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WWE NXT Results, August 1, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE NXT Results, August 1, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

Views: 728 | | By Jitu Jangir

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Here is the live coverage of WWE NXT which is scheduled to air live on August 1, 2023, from Capital Wrestling Center with a full action-packed match card.

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WWE NXT Time In Canada: It airs live every Friday at 8 Am EDT on Sportsnet 360

WWE NXT Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on SuperSport Variety 3 in South Africa on Thursdays at 02:00 am CAT

NXT Time In Italy: In Italy, NXT airs live on Dplay at 2:00 pm

WWE NXT Results August 1, 2023 & Winners

We start with a graphic "In Memory of Adrian Street."

Next, we take a nostalgic look back at the highlights from the Great American Bash.

As a vehicle arrives at the Performance Center, it carries the new tag team champions. However, their celebration is short-lived as they are suddenly attacked by Gallus. Joe remarks to Channing and Tony that it seems like Gallus boys are always on top.

Jacy Jayne makes her presence felt at the announce table, and she confidently tells Vic that she intends to finish what she started last night. No one will be able to pull her off Lyra.

Singles Match: Jacy Jayne Vs Lyra Valkyria

As Lyra confidently makes her way to the ring, Jacy viciously attacks her, slamming her into the unforgiving apron.

Once inside the ring, the referee starts the match, and Jacy wastes no time, delivering sharp kicks in the corner. However, Lyra manages to escape and retaliates with a powerful punch, followed by a daring crossbody maneuver. Jacy counters with a snap mare and a stinging kick to the back. She then runs Lyra into the turnbuckles and unleashes a series of shoulder thrusts. Undeterred, Lyra quickly floats over and executes a running dropkick, sending Jacy crashing into the turnbuckles. Jacy retreats to the floor, but Lyra is not done yet; she dives over the top rope with a pescado, landing hard on Jacy. Taking advantage of the outside, Lyra runs Jacy into the apron multiple times before landing a strong kick and a European uppercut.

Back in the ring, Jacy regains control with an Irish whip, following up with another one that sends Lyra sprawling to the mat. Jacy capitalizes with a cannonball, securing a near fall. She continues her assault with a well-placed kick, and Lyra responds with a series of punches. Jacy answers back with a snap mare and a painful elbow to Lyra's clavicle. Applying a top wrist lock and chin bar, Jacy tries to wear down her opponent, but Lyra escapes with a snap mare of her own. Seizing the opportunity, Lyra delivers a boot to the corner, followed by a well-aimed elbow. She attempts a roll-up, narrowly missing a victory. Jacy counters with her own roll-up for a near fall and follows it up with a back elbow and a back senton, coming close to securing the win. With some disrespect, Jacy pie faces Lyra repeatedly, but Lyra manages to block a kick and responds with a back heel kick and head butts to Jacy's midsection. Lyra then executes a couple of round kicks. Jacy fights back with knees to the midsection before Lyra sends her tumbling to the outside.

Taking the fight to the outside, Lyra connects with a dropkick through the ropes. Not content with this, she quickly ascends to the top rope and lands a high-flying crossbody, followed by a smooth Northern Lights suplex, almost securing the victory. Lyra's relentless barrage continues with a series of chest kicks, each one hitting with force. She attempts an enzuigiri, but Jacy dodges it and retaliates with a swift thrust kick and a spinebuster, coming close to winning once again. Jacy attempts another thrust kick, but her discus clothesline misses the mark. Capitalizing on this opening, Lyra delivers a back heel kick and swiftly climbs to the top rope, where she leaps with precision, executing a picture-perfect frog splash for the three-count and securing a hard-fought victory.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria

Singles Match: Eddy Thorpe Vs Dijak

Dijak missed a boot, and Thorpe responded with chops. Following that, Thorpe landed a kick and a series of punches. Dijak retaliated with a kick, and Thorpe countered with a crossbody. Subsequently, Thorpe executed a snap mare and delivered a kick to Dijak's back.

Both Thorpe and Dijak exchanged chops before Dijak nailed Thorpe with a clothesline, nearly securing a pinfall. Thorpe then drove his shoulders into the corner, but his attempt backfired when Dijak moved, causing Thorpe to crash into the ring post. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Dijak set up for a sit-out choke slam, coming close to a victory.

However, Thorpe managed to block Dijak's cyclone kick and responded with a back heel kick and a boot in the corner. Dijak, in turn, executed a belly-to-back suplex, almost securing another near fall. Thorpe then attempted a waist lock, but Dijak thwarted a German suplex by transitioning into an arm wringer, targeting Thorpe's shoulder. As a result, Thorpe was sent shoulder-first into the ring post.

