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WWE NXT Results November 28, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE NXT Results November 28, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

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Here is the live coverage of WWE NXT which is scheduled to air live on November 28, 2023, from Capital Wrestling Center with a full action-packed match card.

Make sure you follow us on social so that you can come to know about momentary announcements and the latest results of WWE NXT and others. WWE NXT is broadcasted on USA Network [8 PM ET on Tuesday ] [You can watch WWE NXT live at 6:30 in India on Sony Ten 1/1HD/3/3HD every Wednesday morning].

WWE NXT Time In Canada: It airs live every Friday at 8 Am EDT on Sportsnet 360

WWE NXT Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on SuperSport Variety 3 in South Africa on Thursdays at 02:00 am CAT

NXT Time In Italy: In Italy, NXT airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE NXT Results November 28, 2023 & Winners

Garza and Carrillo found themselves under attack by Tony and Channing. Garza responded with a well-executed dropkick to Channing, sending them both tumbling under the ring. Channing retaliated with a spectacular flip dive onto both Garza and Humberto.

As the match officially kicked off, Tony tagged in Channing, and together they unleashed a punishing combination of a running cutter and backbreaker, securing a near fall. Channing followed up with a punch and ascended the turnbuckles for a series of punches. Humberto, however, intervened with a thrust kick, only to have Channing counter with a drop toe hold that sent Carrillo into the ropes. Tony then tagged in, delivering a barrage of punches and a powerful belly-to-belly suplex. Another belly-to-belly suplex followed, and Tony locked in a front face lock with a flurry of punches. Garza thwarted a butterfly suplex attempt with well-timed punches, and Carrillo entered the fray with a springboard round kick to Tony. Garza tagged in after Carrillo's chops, unleashing a series of kicks.

Channing re-entered the match, showcasing his agility with a clothesline to Angel and Humberto. A dropkick to Carrillo followed, but Garza pulled Carrillo out of harm's way as Channing charged into the corner. Angel responded with a chop and a near fall. A double gourdbuster slam and a double thrust kick from Garza and Humberto earned them another near fall. Tony tagged in, and with Channing's assistance, executed a running cutter and backbreaker combination, securing another near fall. Garza crotched Channing on the turnbuckles, allowing Humberto to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb. Garza and Humberto teamed up for a double press slam off the turnbuckles to Channing, who then tumbled to the floor. Garza continued the assault, hot-shotting Channing on the apron before rolling him back into the ring for a near fall.

Channing fought back with punches, but Garza responded with a Gory Special. Humberto tagged in and executed a slingshot neckbreaker while Channing was still in the Gory Special, earning them another near fall. Humberto's suplex attempt was blocked by Channing, who countered with an inside cradle for a near fall. Humberto knocked Tony off the apron to prevent Channing from tagging out and applied a seated abdominal stretch, turning it into a side headlock. Channing rallied with punches, and Humberto answered with a snapmare and dropkick for another near fall. Humberto transitioned into a rear chin lock, and Garza tagged in. Humberto positioned Channing against the ropes, but Garza missed a running knee. Channing sent Angel into the ring post, allowing Tony and Humberto to tag in.

Tony unleashed a series of clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. An exploder into the corner followed, and Garza tagged in while Tony focused on Humberto. Garza halted Channing with a well-timed knee, and Humberto sent Tony to the floor. Channing rolled up Garza for a near fall, but Tony took Humberto to the floor. Channing delivered an uppercut into the corner, and Humberto tagged in, hitting a sunset flip before hoisting Channing up for a missile dropkick-assisted powerbomb, earning them another near fall.

Tony intervened with a super kick to Carrillo, and Channing followed with a knee for a near fall on Garza. A low blow from Garza, while Humberto distracted the referee, set up a butterfly piledriver for a near fall. Channing retaliated with a low blow on the kick out. Tony tagged in, dispatching Carrillo to the floor before executing the Bada Boom Bada Bing on Garza. Tony hip-tossed Channing onto Carrillo outside the ring, securing the three count.

