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WWE NXT Results April 4, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE NXT Results April 4, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

Views: 183 | | By Jitu Jangir

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Here is the live coverage of WWE NXT which is scheduled to air live on April 4, 2023, from Capital Wrestling Center with a full action-packed match card.

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WWE NXT Time In Canada: It airs live every Friday at 8 Am EDT on Sportsnet 360

WWE NXT Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on SuperSport Variety 3 in South Africa on Thursdays at 02:00 am CAT

NXT Time In Italy: In Italy, NXT airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE NXT Results April 4, 2023 & Winners

As Indi Hartwell makes her entrance to the ring, she expresses her disbelief at finally hearing the "You Deserve It" chants. "It's been a few days, but I still can't believe I'm the NXT Women's Champion," she says. She admits that she had given up on thinking about what she would say if she ever won the title, but thanks the fans for their unwavering support throughout her journey.

Indi explains that she used to doubt herself, wondering if she could make it on her own after being a tag team champion. However, she credits the fans for never doubting her and always cheering her on, even during her toughest moments. She goes on to talk about Roxanne Perez, who helped make the ladder match possible and allowed Indi to become champion. Indi believes that Roxanne deserves the first shot at her title.

However, Zoey Stark interrupts, disparaging Indi's championship win and claiming that she is not at the level of the legends and future Hall of Famers who have held the title before her. Zoey demands a title shot, saying that she believes Indi is a very beatable champion.

Indi, feeling confident in her abilities, agrees to the challenge and decides to put the title on the line in a match against Zoey later that night. Zoey warns Indi that she has made a big mistake, and predicts that Indi will be the shortest reigning champion in NXT history.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Wes Lee is interviewed by the press. Axiom stands behind him as he's asked about their match on Saturday. Axiom wonders what would happen if they had a one-on-one match, to which Wes responds that Axiom brought his best on Saturday, and that he's ready to face him again tomorrow.

Channing Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo Vs Kit WIlson and Elton Prince

The match begins with Lorenzo and Elton locking up and pulling each other's hair. Elton pushes Channing, but Lorenzo pushes back. Kit intervenes with a clothesline on Lorenzo while Elton holds him, followed by two European uppercuts and a reverse atomic drop. Lorenzo blocks a hip toss and attempts a backslide for a near fall. He follows up with a dropkick and a springboard forearm on Kit. Tony tags in and lands a knee lift after Channing punches him. Tony delivers punches to the midsection and has some words for Elton, but Kit hits him with a jawbreaker. Elton tags in, and Tony executes a double underhook and a butterfly suplex. Tony continues to punch Elton in the corner.

He then Irish whips Elton, but Tony runs into a boot. Elton attempts a turnbuckle move, but Tony counters with a punch to the midsection and a clothesline. Tony tries for a slam, but Elton tries an O'Connor Roll, but Tony holds onto the ropes. Elton lands a kick to the knee, and Kit tags in to stomp on Tony's foot and slap him. Tony slaps back, and a chaotic sequence of kicks, punches, and backdrops ensues. Lorenzo tags in and delivers an elbow to Elton in the corner and a cannonball to Kit. However, Kit retaliates by hitting Lorenzo from behind and focusing on his arm in the ropes. Elton tags in, and they Irish whip Lorenzo into the ring post. Elton executes a snap mare and gets a near fall.

Elton works on Lorenzo's wrist while Lorenzo hits him with forearms. Elton backs him into the corner, and Kit tags in. They send Lorenzo into the turnbuckles, but Tony tags in and clotheslines Kit and Elton. Tony executes a belly-to-belly suplex on Kit and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Elton, followed by a German suplex on Kit. Elton tries to exit the ring, but Tony lands a wheelbarrow suplex and a spinebuster for a near fall. Kit sends Channing into the ring post, and Tony and Elton bump heads. Kit pulls Elton to the floor and hides under the ring skirt. Tony pulls Kit out, but Elton sends him into the exposed turnbuckle, resulting in a three count.