When Dijak attempted his signature move, Feast Your Eyes, Thorpe managed to escape and countered with a German suplex. Thorpe then followed up with a clothesline, causing Dijak to roll out of the ring. Not giving him a moment's rest, Thorpe reached outside the ring to grab Dijak, but Dijak reversed the situation and sent Thorpe into the ring post. Dijak capitalized by targeting Thorpe's injured shoulder with a kick, and then he delivered a cyclone kick, securing the three count and claiming the victory.


Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez Vs Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

Lopez and Leon kick things off, with Lopez executing a takedown and applying a sleeper hold. However, Leon counters with a snap mare. Leon follows up with a waist lock takedown, transitioning into a front face lock. Lopez manages to land a forearm, but Leon responds with a springboard arm drag, and then another arm drag.

Feroz is tagged in, and Leon slingshots him into a slam, nearly securing a pinfall. Lopez takes advantage of Vice's distraction to hit Feroz from behind and then sends him face-first into the mat. Lola is tagged in, and they deliver a double back elbow and a double heat strike. Lola follows up with an Irish whip and a spinning back heel kick, earning a near fall with the move. He then applies a front face lock, and Lopez tags in, hitting a back elbow and a kick, coming close to a pinfall.

When Feroz tries to make the tag, Lola intervenes, preventing him from reaching his partner. Leon tags back in and delivers a clothesline and a forearm. He follows it up with gutwrench suplexes and a Michinoku Driver, nearly securing a pinfall. Lopez kicks Feroz, who responds with punches. Lopez then sends Feroz out of the ring, but Leon clotheslines him. Lola delivers a super kick, leading to a three count and the victory.

WINNERS: Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice

Noam Dar & Oro Mensah (with Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) Vs NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes & Wes Lee (with Trick Williams)

Wes Lee has been showing a more edgy and subtle heelish demeanor lately. Before the match officially starts, Lee surprises everyone with a dive through the ropes onto Dar & Mensah, leading to a ringside brawl between the two teams. Once they finally get into the ring and the match bell rings, Dar takes bumps while still wearing his jacket, caught off guard by the ambush.

As the show returns from a commercial break, Lee finds himself being worked over by the opposing team. The match builds up to a hot tag, and when Hayes gets tagged in, he becomes a house of fire, with Dar bumping and feeding for him. At one point, Legend interferes at ringside, but Hayes manages to evade his clothesline attempt. Later, Jackson also gets involved and distracts Lee.

With Lee perched on the top rope, Jackson stands over Dar, daring Lee to go through her. Despite subtly displaying heelish tendencies, Lee goes for a twisting senton anyway, but Jackson moves out of harm's way. Lee then splashes Dar for a near fall before the pin is broken up.

The action intensifies with a flurry of moves, bringing Hayes back into the ring. Hayes drops Mensah with a powerful kick, and Lee signals and measures for a Cardiac Kick on Dar. However, in an inadvertent turn of events, Lee ends up hitting Hayes with the Cardiac Kick. Taking advantage of the situation, Mensah superkicks Lee (botching a springboard attempt). Dar capitalizes on the chaos and delivers a shining wizard to Lee, covering him for the pinfall.

WINNER: Noam Dar & Oro Mensah (with Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend)

Baron Corbin Vs Andre Chase (with Thea Hail and Duke Hudson)

The story unfolded with Thea Hail visibly depressed at ringside. She was upset about Chase's decision to throw in the towel on Sunday, and now, in a surprising turn of events, Hail throws in the towel for Chase when Corbin has him trapped in a single-leg crab submission. However, Corbin catches the towel, and unfortunately, the referee doesn't see Hail throwing it in. As a result, Corbin throws the towel back outside the ring.

Feeling the weight of her actions, Hail picks up the towel and decides to leave ringside, making her way backstage. Hudson is taken aback by Hail's sudden departure and is left wondering about her actions. Meanwhile, Chase is left defenseless and vulnerable to Corbin's attack. Corbin seizes the opportunity, delivers his devastating finishing move, The End of Days, and covers Chase for the three-count victory.

WINNER: Baron Corbin

NXT Tag Team Champions The Family (Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) & Santos Escobar vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey, Wolfgang & Joe Coffey)

Escobar was unveiled as the mystery partner, carrying a history as a rival of Tony D. Tonight, he made his return to NXT as Tony D's tag partner.

The babyface trio cleared the ring and dominated before a commercial break, but the rudos gained the advantage when the show returned. Stacks found himself on the receiving end of a beating after the break.

A hot tag, and Escobar got the chance to shine as he ran wild. The two teams faced off, engaging in a thrilling three-on-three melee in the closing moments. Escobar executed a super-duper avalanche Frankensteiner off the top rope on Mark Coffey. In came Stacks and Tony D, who flawlessly executed their double team Bada Bing finisher. Tony D then hooked a leg and covered Coffey for the deciding pinfall.

WINNER: NXT Tag Team Champions The Family (Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) & Santos Escobar

The Show Ends Here!

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