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WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results December 9, 2023: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results December 9, 2023: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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Here are the ongoing results for The 2023 NXT Deadline which is set to take place on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The show is all set to start off at 8pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network!

NXT WarGames 2023 features a lineup of intense matchups, starting with the explosive singles bout between Axiom and Nathan Frazer. The Men's and Women's Iron Survivor Challenges adds unpredictability, determining top contenders for the NXT Championship and NXT Women's Championship, respectively.

The NXT Championship will be defended as Ilja Dragunov faces off against Baron Corbin, while the NXT North American Championship sees "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio defending against Dragon Lee in a high-flying clash. Roxanne Perez and Kiana James set their differences inside a Steel Cage, and Carmelo Hayes takes on Lexis King in a pivotal singles match.

WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results December 9, 2023

Singles Match: Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

The bout kicks off with a test of strength, as Frazer initiates with a side headlock. Axiom responds with a wrist lock, countered by Frazer with a reversal and an arm wringer. Frazer executes a takedown with a side headlock, and then flips out of the corner, only to be met by Axiom's shoulder tackle. Attempting a leapfrog, Frazer falls victim to Axiom's ankle pick, yet manages a rollup for a near fall. Axiom retaliates with a backslide, getting his own near fall.

Frazer displays agility, landing a flying thrust kick and seamlessly transitioning into an arm drag and an arm bar. Axiom skillfully avoids a kick and follows up with a snap mare, missing a subsequent kick. Frazer counters with a forearm, but Axiom responds with a back elbow. Axiom ascends the turnbuckles, delivering an arm drag and a dropkick, securing a near fall. He Irish whips Frazer, who floats over, executing a flatliner into the turnbuckles. A chop from Frazer ensues.

In a series of exchanges, Frazer and Axiom trade chops, with Frazer eventually landing a suplex for a near fall. Axiom applies an octopus hold, and though Frazer reaches the ropes, he perseveres with a cobra clutch, transitioning into a body scissors. Axiom manages a near fall after countering with a float over. Frazer showcases athleticism with a springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT, securing another near fall. A flurry of kicks and punches follows, with Axiom countering with a dropkick.

Axiom attempts an O'Connor Roll, but Frazer clings to the ropes. A German suplex from Axiom yields a near fall. Axiom sets up a clothesline against the ropes, placing Frazer in a precarious position on the top rope. A forearm from Axiom follows, leading to a moonsault onto Frazer outside the ring.

Upon returning Frazer to the ring, Axiom ascends the turnbuckles, but Frazer responds with a superplex followed by a swinging suplex for another near fall. Frazer executes a takedown with forearms, then goes for a Phoenix Splash from the top rope, but misses and rolls through. Axiom blocks a kick and evades an enzuigiri. Attempting an O'Connor Roll again, Axiom finds resistance as Frazer holds onto the ropes. In a surprising turn, Frazer lands a superkick, going for a springboard moonsault, but Axiom counters with a kick to the head.

With Frazer perched on the top rope, Axiom delivers a Spanish Fly, followed by his finishing move, the Golden Ratio, securing the three-count for the victory.


The proceedings commence as Shawn Michaels strides confidently toward the ring, setting the stage for the last pay-per-view of the year.

Upon reaching the squared circle, Shawn extends a warm welcome to the audience, emphasizing the significance of this final pay-per-view of the year. With an air of anticipation, he queries the crowd twice, seeking affirmation of their readiness.

Enter CM Punk, making a deliberate entrance to join Shawn in the ring. Punk, with a respectful nod to Shawn, offers an apology for inadvertently stepping on his gimmick. He proceeds to reflect on the unexpected scenario of both iconic figures sharing the same ring.

Shawn lightens the mood by playfully commenting on Punk's distinctive pink hoodie, prompting a chuckle from the audience.

Undeterred, Punk acknowledges Shawn's reconciliations, noting the truce with Bret Hart and the amends made with Triple H.

Punk shares a backstage encounter where people approached him, expressing that they grew up watching him and even snapping a selfie with the wrestling legend. In a reciprocal gesture, Punk suggests it's his turn to reciprocate the sentiment with Shawn.

