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Summertime Lyrics

Music By Salim Sulaiman with Label:T-Series | Time Length: 1:53

From Movie Teen Patti|| SONG RELEASE DATE : 01 Jan 2010

Summertime Photo
Summertime And The Living Is Easy
Fish Are Jumping And The Cotton Is High
Your Daddy Is Rich And
Your Mammas So Good Looking
So Hush Pretty Baby Dont You Cry

One Of These Mornings
Im Gonna Rise Up And
Start Singing To You Girl
Coz You Spread Your
Wings And You Take To The Sky
But Before That Morning
Nobodys Gonna Harm You
Your Daddy And Mommy Standing By

Supa Ba Da Re Pa De Dbe De Dbe
Your Daddy And Mommy Standing By

Star :
Music Director :
Salim Sulaiman
Singer :
Joe Alvares
Lyricist :
Irfan Siddiqui

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