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'Shazam' Star Zachary Levi Slams DC's Toxic Fandom

'Shazam' Star Zachary Levi Slams DC's Toxic Fandom

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Los Angeles, March 21 - Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Zachary Levi has slammed DC fandom for spreading unnecessary hate and negativity for DCEU films.

As the SnyderVerse era is nearing its end before a new DCU will begin in earnest with Superman: Legacy under James Gunn, these changing dynamics are not going well with the passionate DC fans who are rejecting anything that is not connected to Zack Snyder's vision for DCEU.

It all began with Snyder's Cut of Justice League, which wasn't the result of organic filmmaking but extreme fan movement. Later, Warner Bros. reportedly accepted that surrendering to the fan movement was a major mistake the studio did and things went from bad to worse which forced the studio to start from the beginning.

In the earlier, interview, Levi explained why SnyderVerse didn't prove to be good for DC as it failed to tap into a larger audience when compared to the MCU. Now, in a new interview with Josh Horowitz's The Happy Sad Confused podcast (via The Direct), Levi called out DC fandom for continuously being negative.

"It's very very difficult. It's very difficult, but, you know, listen, I did my best, I have to accept that, I know that I did my best, and all the other stuff is out of your hands. But yeah I mean even on Twitter today, scrolling through, there's people that have released some advanced reviews, or just you know fans who have seen it, and there's this incredibly positive stuff out there. And then, of course, there's these other people, like the internet is full of, which is a very just negative to be negative people", he said.

The actor pointed out to one particular group of fans, and said, "There's a whole contingent of comic book fans that it's really unfortunate that there's this one particular group of people that think I... well, they don't like me because I don't agree with them on other comic book movies. You know who I'm talking about".

"But instead of there being a conversation, they take up so many of my words, or things completely out of context, and then they go stir up all the other people that they know online, and they all just want to attack, and attack, and attack, and attack. And it's really sad because this is just one example of so many examples of the amount of just venom, toxicity, and bullying that goes on in these cyber dimensions", he added.

The actor's latest superhero flick, "Shazam! Fury of The Gods", directed by David F. Sandberg, opened at approx. $65 million worldwide, which is much lower than the projection. It is one of the lowest-rated superhero movies of all time with critics' rating of 53% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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