Seizing the opportunity to address his current status, Punk casually mentions missing his flight but opting to stop by in person to chat with Shawn. The question looms – will Punk head to Raw, SmackDown, or perhaps become the newest addition to the NXT roster?

As Punk's music fills the arena, the atmosphere intensifies.

NXT North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee (with Rey Mysterio)

The exchange begins with Dom directing some verbal jabs at Lee, leading to a collision of heads between the two. Dom's attempt at a punch goes astray, and Lee seizes the opportunity with a barrage of punches. Employing a head scissors takedown, Lee sends Dom to the outside. Lee follows up with an acrobatic flip dive onto Dom, showcasing his agility. A slingshot head scissors, leg sweep, and a hesitation kick from Lee result in a near fall.

Taking the action to the corner, Lee delivers a resounding chop. His attempt at a Fujiwara armbar is thwarted as Dom reaches the ropes for a break. Lee proceeds with a corner splash, punctuating it with punches. Dom counters by sending Lee over the top rope, where Lee's leg becomes entangled momentarily. Gesturing toward his father, Rey, Dom signals him to pay close attention. Dom takes the fight to the floor, delivering punches to Lee before sending him back into the ring.

A series of kicks from Dom follows, accompanied by a forceful Irish whip. Dom ascends the turnbuckles to pose and signal his father, securing a near fall in the process. Applying a reverse chin lock, Dom looks to control the pace. Lee responds with defiant punches, but Dom retaliates by pulling Lee down by the back of his mask. Adding a symbolic touch, Dom tosses his shirt at Lee before continuing his assault with punches and kicks.

On the apron, Dom pays homage to Eddie Guerrero with a shimmy before executing a slingshot senton for another near fall. Dom persists with crossfaces and a reverse chin lock. A sequence of suplexes unfolds, with Dom hitting two before Lee halts the third momentarily. Dom manages to complete the trifecta for a near fall. Setting up for a superplex, Dom encounters resistance from Lee. Lee counters with a double stomp off the turnbuckles, causing Dom to land on the apron before eventually hitting the floor.

Both competitors narrowly beat the referee's count at nine, and Lee resumes the offensive with punches and a flying forearm. Placing Dom on the turnbuckles in a compromising position, Lee executes a super kick and a hesitation drop kick in the corner. Putting Dom in the tree of woe, Lee delivers a double stomp, but Dom's hand on the rope prevents the three-count.

The momentum shifts as Dom counters a dropkick, catapulting Lee into the ropes and gesturing at Rey. A misstep occurs as Dom misses the 619, and Lee capitalizes with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Lee executes Destino, securing the three-count for the victory.

WINNER: Dragon Lee

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley vs Kelani Jordan vs Lash Legend vs Blair Davenport

The inaugural participants in this contest are Fallon Henley and Blair Davenport.

The match kicks off with a lockup, leading to Fallon showcasing her technical prowess with a side headlock takedown, securing a near fall. Fallon maintains control with another side headlock and takedown. Blair counters with a rollup, earning her a near fall. The back-and-forth action continues as Fallon executes a sunset flip, and Blair responds with a near fall of her own. The near falls persist, with both competitors displaying their resilience. Fallon attempts a rollup and a body scissors rollup, each earning her near falls.

Another lockup ensues, and Fallon transitions into a waist lock, but Blair wisely clings to the ropes during an O'Connor roll attempt. Blair delivers a thrust kick and follows up with another kick, nearly securing a pinfall. She then unleashes a series of impactful maneuvers, including a hard Irish whip and a back elbow for another near fall.

Blair further asserts dominance with a knee to Fallon's back, subjecting her to a stretching hold. A boot to the back forces Fallon back to the mat, but she manages to flip through and kick Blair away. Fallon retaliates with a waist lock takedown and a kick to the back of Blair's head. Taking the fight to the ropes, Fallon punches Blair before sending her into the turnbuckles.

The next entrant, Tiffany Stratton, makes her way to the ring.

Fallon attempts to target Tiffany, but Blair intervenes with a forearm to halt her. Tiffany seizes the opportunity to send Fallon into the ringside barrier. Blair, not to be outdone, meets the same fate at the hands of Tiffany. Back in the ring, Tiffany kicks Fallon in the back, and Blair reenters, both delivering forearms to their prone opponent. Fallon retaliates with a forearm of her own, but Tiffany responds with a forearm and a kick. Blair takes control by choking Fallon, and Tiffany delivers a clothesline, leaving Fallon vulnerable.

