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Actor Sonu Sood Evaded Over Rs. 20 Crore In Taxes, Violated FCRA Norms, Claims IT Department

Actor Sonu Sood Evaded Over Rs. 20 Crore In Taxes, Violated FCRA Norms, Claims IT Department

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Mumbai, September 18, 2021: The Income Tax department, which had speed up and widened its tax evasion probe against actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, has claimed in a statement that the actor has evaded taxes of over Rs. 20 crore.

After conducting raids at the actor's premise for three days in a row at different locations, the department today said that it has found incriminating evidence pertaining to tax evasion during the search. "The main modus operandi followed by the actor had been to route his unaccounted income in the form of bogus unsecured loans from many bogus entities", the IT department said in a statement.

Sonu Sood has been hailed as massiah for his philanthropical efforts during the covid-19 lockdown and tried to help people as much as he could. He had recently announced a tie-up with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

"Investigations so far have revealed use of 20 such entries, the providers of which, on examination, have accepted on oath to have given bogus accommodation entries. They have accepted to have issued cheques in lieu of cash. There have been instances where professional receipts have been camouflaged as loans in the books of accounts for the purpose of evasion of tax. It has also been revealed that these bogus loans have been used for making investments and acquiring properties. The total amount of tax evaded unearthed so far, amounts to more than Rs. 20 crore", the statement further read.

The CBDT said that the foundation has collected donations worth Rs. 18.94 crore from April 1, 2021, till date, out of which it has spent around Rs. 1.9 crore towards various relief work while the balance of Rs. 17 crore has been found lying unutilised in the bank account of the foundation.

"It is seen that funds to the tune of Rs. 2.1 crore have also been raised by the charity foundation from overseas donors on a crowdfunding platform in violation of (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) FCRA regulations", the CBDT statement added.

The department also said that cash of Rs 1.8 crore has been seized during the searches and 11 lockers have been placed under prohibitory order. A real estate deal and some other financial transactions linked to Sood are under the scanner of the department.

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