WINNER: Tony D'Angelo and Channing Lorenzo

The scene transitions to the lounge where discussions about the Ilja and Corbin video are underway. Frazer and Axiom engage in a conversation about the segment, with Frazer expressing a preference for Corbin's lifestyle.

Ilja enters the scene and questions the validity of his choices. He directly asks Frazer if he's implying that Corbin's life is superior to his own. Frazer attempts to reassure Ilja, stating that he respects him. However, Ilja remains skeptical, suggesting that Frazer's demeanor changes when he's not looking.

Frazer asserts that he, like many others present, would rather lead Corbin's lifestyle. This statement prompts Ilja to challenge Frazer's perspective on what constitutes a better life.

Frazer acknowledges Ilja's tension, attributing it to his upcoming match at Deadline.

The narrative shifts to Jerry Lawler's selections for the Iron Survivor Qualifying Matches. For the men, Lawler chooses Bron Breakker versus Eddy Thorpe, and for the women, he selects Kelani Jordan versus Kiana James.

A video package featuring Johnny Gargano follows.

Brooks, Josh, and Fallon discuss Josh's achievement in making it to the Iron Survivor match, describing it as his most significant victory. Lexis King enters the scene, claiming credit for Josh's success and stating that JBL chose Josh while Mick selected Fallon. Lexis provocatively mentions that none of the legends picked Brooks, leading Brooks to playfully mention that he's stirring the pot. Josh informs Lexis that he and his beard can take center stage because Brooks is prepared to show why they should have picked him.

The focus then shifts to footage of Nikkita Lyons undergoing training for her anticipated return.

Nikkita is seen in the crowd, marking her presence.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Kiana James vs. Kelani Jordan

The bout kicks off with a lock-up, and James delivers a punch to the ribs. Kiana attempts a back fist but misses, allowing James to counter with a blocked kick followed by a punch. James executes an Irish whip, followed by a punch and a shoulder in the corner. A running shoulder into the corner and another Irish whip ensue. Jordan deftly floats over and delivers a well-timed dropkick. Continuing her momentum, Jordan shoulders James in the corner, transitioning into a side headlock takedown.

James responds with a head scissors, but Jordan manages to escape. Jordan reasserts control with another side headlock takedown. Despite James's attempt to power out, Jordan maintains the hold until James resorts to pulling the hair for a reversal. James follows up with a shoulder tackle, successfully blocking the Tiger Feint arm drag. Undeterred, Jordan executes an arm drag that sends James to the floor. Seizing the opportunity, Jordan goes through the ropes, delivering a head scissors takedown on the outside. James retreats to the floor when Jordan sends her back into the ring.

Jordan attempts to assert dominance by sending James into the apron, but James cleverly alley-oops Jordan into the announce table. James capitalizes by ramming Jordan into the announce table multiple times, gaining a near fall upon their return to the ring. James follows up with knees to the midsection and a series of kicks, maintaining control. Another near fall follows James's assault, which includes forearms and working on Jordan's back, as well as choking her in the ropes.

James continues her offense, sending Jordan to the mat and securing another near fall. A rear chin lock adds to Jordan's predicament. Jordan, however, escapes with a jawbreaker, initiating a comeback with running forearms and a back elbow. A flip leg drop from Jordan nearly secures the victory. In a pivotal moment, Jordan goes for a Playmaker, but James counters with a spinebuster for a near fall.

James attempts to lift Jordan onto her shoulders, but Jordan maneuvers to her feet, countering with a barrage of forearms. The exchange intensifies, with both competitors delivering powerful forearms. Jordan manages to secure a near fall with a series of punches in the corner. She positions James on the turnbuckles, setting up for a superplex, but James blocks it, pushing Jordan off with a throat shot. James executes the "401k," and the bell rings as Roxanne Perez intervenes.

Recognizing the distraction, Kiana decides to focus on that development instead of the match. Jordan takes advantage, kicking James and landing a split-legged moonsault for the three-count.

WINNER: Kelani Jordan

A video package highlighting Cameron Grimes is aired.

Chad Gable expresses his frustration, stating that he was incredibly close to winning the Heritage Title. Maxxine voices her eagerness to confront Lash, and Otis adds a touch of humor by starting to shimmy. Chad dismisses their current emotional state, labeling them as nothing more than savages and idiots lacking strength, style, or spirit. Chad issues a challenge for a mixed six-person tag match for the following week and demands a response by then.

