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AEW Collision Results, March 2, 2024: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

AEW Collision Results, March 2, 2024: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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Here is the live coverage for this week's edition of AEW Collision which is set to take place on March 2, 2024, at the Propst Arena at Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL.

AEW Collision broadcasts on TNT in the United States, TSN+ in Canada, FITE in England and Australia, and Eurosport in India. The broadcast time is 8:00 PM ET in the United States and Canada, 1:00 AM BST in England, 10:00 AM AEST in Australia, and 6:30 AM IST in India.

To watch AEW Collision on FITE, you will need to subscribe to AEW Plus. A subscription can be purchased on the FITE website or mobile app.

AEW Collision Results, March 2, 2024

Matthews enters the ring, but Mark Briscoe storms the scene with a vengeful attack! The brawl spills outside, chairs and a table join the chaos. Briscoe dropkicks Matthews, then dives over the top rope with a chair-assisted attack.

Briscoe throws Matthews back in the ring, brandishing the spike Black used. King and Black join the fray, but Briscoe unleashes a flurry of chair strikes. As he aims the spike at Black's head, a resurgent Matthews nails him with a powerful kick.

Matthews drags Briscoe up the ramp, but Briscoe counters with a backdrop and delivers a crossbody from the ramp to the floor. Briscoe grabs a pyro control device, threatening Matthews. Security intervenes, pulling the device away and tackling Briscoe as the House of Black flees.

Undeterred, Briscoe reclaims the device and sets off the pyro repeatedly, a fiery warning to his escaping adversaries.

A backstage promo shows Swerve Strickland, addressing the events of "Dynamite." Admitting his lapse in vigilance, he vows never to underestimate "Hangman" Adam Page again. Page won't surprise him at Revolution, and Strickland declares his intent to become the first African-American AEW World Champion.

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Bryan Keith vs. Dante Martin

The bell tolls, met with chants of "Cero Miedo!" Penta taunts Martin, then theatrically removes his glove to do the same to Keith. But before he can, Keith headbutts him. Martin drops Keith with a superkick, then Penta charges back but gets hit by a double superkick. Penta retreats outside, leaving Martin and Keith to engage in a high-flying exchange.

Penta re-enters, delivering kicks to Martin followed by a backstabber. He rebounds off the ropes, but Keith counters with a kick and exploder suplex. Penta stumbles for the ropes, but Keith drags him back. They trade strikes - kicks, chops, forearms - until Martin dives off the top with a double crossbody. He then dives onto Keith outside, then back into the ring to dive onto Penta. Martin dominates as we go to commercial.

We return to all three men trading chops. Keith superkicks Penta, then both men superkick Martin. Keith counters Penta's finisher, then tries a blockbuster from the corner but is countered. Martin re-enters, but Penta hits him with a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. Everyone struggles to rise.

Penta throws leg kicks at Keith, then springboards off the ropes. However, Keith prevails in their counter exchange, headbutting Penta off the top rope to the floor. Martin rolls up Keith for two. After further exchanges, Keith hits a butterfly powerbomb for another near fall. He charges at Penta on the apron, but Penta drags him out too. They trade brutal chops. Keith attempts a fireman's carry, but Penta escapes. Penta executes a Fear Factor on Keith, on the apron! Martin intervenes with a Destroyer on Penta, also on the apron.

Martin ascends the top turnbuckle and delivers a decisive splash on Keith for the victory.

WINNER: Dante Martin

Mariah May vs. Angelica Risk

May opens the match with gut kicks, driving Risk into the corner. She taunts with a lick of her hands and a double-handed chest slap. May traps Risk in the ropes, stretching her, then delivers a dropkick after breaking free. An Irish Whip followed by a spinning sidewalk slam with multiple rotations further May's dominance. She blows a kiss to the commentator, Nigel, who reacts dramatically. May then grinds her boot against Risk's throat and delivers a shotgun dropkick in the center of the ring.

Risk briefly rallies with a few strikes, but May quickly overpowers her with a powerful kick to the face. A fireman's carry into her finisher, the Mayday, secures the victory for May.

WINNER: Mariah May

Storm enters, met with May's enthusiasm. Storm dismisses May's hug attempt, grabs a microphone, and demands Purrazzo join her in the ring, ignoring May entirely. Purrazzo enters. Storm claims their fight has gone too far. She questions if this is all their training and sacrifices were for, asking if it's worth destroying their friendship for a single match. Storm admits to loving Deonna, her talent, and her drive, but declares only one can be champion, and it will never be Purrazzo while she's alive.

