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WWE NXT Results April 2, 2024: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE NXT Results April 2, 2024: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

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Here is the live coverage of WWE NXT which is scheduled to air live on April 2, 2024 from Capital Wrestling Center with a full action-packed match card.

Make sure you follow us on social so that you can come to know about momentary announcements and the latest results of WWE NXT and others. WWE NXT is broadcasted on USA Network [8 PM ET on Tuesday ] [You can watch WWE NXT live at 5:30 in India on Sony Ten 1/1HD/3/3HD every Wednesday morning].

WWE NXT Time In Canada: It airs live every Friday at 8 Am EDT on Sportsnet 360

WWE NXT Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on SuperSport Variety 3 in South Africa on Thursdays at 02:00 am CAT

NXT Time In Italy: In Italy, NXT airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE NXT Results April 2, 2024 & Winners

Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer in the Finals of the Number One Contender Tournament

The match starts with a bang as Cruz and Frazer attempt suicide dives before the bell even rings. The action is fast-paced with many near falls and high-risk maneuvers. Axiom displays impressive technical skills, while Wilde showcases his high-flying abilities. Frazer utilizes his agility with a springboard moonsault and inverted DDTs. Cruz showcases his aerial offense with a top rope attempt and a quebrada.

Karl and Luke constantly interfere in the match, preventing high-risk moves and causing chaos. The tension builds as a potential Tower of Doom is teased but ultimately fails. Wilde takes control for a while with a corkscrew senton off the ring post. However, Cruz fights back with a drop kick and a near fall. Wilde teams up with Cruz for a double back elbow and a springboard splash.

Karl disrupts the flow again by sending Wilde to the floor. Luke joins the fight and targets Frazer with kicks and headbutts. Axiom enters the ring and delivers chops, forearms, and a dropkick to Wilde.

He attempts a Spanish Fly but is stopped by Wilde. Axiom manages to land the move later for a near fall. However, Frazer steals the show with a frog splash on Wilde, followed by another frog splash from Axiom. Karl intervenes again, catching Axiom after his splash and sending him into the turnbuckles. The fight spills outside the ring with kicks being exchanged by everyone.

Back in the ring, Cruz attempts a twisting moonsault but misses. Karl and Luke capitalize with a Magic Killer, but Axiom and Wilde break up the pin. The action continues with superkicks, clotheslines, and a suicide dive by Axiom. Frazer takes advantage of the chaos and hits a 450 splash on Cruz for the surprising victory.

WINNER: Axiom and Nathan Frazer

Kelly Kincaid interviews Frazer and Axiom after their victory. They say they never lost momentum and are now moving on to the biggest Stand and Deliver. Axiom acknowledges the talent of Baron and Bron but insists they are unstoppable. The segment ends with a hint of a championship win for Frazer and Axiom.

Meanwhile, Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin are on the HBalKony. Lexis King throws shade at those who failed to win, referencing Mr. Stone and Von Wagner. King expresses surprise at Wagner wanting another match against him and questions his ability to win without Stone's guidance.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed about his upcoming match. He admits to being cautious. The scene cuts to Dragunov's car being immobilized with a wheel boot. A mysterious vehicle pulls up and offers Dragunov a ride, but he refuses. The passenger insists, mentioning the Don, leaving Dragunov with a difficult decision.

Fallon Henley (with Kelani Jordan and Thea Hail) vs Jacy Jayne (with Jazmyn Nyx, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame)

Jacy and Fallon lock up, trading takedowns and grappling for control. Jacy gains the upper hand with a hair pull and waist lock, but Fallon fights back with a back elbow and a sliding trip. Fallon throws a jumping side kick and nearly pins Jacy, but gets distracted by Kiana on the ringside. Jacy capitalizes on the distraction with a forearm to the back, followed by a baseball slide and punches on the floor. Thea attempts to interfere but is held back by Jordan.