After a commercial break, we return to surveillance footage capturing Trick Williams on the verge of an attack. Lexis King is seen following Trick through a door. Vic asserts that Lexis was the aggressor, prompting Booker to insist that Vic issues an apology to Hayes.

The scene transitions to the Andre Chase press conference. Chase, the founder of Andre Chase University, expresses gratitude for the professionalism of the investigators. He acknowledges the historical significance of the current time in NXT and aims to be transparent about the ongoing investigation. Chase admits to illegal activities at Chase U, including gambling and misappropriation of funds.

Chase takes full responsibility for these transgressions and pledges to work towards repaying the debts and restoring Chase University to its intended state. When pressed about the amount owed and to whom, Chase acknowledges that the sum is substantial but refrains from disclosing specific details. When questioned about how the information came to light, he hints at having some ideas.

Chase extends his apologies to the students, promising to address them at a later date.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Bron Breakker vs. Eddy Thorpe

Eddy initiates the action with a well-placed kick to Bron's leg. They engage in a lock-up, and Eddy seizes control with a wrist lock, but Bron forcefully pushes him away. Undeterred, Eddy transitions into a waist lock, followed by a side headlock that seamlessly turns into a wrist lock. Bron responds with authority, executing a powerful slam. He follows up with a waist lock takedown and a Gator roll, attempting a suplex, but Eddy impressively lands on his feet. Bron, savvy to an O'Connor Roll attempt, holds onto the ropes. Eddy retaliates with a dropkick and endeavors for a crossbody, only to be caught by Bron, who delivers a thunderous power slam. A forceful running knee from Bron knocks Eddy off the apron, and he follows it up by propelling Eddy into the ringside barrier.

After bringing Eddy back into the ring, Bron connects with a series of impactful knees, dominating the early part of the match. Bron proceeds with shoulders in the corner, placing Eddy on the turnbuckles. Eddy fights back with punches, pushing Bron off the turnbuckles and landing a crossbody, though he struggles to capitalize. Eddy delivers chops, attempting a suplex, but Bron counters and executes a double knee gut buster for a near fall.

Bron focuses his attack on Eddy's injured ribs, delivering punishing punches to that vulnerable area. Eddy retaliates with forearms, prompting Bron to execute a double leg takedown and unleash a barrage of punches. Bron applies a bow and arrow submission hold, maintaining control in the match. Eddy fights back with punches, but Bron counters with a knee to the midsection and a subsequent suplex for a near fall. Eddy manages to block Bron's attempt to lift him onto his shoulders, responding with a forearm to the ribs.

Bron continues his assault with a forearm to the lower back, transitioning into a torture rack. Eddy battles back with a sunset flip, nearly securing a pinfall. Eddy follows up with a crossbody, but Bron retaliates with a punch. The two engage in a fierce exchange, with Eddy delivering kicks and Bron responding with a German suplex. A powerful Irish whip sends Eddy sternum-first into the turnbuckles, but Eddy fights back with chops and escapes a bear hug with elbows and a boot to the head.

In a critical moment, Bron misses a forearm in the corner, allowing Eddy to counter with punches and uppercuts. Eddy then hits a sequence of impactful maneuvers, including a waist lock German suplex and a Saito suplex. Despite Eddy's efforts, Bron manages to stop a subsequent waist lock attempt. Eddy, however, escapes and lands another German suplex.

Bron finishes the match with a decisive spear, securing the three-count and claiming victory.

WINNER: Bron Breakker

Trick Williams, visibly upset, finds himself in the locker room when Carmelo Hayes enters. They discuss the video and conclude that Lexis King was responsible. Hayes declares their intention to make King pay for his actions in tonight's match. Trick expresses his desire to kick King's ass but emphasizes the need to be strategic. With the Iron Survivor Match ahead, Trick is determined to stay focused on his goal. He asserts that King will face consequences, but Trick's priority is securing his opportunity in the Iron Survivor Match. Hayes laments the fact that King has cost him any chance at a prize. Trick stresses the importance of rising above such tactics, emphasizing that they are better than resorting to unprovoked attacks.

