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PM Narendra Modi confers the National Youth Parliament Festival Awards

PM Narendra Modi confers the National Youth Parliament Festival Awards

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On 27th February 2019, India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi confers the National Youth Parliament Festival Awards 2019.

Modi's Speech in the event:

- I am looking at the new picture of New India in front of me. I greet everybody from every corner of the country: PM

- Whenever I meet with energetic and passionate companions like you, I am also filled with energy and passion: PM

- The word out of our mouth should go like an arrow in the right place. Whether or not our speech is impressive, but must be inspiring: PM

- I do not believe in tokenism. Developing one-on-one interlining arrangements with a long thought is part of my work style.

First of all, I do not tell everything, I open slowly: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

- If a young generation is prepared in our country and society, who thinks about the issues of the society in a proper manner, they can play a bigger role in shaping the mind of the society: PM Narendra Modi

- There are some suggestions in this program, which can be expanded on the ongoing schemes in the country: PM Narendra Modi

- Occasionally, talk of small people from a cowboy, people like me also get a lot of work. This is a big treasure: PM Narendra Modi

- Oratory, this is not just the makeup of words, the voice is not descending.

The word out of our mouth should be like an arrow in the right place: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

- PM Modi at National Youth Festival 2019: During 16th Lok Sabha, average productivity was 85%, nearly 205 bills were passed. The 16th Lok Sabha worked 20% more, in comparison to 15th Lok Sabha. While Rajya Sabha's performance was only 8%.

- Average productivity in the 16th Lok Sabha is 85 percent. About 205 bills passed 16th Lok Sabha has worked 20 percent more than the 15th Lok Sabha.

But I am not satisfied with it. If Modi is, then it should be 200 percent: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

- It's a mistake that my flight is low, I am convinced that these places are few: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

- The MPs who have gone to Rajya Sabha from your state. Call them in a program, welcome them Then request that you have to ask some questions and then ask what they did. By doing so, the pressure is born in the country. This is the democracy: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

- Dreams of youth dreams and aspirations should not be stopped, they should fly in the free Gagan: PM

- Today's youth is already ready for multi-tasking, so many works together. He is full of ambition because he wants to move faster, this is the basis of New India. Our government is making all efforts to generate self-confidence in the youth: Prime Minister

- Whether it is the talk of transparency in sports, tanning, and selection, or the startup of youth, it is a matter of making the nation's strength, we are moving in the right direction. You are the responsibility of the youth to take advantage of them and lead these programs in the future: PM

- Five hundred million nationals have dedicated 'National War Memorial' and 'Police Memorial' to the soldiers of the country, both of which have happened for the first time since independence.

You must go out of time, I believe you will be filled with energy and return from there: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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