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My First Day In U.S.A Lyrics

Music By Nadeem Shravan with Label:Tips Industries Limited | Time Length: 4:31

From Movie Pardes|| SONG RELEASE DATE : 01 Jan 1997

My First Day In U.S.A Photo
My First Day In The Usa
On My Way When You Play
I Hold You And New Way
So Many Question On My Mind
I Find Answars He Rock Every Time

As A Best Nation I Things To Fun
And Show Dam Now Keep It All
I Feel Sense Of Freedom Of Above
I Feel This Is The Love I Find Love

My First Day In America
I Am Finding Here With My Friend
There I Find What Destiny

Star :
Shah Rukh Khan
Mahima Chaudhry
Music Director :
Nadeem Shravan
Singer :
Hema Sardesai
Lyricist :
Anand Bakshi

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My First Day In U.S.A

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