WINNERS: Elton Prince and Kit Wilson

Singles Match: Odyssey Jones Vs Dijak

Jones began the match by launching a series of powerful punches and executing an impressive Irish whip. However, Dijak managed to counter with a boot to Jones, nearly securing a pinfall. Dijak then followed up with several forearms to Jones' back, but Jones retaliated with a head butt to Dijak's midsection. In response, Dijak delivered a swift knee to Jones' midsection. Jones continued to showcase his strength with another Irish whip that sent Dijak over the top rope and onto the floor. Jones then hit Dijak with a series of clotheslines, followed by a spinebuster that shook the ring.

As Dijak struggled to get back to his feet, Jones caught him off the turnbuckles and executed a devastating World's Strongest Slam, coming very close to a pinfall. However, Jones' hesitation on the turnbuckle allowed Dijak to recover and land a well-timed thrust kick. Dijak took advantage of the opportunity and hoisted Jones onto his shoulders, hitting him with a Death Valley Driver for another near fall. Dijak then climbed the turnbuckles and executed a picture-perfect moonsault, securing the three count for the win.


Dragon Lee Vs Nathan Frazer

The two competitors display good sportsmanship, shaking hands before locking up in the center of the ring. They engage in a series of standing switches on a waist lock, with Lee initially gaining the upper hand, but Frazer soon reversing the hold. The two wrestlers then engage in a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock, with each trying to gain the advantage. Lee attempts a monkey flip, but they continue to hold on to the knuckle lock. Frazer manages to break free with a side head lock, which Lee counters with a kick to the leg before transitioning back to a side head lock. Frazer tries to send Lee off the ropes, but Lee holds on and follows up with a shoulder tackle. Frazer shows his agility by flipping over Lee and executing a head scissors, but Lee impressively lands on his feet with a cartwheel. Lee follows up with a snap mare, but Frazer manages to avoid a leg sweep.

The wrestlers lock up again, with Lee gaining control with a wrist lock that he turns into a hammer lock, sending Frazer into the turnbuckles. Lee then applies another wrist lock, but Frazer reverses into a double leg takedown, followed by arm drags into an arm bar. Lee manages to counter with an arm drag of his own, but Frazer holds on to the arm bar. Lee hits Frazer with a back elbow, but Frazer backs him into the corner and delivers a chop. Frazer then attempts an Irish whip, but runs into a pair of boots from Lee. Lee heads to the turnbuckles, but Frazer drop kicks him off and back into the ring. Lee manages to surprise Frazer with an inside cradle for a near fall, and both wrestlers attempt simultaneous clotheslines with no effect. They follow up with flying clotheslines, resulting in both men going down.

Lee charges towards Frazer in the corner, but Frazer floats over and sends Lee into the turnbuckles. Frazer executes a flatliner off the turnbuckles for a close two count. He then positions Lee for a Phoenix Splash, but Lee crotches him on the top rope. Lee tries to execute a German superplex, but Frazer holds on to the turnbuckle, knocking Lee off balance. Lee recovers and manages to execute the German superplex, but Frazer lands on his feet. Frazer then delivers a drop kick, and Lee responds with a few of his own into the corner. Lee then executes an Ushigoroshi and a running kick for another near fall. He then places Frazer in the corner and heads to the top rope. Frazer leaps towards the turnbuckles, but Lee traps him in the tree of woe position. Lee executes a double stomp and then charges towards Frazer, but runs into a super kick. Frazer manages a near fall after the move.

Frazer heads to the top rope for the Phoenix Splash, but Lee manages to move out of the way. Frazer rolls through and hits Lee with a knee strike, but Lee responds with a knee of his own. Frazer then lands an enzuigiri, but Lee floats over and executes a sit-out power bomb for a near fall. Lee struggles to pull himself up in the corner, but manages to hit Frazer with a running knee to the head for the three count.