Tiffany proceeds to apply a Fujiwara armbar, while Blair simultaneously employs the same submission hold on Fallon's other arm. The two women collaborate in inflicting punishment on Fallon, showcasing their ruthless teamwork.

Tiffany and Blair execute an Irish whip on Fallon, followed by Blair delivering a splash and Tiffany connecting with a forearm. The alliance takes a surprising turn when Tiffany lands a superkick on Blair, signaling the end of their partnership. Tiffany follows up with a forearm on Fallon, Irish whipping Blair into her. A handspring back elbow in the corner almost sends Tiffany over the top rope. Kicks rain down on Fallon and Blair, and Tiffany cartwheels into an Alabama Slam. Blair breaks up the pin and secures a three-count on Fallon.

Blair Davenport 1 fall (Elapsed: 9:45)

The next contender, Kelani Jordan, enters with forearms and a cartwheel double clothesline. She attempts a Playmaker on Blair but ends up Irish whipping Blair into Tiffany. Jordan impressively lands on her feet from a double belly-to-back suplex, following it up with a double dropkick for a near fall. A slingshot kick to Blair and a split-legged moonsault for another near fall are interrupted by Tiffany. Forearms fly between Tiffany and Jordan. Tiffany catches Jordan on a crossbody and tosses her to Blair through the ropes. Fallon escapes the penalty box and targets Tiffany, executing a blockbuster and a Shining Wizard for the three-count.

Fallon Henley 1 Fall (Elapsed: 12:09)

Fallon attempts a jackknife cover on Jordan, but Jordan bridges out. A backslide gets Jordan a near fall. Forearms from Jordan to Fallon, and she kicks Blair off the apron. Fallon counters with an arm drag into an armbar. Tiffany reenters the scene with a forearm and kicks Fallon. Meanwhile, Blair and Jordan engage in a struggle on the apron. Tiffany knocks Blair down, and Blair and Jordan end up on the turnbuckles. The final entrant, Lash Legend, storms in, hitting a double powerbomb on Fallon and Tiffany. Lash dominates with chops and forearms, executing a double superplex on Blair and Jordan. A choke slam to Tiffany and a powerbomb to Fallon result in a double pin for Lash.

Lash Legend 2 Falls (Elapsed: 16:18)

Blair and Jordan attempt a sleeper on Lash, but she counters by slamming them into the turnbuckles. Blair is sent over the top rope, and Jordan hits a headscissors off the turnbuckles to Lash. An Asai Moonsault by Jordan sends Lash through the table. Blair deals with Jordan and then focuses on Lash. Tiffany and Fallon brawl while attempting to climb out of the penalty box. Fallon is pushed off the top of the box by Tiffany, crashing through the table. Tiffany finishes with a swanton off the penalty box onto everyone.

Lash sends Tiffany and Blair back into the ring, delivering a splash to Blair for a near fall. Another splash to Tiffany gets Lash a near fall. Jordan attempts a headscissors takedown, but Lash catches her, swinging Jordan into Blair. Tiffany kicks Lash, and Jordan gets a sunset flip, broken up by Tiffany for a near fall. Blair pins Jordan.

Blair Davenport 2 Falls (Elapsed: 20:16)

In the final stretch, Tiffany forearms Fallon, while Blair delivers forearms to Tiffany and Fallon hits Blair with a forearm. Lash catches Blair, running her head along the top and middle ropes with Fallon on her back. Tiffany breaks up a cover on Fallon, earning a near fall. Lash, Tiffany, and Jordan exchange kicks, with Lash delivering an elbow drop to Tiffany. Jordan's kick is blocked, but she manages to kick Tiffany. Lash sends Fallon into Tiffany and Jordan. Blair double stomps Lash's back, and Fallon clotheslines Blair over the top rope. Jordan dropkicks Fallon to the floor, then executes a crossbody to Lash for a near fall. Tiffany finishes with a Finlay Slam to Jordan and a moonsault to Lash for the three-count.