Jacy regains control inside the ring with a neckbreaker and near fall. She targets Fallon's weaknesses by driving her into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Fallon rallies with a sunset flip attempt, but Jacy overpowers her with a running back elbow and attacks her collarbone. Jacy applies a rear chin lock, but Fallon escapes with an elbow to the midsection.

Fallon fights back with a flurry of forearms, a headbutt, punches, a clothesline, a chop, and a facebuster. However, her focus shifts to Kiana on the apron, allowing Jacy to land a devastating running knee upon Fallon's return to the ring. Jacy capitalizes on the opportunity and pins Fallon for the three count, securing a hard-fought victory.

WINNER: Jacy Jayne

Jacy returns to NXT, declaring her rightful place at the top. She claims she befriended Thea only to manipulate her and regain the attention she believes she deserves. Ava promptly dismisses Jacy.

Thea arrives and receives news from Ava about a six-woman tag match at the upcoming Stand and Deliver event.

A video package highlights Josh Briggs' career shift. Briggs announces his transition to a singles competitor, citing advice from legendary wrestler JBL. He vows to deliver an impressive solo performance.

Lexis King vs Von Wagner

Von attacks King before the bell rings, landing a punch to a stunned opponent. The brawl spills outside the ring with Von tossing King over the top rope and into the barrier repeatedly. Back inside, Von maintains control with a biel and corner kicks. He attempts a fallaway slam but King escapes. The tide turns as King dodges an Irish whip, sending Von crashing into the ring post. King seizes the opportunity, unloading kicks, elbow drops, and a neckbreaker. He applies a sleeper hold, but Von fights back with a snap mare. King counters with a superkick and thrust kick.

Von rallies with a power slam, clothesline, boot to the head, and a double underhook slam. The fight spills to the apron where Von delivers a choke slam. He attempts a powerbomb through the announce table but King counters with a DDT on the floor. King rolls back into the ring just before the ten count and connects with a Coronation for the victory.

WINNER: Lexis King

Ava informs Carmelo Hayes that the referee will be lenient and there will be extra security and officials tonight. Natalya offers advice to Karmen for her match. Roxanne Perez rejects Natalya's guidance.

In another part of the backstage area, Arianna Grace argues with Wren Sinclair about beauty pageants and what constitutes true beauty. Grace expresses outrage at Sinclair's comments, considering them a challenge.

Lola Vice vs Karmen Petrovic (with Natalya)

Lola and Karmen trade blows in an evenly matched contest. Lola attempts a leg sweep but Karmen counters with a waist lock. Lola reverses into an armbar attempt, but Karmen escapes. The fight continues with strikes and reversals before Karmen lands a jumping side kick and a discus clothesline.

Karmen applies an arm bar, but Lola breaks free with a midsection kick. She follows up with knees and a kick to the back, nearly pinning Karmen. Lola transitions into a reverse chin lock, but Karmen fights out with elbows. Lola maintains control with a waist lock and applies a full nelson. Karmen escapes with a dropkick to Lola's arm.

The action intensifies as Karmen lands a corner kick and midsection strikes before taking Lola down with a leg sweep. She connects with a spinning kick for a near fall. Lola responds with a spinning back fist and attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter submission. Karmen is forced to tap out, giving Lola the victory.

WINNER: Lola Vice

Ilja travels to a restaurant and is met by suspicious figures wielding weapons.

On SuperNova Sessions, Noam Dar interviews Jakara, Lash, Roxanne Perez, and Lyra Valkyria. The conversation sparks heated debate between Roxanne and Lyra regarding the NXT Women's Championship. Roxanne challenges Lyra's claim to the title and expresses her hunger to regain it. The segment ends with a physical altercation between the two.

In the ring, Dijak declares his intention to win titles in NXT and establish himself as the dominant force in the division. Oba Femi, watching the scene, vows to prove his status as champion at Stand and Deliver.

Ava is seen having a conversation with Trick Williams and a referee in a locker room.

