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Marvel Studios 'Eternals' Is The Lowest-Rated Marvel Film Ever On Rotten Tomatoes

Marvel Studios 'Eternals' Is The Lowest-Rated Marvel Film Ever On Rotten Tomatoes

Views: 50 | Updated On: | By Sunit Jangir


Los Angeles, October 28 - Marvel Studios' next superhero offering, "Eternals" has its world premiere last week at the iconic El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday (October 18). The early reactions to the film indicate it is the most un-like Marvel picture ever.

The critics reviewed the film with most agreeing that this is a massive swing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe while some think it should have been a two-part offering as they feel it might lose the audience in the process of trying to explain a ton of what's really up with the backstory of these films.

The different opinions on Academy Award-winning director Chloé Zhao's first Marvel film, have come out heavily against it as it has been rated lowest amongst all the Marvel films on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently fresh with 64% from 92 critics reviews, it is two points lower than Chris Hemsworth's second outing as Thor - Thor: The Dark World.

However, the Rotten Tomatoes score should not be considered as the final outcome of a film's success. There have been many films in the past that had the lowest ratings but did amazingly well at the box office. One such film is Tom Hardy's "Venom" (2018), which got 30% from 359 critics' reviews but earned billions at the box office.

Eternals is scheduled to release on November 5.

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