Tiffany Stratton 1 Fall (Elapsed: 23:09)

Jordan slams Blair after getting her on her shoulders and follows up with a 450 splash, but Fallon breaks up the cover. Fallon gets a near fall on Blair and Tiffany, then applies a single-leg crab on Tiffany. Blair places Jordan on the turnbuckles, executes a German superplex, and Jordan rolls to the floor. Blair gets a three count on Fallon.

Blair Davenport 3 Falls (Elapsed: 24:45)

Blair makes a quick exit to the floor as Lash pursues her. Time runs out.

WINNER: Blair Davenport (3 Falls)

Singles Match: Lexis King vs. Carmelo Hayes

They engage in a lock-up, and Hayes forcefully shoves King away, accompanied by some choice words. Another lock-up ensues, with Hayes executing a side headlock and a subsequent takedown. A shoulder tackle from Hayes is met with a punch from King. Hayes responds with a double-leg takedown and a series of punches. King retreats to the floor.

Attempting a powerbomb, King endeavors to pull Hayes out of the corner, but Hayes counters with a head scissors. They spill to the floor, where Hayes delivers a punch, and King retaliates with chops, inadvertently hitting the ring post. Hayes capitalizes by slamming King's hand into the apron and stomping on it against the ring steps. A chop from King is met with a kick from Hayes, who continues with more chops.

Hayes executes an enzuigiri, and King responds by sending Hayes over the top rope, following it up with a dropkick through the ropes. King then introduces Hayes to the ring steps, delivering kicks against them.

King positions Hayes face-first in the turnbuckles with his feet in Hayes' back, securing a near fall. He taunts Hayes and receives stomps to the hand in return. King traps Hayes in the turnbuckles, executing a springboard double stomp for another near fall. Punches from Hayes and a knee to the midsection are countered by King's running knee to Hayes' back, earning him another near fall.

A single-leg crab from King follows, and he evades a clothesline, delivering a backbreaker. Another backbreaker from King sets up a moment where he extends a handshake, only to receive a defiant gesture from Hayes, who then headbutts King. Hayes is cornered, but he manages to put King on the turnbuckles and responds with a chop. King attempts a clothesline from the turnbuckles, leading to both men falling to the floor.

Chops are exchanged, with Hayes blocking one and retaliating with a chop of his own. A roll-up from Hayes results in a near fall. A springboard clothesline from Hayes is followed by a forearm in the corner and La Mistica for another near fall. Hayes transitions into a front face lock, but King blocks a suplex and executes a jackhammer for a near fall.

King targets Hayes' ribs with kicks and punches. Attempting a suplex, King is countered by Hayes, who lands on his feet and pulls King to the mat. Hayes delivers kicks and comes off the ropes, but King counters with a kick to the head and a backbreaker. Hayes ascends the turnbuckles, encountering an exposed turnbuckle, but manages to hit "Nothing but Net" for the three count.

WINNER: Carmelo Hayes

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Bron Breakker vs. Josh Briggs vs. Dijak vs. Tyler Bate versus Trick Williams

Dijak and Josh Briggs initiate the match with a lock-up, and Josh surprises with a roll-up for a near fall. They exchange pushes and engage in another lock-up. Dijak gains control with a side headlock, but Josh attempts a hip toss, countered as Dijak lands on his feet. The sequence repeats, with Josh executing a side headlock and a shoulder tackle, reciprocated by Dijak. The back-and-forth continues, resulting in a stalemate. Josh then pulls off a head scissors takedown, followed by an Irish whip and a back elbow in the corner. A running boot to the head and a gut buster earn Josh a near fall. Dijak counters with a midsection punch and a forearm, securing a near fall.

Both wrestlers block each other's suplex attempts, exchanging punches. Dijak manages a suplex, and a running back elbow in the corner follows. Dijak tries for High Justice but secures only a near fall. As he prepares for a cyclone kick, Josh counters with a boot for another near fall. Josh readies a choke slam, but Dijak escapes with a back elbow. Josh attempts a waist lock, reversed by Dijak with a standing switch. A back elbow from Josh, who then ascends the turnbuckles, is met by Dijak's Feast Your Eyes.