Oba Femi vs Joe Gacy in a Non Title Match

Shawn Spears attacks Joe from behind with a steel chair before the match can officially begin. Oba Femi then throws Joe into the ring and the brawl commences.

Oba and Joe trade strikes with Oba delivering a uranage backbreaker and elbow drops. Oba maintains control with a knee drop and Irish whips followed by uppercuts in the corner. The fight spills outside the ring where Joe lands a chop but Oba retaliates with a chop to Gacy.

Back inside, Joe rallies with chops, punches, an enzuigiri, a Saito suplex, and a quebrada. He attempts a handspring clothesline but Oba counters with a maneuver and throws Joe to the mat. The referee calls for the bell after checking on an injured Joe, resulting in Oba Femi retaining the NXT Title by disqualification.

WINNER: No Contest

Arianna Grace vs Wren Sinclair

Wren and Grace lock up, Wren with a side head lock and take down. Wren controls the match early with a shoulder tackle and another head lock. Grace escapes the hold and playfully waves to Wren, who responds with a high five. The mood quickly shifts as Wren trips Grace and sends her face first into the mat for a near fall. Wren blocks a kick and counters with an atomic drop and a dropkick. Grace barely avoids another dropkick by holding onto the ropes.

The tide turns as Grace lands multiple kicks in the corner, throws Wren with a judo throw, and follows up with elbow drops. She maintains control with a Boston Crab. Wren shows resilience, turning over and kicking Grace in the face. Grace misses an elbow drop, and Wren nearly steals the win with a rollup. Grace regains control with a double leg takedown and attempts another Boston Crab, but Wren fights it off.

Wren throws punches and clotheslines at Grace, then connects with a flying clothesline. However, she misses an axe kick. Wren throws everything she has at Grace with a crossbody and multiple roll-ups, but comes up short each time. She misses a corner splash, and Grace capitalizes with a rollup using the ropes for leverage to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Arianna Grace

Sol Ruca vs Blair Davenport

The match opens with a bang as Blair lands a dropkick on Sol, sending her into the turnbuckles. Sol responds with an elbow and a thrust kick. She showcases her agility with a flip over Blair and transitions into an arm drag and arm bar. Sol maintains control with a wrist lock and a leg drop to Blair's arm. Blair fights back with forearms. Sol attempts a suplex but Blair counters, dropping Sol behind her and nearly stealing the win with a moonsault.

Sol turns the tide with an X-Factor and a dropkick, followed by a clothesline that sends Blair over the top rope. Sol displays impressive athleticism with a handstand on the apron to avoid Blair's attack and lands a kick. However, Blair regains control by sending Sol into the ring steps.

The focus shifts to Blair targeting Sol's leg with an atomic drop, stomps, and various submission holds. Sol shows resilience with a near fall from a rollup and a sunset flip. They trade blows with slaps and kicks before Sol connects with a dropkick.

The match explodes with a series of high-flying moves. Sol executes flying clotheslines while Blair attempts a suplex that gets countered by Sol into a top rope suplex sending both competitors crashing to the floor.

Sol regains the upper hand with a springboard splash for a near fall. She positions Blair for a DDT from the turnbuckles after driving her face first into them. Blair avoids Sol's finisher, the Sol Snatcher, and counters with a Falcon Arrow. She goes for the Bea Trigger but Sol cleverly reverses it into a rollup to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Sol Ruca

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes have a heated confrontation.

Trick Williams says they should be happy about main eventing NXT Stand & Deliver, but their bond is broken.

Carmelo Hayes says Trick ruined things by going for the NXT Championship instead of the North American Championship.

Trick says he went to Hayes about taking a chance and Hayes said he was happy for him.

Hayes says he was paving the way for Trick but Trick started to believe his own hype.

Hayes says Trick needs to know that he will always take a backseat to him.

Trick says his days of taking a backseat are over and Hayes is envious of him.

Hayes says the people won't be there for Trick when he needs them.

Trick says he will be the one to knock Hayes down from the top.

A brawl erupts between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Security and the locker room try to separate them.

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