The scene shifts to the women's locker room, where Perez expresses disappointment at not being in the Iron Survivor Match. Ava informs her about a last chance match scheduled for the following week, offering a glimmer of hope. However, tensions rise when Roxanne learns that Kiana James also has a chance, leading to a heated altercation.

Next, a video package showcasing Bronson Reed is presented.

Non Title Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Nathan Frazer

Ilja charges at Frazer with a relentless running forearm just as the bell rings. He follows up with a barrage of kicks and punches, driving Frazer into the turnbuckles. A thunderous chop from Ilja echoes through the arena after an Irish whip, accompanied by a series of Kobashi-like chops.

Ilja executes a crisp German suplex and seamlessly transitions into another, maintaining a tight waist lock. Frazer attempts to break free with elbows, but Ilja responds with yet another German suplex. A forearm to the back of Frazer's head showcases Ilja's unyielding aggression. As Ilja sets up for a power bomb, Frazer fights back with punches and a well-timed hurricanrana. Frazer delivers a flurry of punches and a jumping knee, but Ilja counters with a swift kick. Attempting an enzugiiri, Ilja is caught off guard by Frazer's jumping thrust kick, resulting in a close near fall. Undeterred, Frazer retaliates with a series of chops, dominating Ilja in the corner.

A miscalculated chop by Ilja opens an opportunity for Frazer, who responds with a kick and a precise springboard dropkick. Ilja, however, blocks a suplex attempt and retaliates with a barrage of headbutts. In a display of agility, Frazer skillfully lands on his feet during a German suplex attempt, only to be caught by Ilja.

Frazer evades Ilja's Konstantin Special and surprises with a spectacular springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT, earning a near fall. Ilja counters by dodging a Phoenix splash, delivering a running thrust kick, and executing a powerful power bomb. Ilja concludes the sequence with his signature H Bomb, pulling up at a two-count. Unrelenting, he delivers two more devastating H Bombs, securing the three-count for the victory.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov

Baron makes an appearance on ShawnTron, opting for a virtual conversation to create a familial ambiance. He recounts a recent incident where he violently confronted a friend who claimed that Corbin's life surpassed Ilja's. Baron asserts that the championship is his sole focus, and it represents the only missing piece in his life. With a menacing tone, Corbin declares his intention to seize the title, leaving Ilja with nothing while he claims everything. Contemptuously, he suggests Ilja should just go home.

Baron hints at a face-to-face encounter scheduled for the following week. McKenzie interviews Lyra, inquiring about her expectations for Deadline and the Iron Survivor Match winner. Lyra eagerly discusses the participants, including Fallon Henley, who confidently asserts her victory. Lyra acknowledges the prospect of facing Fallon if she emerges triumphant.

Karmen Petrovic emphasizes the importance of trusting one's instincts in martial arts. She criticizes Arianna Grace for her perceived arrogance and constant chatter, declaring her intent to silence Arianna by defeating her in their upcoming match. The commercial break interrupts the tension.

Returning from the break, MetaFour, represented by Noam, Lash, and Oro, discuss their upcoming challenge. They express determination to retain the trophy, emphasizing their desire to defeat Alpha Academy. Noam acknowledges a close encounter with Chad last week but remains confident in their abilities. Oro asserts that Lash will emerge as the Iron Survivor, instilling optimism in the group.

The focus shifts to Joe Gacy, who questions if anyone truly cares about him or if he's merely an afterthought. Feeling like he's beneath everyone, Gacy conveys his struggles from beneath the ring, expressing a desire for people not to care about him. He wishes luck to the wrestlers in the ring, grappling with this newfound perspective and acknowledging that he wouldn't wish it on even his worst enemy.

Singles Match: Arianna Grace vs. Karmen Petrovic

They engage in a lock-up, and Grace maneuvers Karmen into the corner. Grace executes a clean break, playfully extending her hand for a kiss, but Karmen defiantly kicks it away. Another lock-up follows, with Grace delivering a knee to Karmen's midsection. Grace persists in her demand for a hand kiss, but Karmen responds with a forceful slap, setting the tone for their match.