Result: Dijak 1 Fall (5:00 elapsed)

The next participant, Tyler Bate, enters the ring. Bate delivers punches to Dijak, a knee lift in the corner, and a European uppercut off the turnbuckles. His attempt at an exploder is thwarted, but he manages to execute an exploder into the turnbuckles for a near fall. Bate transitions to a front face lock and hoists Dijak for an airplane spin. Meanwhile, Josh kicks Bate, sending him to the floor, and follows up with a clothesline for a three-count.

Result: Josh Briggs 1 Fall (7:04 elapsed)

Josh sends Bate into the penalty box and attempts to Irish whip him into the ring steps. However, Bate leaps over, delivering a clothesline off the steps. Bate drops Josh on the top rope, hitting an uppercut for a near fall. As Bate sets up for Tyler Driver 97, Josh blocks it and scores a near fall after a splash. Dijak is released from the box, and Bate counters Feast Your Eyes with a roll-up for a three-count.

Result: Tyler Bate 1 Fall (9:02 elapsed)

Bate nearly pins Josh after Dijak intervenes with a punch. Bate transitions to a sleeper, backing Josh into the corner. Despite Josh's attempts to escape, Bate returns to the sleeper. However, Josh counters with a sit-out jawbreaker.

The next participant, Trick Williams, makes his entrance.

Trick delivers jumping side kicks to Josh, followed by a thrust kick to Bate. He lands punches on Josh and misses a flying clothesline, hitting Bate instead. Dijak escapes the box, punching Trick. Trick retaliates with a clothesline on Dijak and catapults Josh into Bate. A near fall on both Dijak and Josh follows. Trick punches Josh, and Dijak boots him before ascending the turnbuckles. Trick and Dijak simultaneously clothesline each other, while Bate breaks up the cover. Bate performs an airplane spin on Trick, who responds with his own version. Bate then executes a torture rack airplane spin on Trick, showcasing remarkable strength without using his arms.

Dijak finds himself on the apron and is subsequently knocked off by a well-timed dropkick from Trick, who then proceeds to deliver a dropkick to send Josh Briggs tumbling to the floor. Tyler Bate follows up with an impressive suicide dive targeting Josh. Bate's enzuigiri sends Dijak crashing into the ring steps, and he capitalizes on the situation by executing a rebound clothesline on Trick. Bate concludes the sequence with a Tyler Driver 97 on Trick, securing the three-count.

Tyler Bate: 2 Falls (13:56 elapsed)

Josh retaliates with a near fall on Bate, following it up with forceful forearms. Bate counters with punches, but Josh responds with another forearm, ultimately sending Bate to the mat. A robust Irish whip from Josh intensifies the bout.

The final participant, Bron Breakker, makes his entrance.

Bron swiftly spears Josh, clinching a three-count.

Bron Breakker: 1 Fall (15:16 elapsed)

Bron's momentum continues as he spears Tyler Bate for another three-count.

Bron Breakker: 2 Falls (15:25 elapsed)

Bron maintains his dominance, securing a three-count with a spear on Dijak.

Bron Breakker: 3 Falls (15:38 elapsed)

Trick emerges from the penalty box, launching a flurry of punches. Bron answers with a clothesline to Trick, and while Josh and Dijak battle in the box, Bron applies a Steiner Recliner.

Trick executes a uranage on Bron, who retreats to the floor. With everyone released from the box, Trick ascends the turnbuckle and delivers a crossbody to the entire field. Trick then directs Dijak into the ring, and a swift kick secures a three-count on Trick.

Dijak: 2 Falls (17:55 elapsed)

Dijak propels Bate into the turnbuckles and ascends the ropes. Bron intervenes with a Frankensteiner that propels Dijak into Bate. Bate counters with a powerbomb for a three-count.

Tyler Bate: 3 Falls (18:35 elapsed)

Bate lands a kick on Bron, who responds with a double knee gut buster for a near fall. Bron unleashes punches on Bate in the corner and positions him on the turnbuckles. A punch from Bron precedes a fallaway slam attempt, gaining a near fall that is disrupted by Josh. Josh secures a near fall on Bate. Trick and Josh exchange punches, and Josh sends Bron into the turnbuckles. A chokeslam attempt on Bate by Josh is evaded, and Bate counters with punches. Both Josh and Dijak grab Bate by the throat, executing a double chokeslam. Josh sends Trick into Dijak for a clothesline, and Dijak reciprocates by using Bron. Josh and Dijak scale the turnbuckles, landing synchronized moonsaults on Bron and Trick for a double pin.