Purrazzo reciprocates Storm's love, claiming Storm's arrogance will cost her the championship. She accuses Storm of forgetting Deonna can be both her best friend and her worst enemy. Purrazzo warns Storm to prepare for a brutal match, as she intends to break both of her arms. Storm accepts the challenge, bidding farewell to her "old friend" with a kiss on the cheek. Purrazzo attacks, but May intervenes, turning the tables. Storm exits the ring, leaving May to face Purrazzo, who drops May and gestures towards Storm's title.

Austin Gunn and The Acclaimed vs. The Dark Order

As the Scissor Gang enters, Caster attempts his rap, but White hugs him, cutting him off. Caster appears disgruntled. Dark Order enters, and the match begins.

Gunn grapples Reynolds, exchanging headlocks and Irish Whips, with Gunn gaining the upper hand. He tags Caster, and they execute a double hip toss. Reynolds counters, driving Caster into the corner where Dark Order attacks him. Uno enters, but Caster fights back, bodyslamming Uno before tagging Bowens who tags Gunn. Bowens delivers a flying Scissor Me Timbers. As they prepare to celebrate, Silver disrupts, and Dark Order unleashes a flurry of offense, with Uno dominating Gunn as we go to commercial.

Returning, Gunn catches an Uno kick, tossing it to the referee who allows Gunn to hit a neckbreaker. Reynolds tags in, met by a fresh Bowens who delivers elbows, chops, and a superkick. Bowens attempts a legdrop on Reynolds, but Uno pulls him out and throws him into the ring post. Caster takes out Uno, but Silver counters with a suicide dive on Caster. Silver taunts White while Gunn narrowly escapes a roll-up. Silver and Reynolds team up on Bowens, but Bowens fights back, dropping Silver. Caster connects with the Mic Drop for the victory.

WINNER: Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and Austin Gunn

Statlander and Nightingale discuss their upcoming match at Zero Hour. Hathaway apologizes for a past incident, but Nightingale emphasizes their focus on winning, not friendship.

Schiavone interviews Wardlow, who boasts about past victories and plans to dominate his Revolution opponents. He targets Page, Swerve, and Joe, highlighting his desire to dethrone Joe specifically. Wardlow claims the title and victory will solidify his dominance.

Jericho interrupts, reminding Wardlow of the All-Star Scramble's format and his own legendary status. He criticizes Wardlow's lack of achievements and reminds him of the long time since Jericho's last title shot. Jericho questions Wardlow's worth and provokes the crowd to chant "Mike."

Wardlow admits to recent failures and personal struggles but emphasizes his self-reflection and determination. He declares his return as "Wardlow, the biggest and the baddest," ready to challenge anyone, regardless of their accolades. He welcomes Jericho to prove him wrong.

Hobbs suddenly attacks and beats down Jericho, earning cheers from the crowd.

Deeb claims her undefeated and unchallenged status in an interview. She invites anyone considering themselves elite to challenge her, calling herself the "Final Boss."

Private Party vs. Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

The match begins with Sydal and Kassidy. After some trash talk, Sydal takes control with an arm drag and two ranas. He maintains momentum with another arm drag, but the tag brings Daniels and Quen into the fight. The crowd cheers for Daniels as they lock up. Quen controls with a side headlock and taunts Daniels. Daniels takes Quen down and returns the favor, before hitting an arm drag and tagging Sydal. They double-team Quen with kicks, culminating in a Standing Mariposa from Sydal. Quen tags in, but Sydal and Daniels maintain the upper hand with a kick/forearm combo, bringing Daniels a near fall.

After the break, Private Party gains control, but Daniels counters with a flatliner on Kassidy. Quen and Sydal tag in, with Sydal dropping both opponents with kicks. He dodges a double clothesline and performs a simultaneous rana on both men. Sydal attempts an Air Raid Crash on Quen for a two-count, then dropkicks Kassidy. He charges Quen in the corner, but Quen dodges and delivers a bicycle kick. Private Party follows up with a senton/neckbreaker combo, but only manages a two-count. They attempt another attack, but Sydal counters with kicks and tags in Daniels. Daniels throws punches, dodges a double clothesline, and delivers stereo clotheslines with Sydal. He sets Quen up for Angel's Wings, but Kassidy disrupts the move. Sydal lands a Meteora on Kassidy but may be injured. Daniels attempts Angel's Wings again on Quen, but Jarrett distracts the referee, allowing Lethal to hit the Lethal Combination on Daniels and secure the win for Quen. Private Party celebrates with the group, potentially hinting at an alliance with Jarrett and Lethal.