Transitioning into a wrist lock and then an armbar, Karmen takes control early on, executing a takedown that nearly catches Grace off guard with a rollup. Grace, however, retaliates by backing Karmen into the corner and delivering an elbow. Karmen responds with a well-placed kick, followed by an arm wringer that earns her a near fall. Forearm exchanges ensue, with Grace eventually gaining the upper hand by landing kicks.

During a momentary break, Gacy emerges from under the ring, absconding with the ring bell before making a quick exit.

Returning from the commercial break, Grace employs an armbar and chin bar combination to maintain control. She forcefully sends Karmen to the mat and slams her head, securing a near fall. Karmen, showing resilience, retaliates with a kick in the corner and a spinning heel kick. She follows up with a knee and a back heel kick to Grace's head, coming close to a pinfall.

Grace counters with a well-placed kick, and Karmen retaliates with a sleeper hold. Grace appears to be weakening, dropping to a knee, but she manages to escape with a snap mare, claiming something is in her eye. Taking advantage of the distraction, Grace resorts to a thumb to the eye and seals the victory with the Wasteland for the three-count.

WINNER: Arianna Grace

Brooks Jensen (with Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley) vs. Lexis King

Brooks forcefully propels King into the corner, unleashing a barrage of punches. Following up with a rolling heel kick, Brooks sends King rolling out to the floor. Undeterred, Brooks pursues him, but King counters with a kick and a chop. The two engage in a fierce exchange of chops and forearms on the outside. Brooks manages to kick King away and executes a crossbody off the turnbuckles to the floor. Returning to the ring, Brooks secures a near fall with a suplex.

King retaliates with a punch, sparking a back-and-forth exchange. Brooks counters with an Irish whip and a back elbow, but King responds with a series of chops. Brooks delivers a forearm for a near fall, but King fights back with a punch, chop, and more forearms. King executes an Irish whip, followed by a clothesline in the corner, punctuated by a sharp chop and a snap mare. A kick to the back earns King another near fall.

Brooks stages a comeback with a shoulder tackle and a running bulldog takedown. King, however, counters with a kick and a slingshot double stomp. He follows up with punches, sending Brooks into the turnbuckles, where he proceeds to choke him. King delivers a knee to the midsection, additional punches, and a clothesline to the back of Brooks' head for a close near fall. Elbows to the collarbone and a rear chin lock showcase King's offensive prowess.

King executes a snap mare, landing another near fall with kicks to the back. A sleeper hold by King is countered as Brooks runs him into the turnbuckles. Brooks retaliates with a belly-to-back suplex, and both competitors find themselves down. Brooks rallies with a back elbow, clothesline, and a reverse atomic drop, setting up a super kick. Scaling the turnbuckles, Brooks connects with a missile dropkick for another near fall. King, refusing to be outdone, responds with a back body drop.

Hayes appears on the apron, prompting Josh to intervene. As security gets involved, King capitalizes on the distraction, hitting Coronation for the three-count victory.

WINNER: Lexis King

Wes Lee vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano - If Wes Wins he faces Dominik Mysterio at Deadline but if he loses, he cannot challenge for the title while Dom is Champion Match

Reed kicks off the action with a body block on Wes, and Johnny and Grimes respond with a barrage of punches. Reed, however, halts their momentum with a powerful double clothesline. Wes retaliates with forearms, attempting a cross body that Reed intercepts, subsequently dropping him onto the top rope. Reed takes control, dispatching of both Grimes and Gargano. Grimes tries to punch Reed, but the colossal competitor counters with a headbutt and an Irish whip that sends Grimes over the top rope to the floor. A series of chops follow, with Wes being knocked off the apron, prompting Reed to strike a triumphant pose. Forearms to the back and a running hip to knock Grimes off the apron showcase Reed's dominance.