Josh Briggs: 2 Falls and Dijak: 3 Falls (21:18 elapsed)

Bate delivers a suicide dive to Dijak, and Josh executes a kick to Bate. Josh guides Bate back into the ring, where Dijak delivers a boot to Bate and a superkick to Josh. Dijak and Josh's boots connect as Bate skillfully evades. Trick and Bron are released from the box, with Bron sending Trick into the ring post and spearing him through the ringside barrier. Dijak chokeslams Bron through the announce table. Bate and Josh engage in a turnbuckle skirmish, with Josh setting up for a superplex. However, Bate counters with punches. Dijak hoists Josh onto his shoulders for Feast Your Eyes, but Josh escapes. Trick seizes the opportunity, rolling up Josh for a three-count.

Trick Williams: 1 Fall (23:50 elapsed)

Trick executes Feast Your Eyes on Dijak, but the count is interrupted by Thorpe's interference. Thorpe punches Dijak and slams him into the turnbuckles. Trick seizes the moment, rolling up Dijak for another three-count.

Trick Williams: 2 Falls (24:32 elapsed)

Trick applies a jackknife cover on Bate, securing yet another three-count.

Trick Williams: 3 Falls (24:45 elapsed)

In the final moments, Trick delivers a jumping knee for the three-count.

Trick Williams: 4 Falls (24:57 elapsed)

WINNER: Trick Williams (4 Falls)

Steel Cage Match: Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James

Perez retaliates with a kick after James hurls her purse at Perez. The referee initiates the match, and James endeavors to propel Perez into the cage. However, Perez thwarts James' attempt and counters with a kick. James avoids being sent into the cage and retaliates with a kick to Perez. Attempting to catapult Perez, James finds herself reversed, catapulted into the cage. Undeterred, James begins to climb the cage. Perez, seizing the opportunity, sends James into the cage and secures a near fall. A forearm and Irish whip from Perez follow. Unfortunately, Perez misses an uppercut in the corner, and James tries once more to send Perez into the cage, only for Perez to regain her footing.

In a swift maneuver, Perez executes a cross body off the ropes, but James catches her mid-air, tossing Perez into the cage. James then inserts her hand into the cage, delivering several kicks. Pressing Perez's face against the cage, James continues her assault, sending Perez into the cage once again. James adds a pie face for good measure before forcing Perez into the mat. Repeated shoulders to Perez against the ropes precede James sending the back of Perez's head into the cage. Subsequently, James locks in a rear chin lock.

Perez retaliates with punches, leading to James responding with a spinebuster and a near fall. Standing on Perez's injured hand, James follows up with kicks. Perez counters with punches, and a back-and-forth exchange ensues. James, attempting to tie Perez in the ropes, inadvertently hits the cage when Perez moves. Seizing the opportunity, Perez ascends the turnbuckles, executing a Thesz press, followed by a punch and dropkick. Perez then sends James into the cage multiple times, showcasing her control. A running uppercut and forearm in the corner further solidify Perez's dominance. A side Russian leg sweep and a European uppercut to the back nearly secure a victory for Perez. Perez eyes the top of the cage and ascends the turnbuckles, ultimately reaching the summit. James, however, climbs the turnbuckles as well, engaging in a punch exchange on top of the cage. James grabs Perez's leg, bringing her back into the cage, and is subsequently knocked off the turnbuckles.

Perez is pushed into the corner of the cage, and James sets up for a power bomb off the turnbuckles, successfully executing it for a near fall. James then readies for another power bomb, running Perez into the cage twice. Perez counters with Pop Rox, but she struggles to capitalize immediately, resulting in a near fall. Perez sets up for another Pop Rox, sending James into the turnbuckles. James attempts to escape the cage, introducing a chair into the equation. Seizing the moment, Perez executes a back heel kick and grabs the chair. However, Izzi Dame intervenes, closing the door on Perez. James takes advantage, striking Perez and Dealmaker with the chair, securing the three-count.

