drew goes wild now, he unleases a ruthless attack on Knight, Drew chops in the corner, while Knight with a boot escapes the danger. Knight with punches in the middle, followed by a big clothesline, and goes for the cover after unloading a DDT, but no win there.

Knight goes for his move, but Drew catches him and takes him out with an elbow, Drew goes up, Knight joins too, and comes off with a superplex on Drew for a near fall.

Drew with a Future shock DDT, goes for a claymore kick, but Knight sides out and Drew hits the turnbuckle. Knight takes Drew out of the ring and then bumps him onto the commentary desk. Knight engages in an exchange with Logan Paul, meanwhile, Drew hits Knight in the back. Drew sends Knight into Kevin Owens. Drew catches Knight and sends him into the ring back, meanwhile, Owns attacks Drew McIntyre on the back as the referee calls for the bell.

WINER: Drew McIntyre (by disqualification)

Chaos breaks out in the ring, Knight sends Drew into Paul.

Knight with a BFT but Lashley with a spear to Knight. Owens with a stunner to Paul. Lashley with a spear to Owens. Drew with a Claymore to Lashley.

Orton hits Drew with an RKO.

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