Gargano and Wes join forces to mount an assault on Reed, but he retaliates with headbutts to thwart their attack. An Irish whip by Reed sends Johnny into a Michaels Flip, and Grimes is knocked off the apron again. Reed follows up with a hard Irish whip to Wes and delivers a running splash, causing Grimes to once again be dislodged from the apron. Forearms to the back further emphasize Reed's dominance. A forearm to Wes on the apron and a punch that sends him to the floor demonstrate Reed's relentless offense. A delayed vertical suplex to Gargano, despite Johnny's resistance, illustrates Reed's overwhelming strength.

Grimes attempts to go for Reed's leg, but Reed responds with a forearm. Despite Lee's interference, Gargano and Grimes successfully prevent Reed from executing a maneuver. Gargano delivers a forearm, and Lee lands a kick. Gargano follows up with knees, and Grimes contributes with a clothesline. A splash by Gargano, accompanied by Lee and Grimes coming off Johnny's back, results in a double dropkick to Reed, causing him to fall to the floor. Lee initiates a waist lock on Grimes, and a shoulder tackle to Johnny ensues. Gargano and Lee execute a double dropkick to Grimes, leading to a tense standoff between Lee and Gargano. They shake hands before locking up, showcasing mutual respect. However, their collaboration is short-lived as they both punch Reed.

Reed retaliates with a reverse DDT to Gargano while simultaneously giving Lee a uranage onto Gargano. Reed follows up with a spinebuster to Grimes, hoisting him onto his shoulders. Grimes counters with a back heel kick, attempting a sunset flip. As Lee goes for a cross body, Reed catches him, and Gargano catapults Grimes into Reed's nether regions. Lee sends Reed to the floor, and Gargano chops Lee, leading to a series of kicks by Grimes and a running boot to the head. Grimes delivers a back elbow to Lee, followed by a double rana to Lee and Gargano. A clothesline to Lee by Grimes is followed by a missed splash into the corner. Lee turns the miss into a suicide dive to Reed. Grimes kicks Lee, and Gargano kicks Grimes on the apron, leading to a series of suicide dives by all three competitors.

Grimes punches Gargano, who responds with a slingshot spear, earning a near fall. Lee delivers punches to Gargano and an enzuigiri, following up with a Meteora to Grimes off Gargano's back. Lee kicks Reed in the corner, ascends the turnbuckles, and goes for a Meteora, but Reed catches him, executing a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Grimes attempts to interfere, but Reed's strength prevails. Grimes lands a forearm, followed by another, but Reed counters with an Irish whip. Grimes executes a kick in the corner, goes up top, and hits a cross body for a near fall. Grimes misses a kick on Reed, and Gargano attempts a tornado DDT, kicking Lee and Grimes in the process. Reed stays on his feet, putting an end to Gargano's momentum.

Reed places Lee on the turnbuckles and gets Grimes on his shoulders, picking up Gargano as well. Lee falls on top of Reed for a Super Samoan Drop and Fallaway Slam combination, resulting in a near fall on Grimes. Reed then places Grimes on the turnbuckles, with Gargano and Grimes executing a Cerberus Bomb. Gargano delivers forearms, and Lee responds with a kick. Gargano knees Reed, and Grimes contributes with a clothesline. Lee and Gargano execute a double dropkick to Grimes. Lee and Gargano share a brief stare-down before shaking hands. They lock up, and Lee, attempting a waist lock, misses an elbow. Lee and Gargano engage in a series of missed kicks, leading to a standoff. Gargano and Lee punch Reed, who responds with a reverse DDT to Gargano while giving Lee a uranage onto Gargano.

Reed follows up with a spinebuster to Grimes. Reed hoists Grimes onto his shoulders, but Lee intervenes. Gargano delivers a forearm, and Lee kicks Reed. Gargano knees Reed, and Grimes lands a clothesline. Gargano and Grimes send Lee into Reed for a drop kick, causing Reed to fall to the floor. Lee and Grimes execute a Cerberus Bomb on Gargano. Gargano retaliates with forearms, and Lee kicks him and lands an enzuigiri. Lee performs a cross body for a near fall. Grimes executes a Spanish Fly on Lee for a near fall. Gargano delivers an enzuigiri to Grimes, who kicks Gargano. Grimes goes for Cave In, but Lee counters with the Kardiac Kick, securing the three-count on Grimes.


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