WINNER: Kiana James

NXT Men’s Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Baron Corbin

They engage in a lock-up, and Corbin successfully maneuvers Ilja into the ropes, executing a side headlock takedown. Ilja responds with a chop on the break, but Corbin maintains control with another side headlock takedown. Corbin persists with the hold when Ilja attempts to send him off the ropes, and Corbin follows up with a solid shoulder tackle. Undeterred, Corbin executes another side headlock takedown, but Ilja powers out and retaliates with headbutts. Ilja delivers a chop in the corner and follows it up with a knee, prompting Corbin to clothesline both himself and Ilja over the top rope to the floor.

On the outside, Ilja responds with a forearm and another one. He proceeds to execute a German suplex on the unforgiving floor before reentering the ring to break the count. Back inside, Ilja attempts a waist lock, but Corbin counters, sending Ilja into the announce table. Corbin goes for a suplex, but Ilja blocks it, leading to a gourdbuster onto the announce table. They eventually return to the ring, and Baron drops Ilja on the ropes, securing a near fall.

Corbin follows up with a forearm to the back and a knee to the midsection. Ilja rolls to the apron, and Corbin stands on his ribs. Corbin delivers a forearm, and Ilja responds with a chop. Corbin retaliates with a punch, and Ilja answers with a European uppercut. Corbin lands a punch, and Ilja misses an enzuigiri. Corbin then sends Ilja ribs-first into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip. Placing Ilja on the turnbuckles, Corbin delivers punches and forearms. Ilja responds with forearms and headbutts, sending Corbin to the mat. Ilja attempts a back senton, but Corbin moves, and Corbin hits a clothesline for a near fall.

Corbin lifts Ilja onto his shoulders, and Ilja counters with elbows to escape. Ilja attempts a German suplex, but Corbin blocks it, responding with a waist lock and a DDT. Corbin follows up with a uranage and a dragon sleeper. After a gut buster, Corbin returns to the dragon sleeper, but Ilja uses knees to break free. Corbin delivers punches to the ribs, and Ilja responds with a forearm before launching a running knee to Corbin's head. Ilja ascends the turnbuckle and hits the back senton, although he struggles to capitalize immediately. Corbin and Ilja exchange punches and forearms, with Corbin landing a clothesline and Ilja countering with a punch of his own.

Corbin delivers a chop, and Ilja fires back with a chop. They engage in a back-and-forth of chops and forearms. Ilja shows resilience, asking for more, and Corbin responds with a forearm. Ilja retaliates with a punch, initiating a chop exchange. Ilja, channeling the style of Kenta Kobashi, delivers a series of chops in the corner, concluding with a running face wash. He follows up with a German suplex for a near fall.

Ilja attempts to set up a power bomb, but he struggles to lift Baron, and both competitors end up on the mat. Corbin retreats to the apron, and Ilja seizes the opportunity, delivering a running boot to the head. Ilja ascends the turnbuckles, attempting to pull Baron up for a superplex. Corbin resists, but Ilja responds with a series of headbutts. Corbin counters with a chokeslam off the turnbuckles, and as both men fall to the mat, Corbin manages to crawl over for a near fall.

Corbin transitions into a dragon sleeper, complemented by a body scissors. Ilja fights his way to his feet and attempts a reverse suplex, but Corbin lands on his feet. Ilja regains control, lifting Baron and executing a Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles.

Ilja gears up for Torpedo Moscow, but Corbin counters with Deep Six, securing a near fall. Undeterred, Corbin lifts Ilja for a Death Valley Driver and follows it up with a brainbuster for another close two-count. Corbin then readies himself for the End of Days, but Ilja manages to get back on his feet. Ilja attempts a power bomb, encountering some difficulty, but eventually executes it. Ilja then ascends the turnbuckle, waving to Baron before connecting with a Coast To Coast. Despite this impactful move, Ilja struggles to capitalize on the opportunity.

Ilja sets up for Torpedo Moscow once more, but Baron counters, attempting the End of Days. Swiftly, Ilja turns the tide, countering into a DDT. Ilja follows up with two H Bombs, softening up Baron. With determination, Ilja sets up for a third H Bomb, successfully executing it. Ilja, in a display of sportsmanship, hugs Baron and exchanges words with him. As Ilja regains his composure, he delivers the finishing blow with Torpedo Moscow, securing the three-count.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov

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