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Dunki vs Salaar Poll: Movie Tickets Give Away Whichever Wins This Challenge

The biggest clash at the Indian box office will happen on 22nd Dec 2023 between two much awaited movies Dunki and Salaar. Dunki have Shah Rukh Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani and on the other hand, Salaar have Prabhas and Prashanth Neel.

We are going to sponsor many Hindi language tickets whichever movie wins this voting challenge by 20th Dec 2023. At 9 PM on 20th Dec, we are going to tweet on our Twitter Account about the final result and whichever person comments first, will get tickets for the winner movie. Make sure to follow on us Twitter.

If the total genuine votes are more than below numbers, then we will sponsor below mentioned many tickets;

For 1+ Lac Votes, 25 tickets
For 5+ Lac Votes, 125 tickets
For 10+ Lac Votes, 250 tickets
For 20+ Lac Votes, 500 tickets
For 50+ Lac Votes, 1000 tickets
For 1+ Cr Votes, 2000 tickets

Dunki vs Salaar: Who will Win? This question will remain unanswered till release because every movie depend on WOM. But this Dunki vs Salaar Poll can tell which movie has more buzz in India as we get website user from every part of this country.

Dunki Votes: 9562

Salaar Votes: 16004

Vote For Your Movie

Note: Don't try to use bot for fake voting otherwise this challenge will be canceled.

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