WINNER: Dragon Lee

Indi Hartwell Vs Zoey Stark for the NXT Women's Championship

Indi and Zoey were both fiercely determined to emerge as the victor. Indi showed off her impressive skills with two powerful slams and two swift short arm clotheslines. Zoey, however, retaliated with a springboard cross body and a super kick. Zoey then attempted her signature Z360 move, but Indi managed to evade her and delivered a hard kick to Zoey instead. Zoey responded with a series of boots and kicks to Indi while she was cornered, choking her in the process. Zoey landed a near fall, but Indi fought back with a series of forceful punches. Zoey attempted a half and half suplex, but Indi countered it with a snap mare. Indi then followed up with more punches before Zoey gained the upper hand and sent her into the turnbuckles, delivering a fierce kick to her back.

The two wrestlers continued to exchange blows, with Zoey attempting to Irish whip Indi into the corner. However, Indi managed to block Zoey's move and delivered a powerful kick and punches. Zoey retaliated by tripping Indi and performing a slingshot twisting senton, but she only managed a near fall. Zoey then went outside the ring and executed a baseball slide, sending Indi crashing to the floor. Zoey pursued her and slammed her into the apron before returning her to the ring. Zoey landed a series of moves, including a forearm, snap mare, and knee drop to Indi's head. Despite Zoey's efforts, she missed a baseball slide, allowing Indi to take the upper hand once again.

Indi delivered some powerful punches and then sent Zoey into the apron multiple times. The wrestlers then returned to the ring, where Indi managed a near fall. Zoey fought back with a clothesline and then executed a cravate. Indi managed to escape the hold by backing Zoey into the corner with a snap mare and delivered an elbow to her. Zoey tried to execute a suplex, but Indi countered with clotheslines and a side slam. Zoey fought back with a round kick and attempted a springboard twisting senton, but Indi blocked it with a well-timed kick. Zoey then missed a springboard drop kick, allowing Indi to kick her from the apron and execute an elbow drop from the top rope, nearly winning the match.

The two wrestlers continued to exchange punches, forearms, and chops, with Zoey attempting a springboard move that Indi countered with a spinebuster. Zoey then executed a half and half suplex and tried her Z360 move, but Indi fell to the floor. Zoey managed to get a near fall, but Indi caught her with a crucifix, winning the match.

WINNER: Indi Hartwell (retains championship)

Ivy Nile Vs Tatum Paxley

WINNER: Ivy Nile

Axiom Vs Wes Lee for the North American Championship

The match began with a traditional lock-up, with Axiom and Lee engaging in a fierce exchange of holds. Lee executed a cartwheel to break free, and the two wrestlers continued to grapple for dominance. Axiom got the upper hand with a side head lock, but Lee quickly countered with a head scissors.

Axiom nearly scored a pinfall, much to Lee's chagrin. But Lee didn't back down, unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks, including a devastating roundhouse kick to the head. Axiom responded with a springboard head scissors that sent Lee tumbling out of the ring, prompting Axiom to follow up with a plancha. Back in the ring, Axiom climbed to the top rope, but Lee swiftly struck with a palm strike that sent Axiom crashing to the floor. Lee continued his assault, pushing Axiom into the apron and landing a vicious back heel kick. But Axiom persevered, landing a Northern Lights suplex and a head butt to the midsection.

The two wrestlers exchanged submission attempts, with Axiom going for a cross arm breaker and Rings of Saturn, but Lee was able to avoid both. Lee then unleashed a series of punishing strikes and a German suplex, coming close to victory with a near fall. Lee attempted his signature Cardiac Kick, but Axiom countered and applied a sleeper hold with a body scissors.

Axiom adjusted the sleeper, transitioning into a half and half suplex, but Lee managed to dodge a kick and landed a thrust kick to Axiom. Lee then climbed to the top rope and went for Spiral Tap, but Axiom got his knees up and landed a knee to the head. Axiom attempted to finish the match with his Golden Ratio move, but Lee was able to duck under and landed his Cardiac Kick for the three count and the victory.

WINNER: Wes Lee (retains championship)

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