WINNER: Private Party

Thunder Rosa vs. Cassandra Golden

The bell rings and they're locked in! Golden seems stronger, but Rosa puts her in a headlock and starts kneeing her. Golden fights back and throws Rosa off. Rosa dodges a kick and then lands a powerful superkick followed by a slap. She then slams Golden's head against the corner turnbuckle and starts punching her repeatedly. Rosa tries to pick Golden up for a move, but Golden uses her elbows to break free. Golden charges at Rosa, who avoids her and slams Golden into the corner.

Rosa then hits a strong dropkick. She takes a step back and hits another powerful dropkick, this time while running towards the corner. Rosa climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off, landing two stomps on Golden's back. She then puts Golden in a new submission move and Golden gives up. Rosa stares at the camera and says she's not going anywhere. She knows they want to ignore her, but she won't give up because her time to win is now.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Killswitch, and Christian Cage vs. Daniel Garcia, HOOK, Trent Beretta, and Orange Cassidy

Beretta squares off against Cage on commentary by Matt Menard. The bell rings, and Beretta grapples with Cage, but gets tossed to the ropes and flattened with a shoulder tackle. Garcia tags in, and so does Strong. They lock up, trade holds, and Garcia escapes Strong's grip. Strong takes Garcia down and applies a wrist lock. Garcia counters, gets to his feet, and throws Strong into a side headlock. They grapple on the ground, Strong gains the upper hand, and slaps Garcia. Garcia rises, locks up again, and drives Strong into the corner. Garcia chops Strong repeatedly, Irish whips him into the corner, and follows up with a clothesline. He attempts a piledriver, but Cage intervenes, bringing HOOK into the fray. All four members face off, mirroring "West Side Story," before a commercial break.

Back from the break, Cage slams Garcia into the corner, catches a kick attempt, and then smacks him. Garcia reverses momentum, climbs the turnbuckle, and rains punches on Cage as the crowd counts. Cage throws Garcia into the ring with a deadlift superplex from the apron! Strong tags in and stomps on Garcia before tagging in Christian Cage. Christian drives Garcia into the corner and tags Strong back in. Strong throws more punches and tags Brian Cage back in. Cage targets Garcia's ribs with his shoulder. Garcia fights back from the corner, but Cage attempts a vertical suplex. Garcia counters with a DDT and tags in Beretta, who unleashes a flurry of attacks, focusing on Christian Cage. Strong enters, but Beretta dodges and executes a tornado DDT. He attempts a dive to the outside on Strong, but Killswitch pushes Strong out of the way and chokeslams Beretta onto the apron. Beretta becomes the isolated face in peril as we head to another commercial break.

Christian applies a headlock to Beretta, who struggles to escape. Christian drops him with an inverted DDT and scales the turnbuckle, but nobody awaits him. Beretta crawls towards his corner, but Strong cuts him off. Strong channels Orange Cassidy with kicks before applying the Stronghold, taunting Cassidy. Beretta escapes, tags in Cassidy, who slams Christian's head into the turnbuckle twice before executing a crossbody on him. Christian grabs Cassidy, who counters with a Stundog Millionaire and a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Cassidy nails Christian with a tornado DDT. Killswitch enters, but Cassidy lands an Orange Punch. Strong hits Cassidy with a Sick Kick, Garcia responds with a Saito Suplex on Strong, and Christian spears Garcia. HOOK suplexes Christian. Killswitch tags himself in, but chaos erupts. Strong catches Cassidy's dive and counters with End of Heartache on the outside. HOOK clotheslines multiple heels out of the ring, leaving Beretta alone to choke out Killswitch. Cassidy is trapped in the Stronghold outside, but Killswitch breaks free. He positions Beretta for a chokeslam, but Beretta counters with a roll-up for a near fall. Beretta lands two superkicks on Killswitch. Christian attempts to distract Beretta, who fights him off. Nick Wayne jumps on the apron and stuns Beretta, allowing Killswitch to strike him from behind and secure the pinfall.

WINNERS: Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Killswitch, and Christian Cage

After the match, Killswitch and Christian continue their assault on Beretta, sparking a full-blown brawl. Brian Cage sends HOOK crashing into the barricade. Chaos reigns as everyone engages in a free-for-all. Killswitch attempts to chokeslam Garcia through a chair, but Menard intervenes and takes the brutal move instead. HOOK dives off the stairs and clotheslines Brian Cage. Christian and Garcia continue their fight up the ramp as "Collision" goes off the air, leaving the brawl unresolved.

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