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AEW Dynamite Results May 17, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

AEW Dynamite Results May 17, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

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Here are the full results for this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite Episode which is slated to air live on May 17, 2023, from Moody Center in Austin, TX.

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on TBS in the United States. In Canada, AEW Dynamite is available through the TSN website. In India, AEW Dynamite airs on Eurosport every Thursday at 5:30 AM IST.

The show is available on the TSN Direct streaming service at 10 pm Eastern, the same time that the show will air live on TNT and FITE TV.

AEW Dynamite Results May 17, 2023: Highlights

Wardlow Confronts Christian Cage

Wardlow wasted no time in retaliating against Cage following his controversial remarks from the previous week, fearlessly challenging Cage to audaciously spit in his face. As if scripted, Cage made his way to the ring accompanied by the imposing presence of Luchasaurus, bolstering his support. With tension thick in the air, Cage asserted that Wardlow's reign as the TNT Champion was swiftly coming to an end.

Just as Cage was poised to carry out his provocative act, chaos erupted. Overwhelmed by the numbers game, Cage resorted to a low blow, while Luchasaurus cunningly produced a ladder from beneath the ring, proceeding to execute a bone-crushing chokeslam on Wardlow, effectively shattering the ladder. Building upon the brutality, Cage then unleashed a Killswitch maneuver onto the contorted metal apparatus, amplifying the spectacle's savagery. Amidst the wreckage, Cage triumphantly stood tall, clutching the TNT Title as a symbolic trophy, triumphantly positioned atop the battered form of Wardlow. -Excalibur concisely recaps the preceding events involving Don Callis, which transpired last week, in his signature articulate manner, and tantalizingly teases the upcoming appearance of Callis for this evening's broadcast.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin Vs Lee Moriarty & Big Bill

Following each successful title defense by Cassidy, it has become increasingly apparent that his body bears the markings of wear and tear. This week, in addition to the familiar sight of his right hand being taped up, kinesio tape adorned his aching back. Engaged in a swift exchange of pinning attempts, Cassidy and Moriarty demonstrated their agility, only to be interrupted by tags, leading to Bill manhandling Allin like a mere puppet. In a bold display of defiance, Allin responded to Bill's test of strength by slapping him across the face, while Cassidy and Allin executed synchronized dives onto their opponents, resonating with impact upon the arena floor. As Cassidy attempted a maneuver in the corner, his landing on the apron was abruptly met with a resounding boot from Bill, effectively turning the tide of control as the broadcast transitioned into a commercial break.

Displaying resourcefulness, Cassidy seemingly utilized his knee to evade a suplex, enabling him to tag in Allin. However, Moriarty successfully diverted the attention of the referee, resulting in the annulment of the tag. As both Moriarty and Bill faltered in their corner charges, Allin seized the moment and unleashed a torrent of unrestrained aggression upon his adversaries. In a daring attempt, Allin sought to execute a Code Red on Moriarty, nearly falling prey to Bill's counter in the form of a chokeslam. Nonetheless, Allin fought his way free, utilizing the ropes for leverage.

Thwarting Moriarty's advances, Allin leaped into the path of Bill's Boss Man Slam. With the swift maneuvering of Allin, Bill's legs were compromised, allowing Cassidy to capitalize with a devastating Satellite DDT. Moriarty interjected himself into the fray, applying the Border City Stretch, only for Cassidy to narrowly escape its clutches. Positioned in the corner, Moriarty became the target of a dual assault, as Allin and Cassidy executed a flawlessly executed double superplex. Yet, their moment of triumph was abruptly shattered by Bill's thunderous clothesline, leaving them reeling. With awe-inspiring athleticism, a Stundog Millionaire seamlessly transitioned into a Code Red on Bill, while Moriarty fell victim to the combined forces of Beach Break and a Coffin Drop. In a poignant gesture aimed at sending a message to MJF, Allin locked in a side headlock on Moriarty, securing the victory through a clever manipulation of their shared history.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin

Sammy Guevara Vs Exodus Prime With an explosive burst of agility, Guevara delivered a soaring knee strike followed swiftly by the devastating GTH, sealing the victory in a swift and commanding manner. Grasping the microphone tightly, Guevara delved into a nostalgic reflection of his past in the heartland of Texas, elucidating how each arduous experience he endured molded him into the formidable force he embodies today.

Engaging the audience with heartfelt sentiments, Guevara divulged the intricate path he traversed, acknowledging that while it may have appeared laden with detours, it ultimately guided him to his rightful destination: Double or Nothing. Driven by an unwavering conviction, Guevara attuned himself to the reverberations of his own heart, its resolute beats echoing the prophecy that he will ascend to the summit as the reigning AEW World Champion.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho (w/Saraya) Vs Dr. Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida

Storm and Soho launched a rapid offensive onslaught against Shida, only to swiftly witness the tables turned as Shida expertly executed a suplex, forcefully hurling both adversaries into the unforgiving confines of the corner. Demonstrating her agility and precision, Shida propelled Storm to the outside, deftly following up with a picture-perfect missile dropkick squarely aimed at Soho. Seizing the opportunity, Shida swiftly landed an enzuigiri on Storm, prompting a well-timed tag to Baker, who unleashed a devastating ripcord elbow upon Storm's vulnerable form. In a calculated move, Saraya clandestinely intervened, impeding Baker's progress, thus enabling Storm to deliver a punishing hip attack as she careened towards the ringside area, indulging in a series of cheap shots facilitated by Saraya.

Throughout the duration of the picture-in-picture segment, Baker found herself isolated, subjected to the relentless onslaught of her opponents. However, a resolute surge of resilience emanated from within Baker, culminating in a charging neckbreaker that led to a momentary stalemate with both combatants incapacitated. Shida and Soho successfully made their respective tags, culminating in an explosive exchange of blows that saw Shida emerge triumphant, raining down righteous fist upon all who dared oppose her, including Saraya herself. Undeterred, Shida unleashed a spectacular cross body maneuver, propelling herself onto The Outcasts who loitered perilously close to the ringside area. A swift and devastating question mark kick banished Storm to the outside, while Soho was subjected to a thunderous Falcon Arrow. Capitalizing on her momentum, Shida ascended to the top rope, swiftly descending upon Soho with a breathtaking Meteora. However, the relentless Storm interjected, rupturing the pinfall attempt.

Exhibiting remarkable resilience, Baker flawlessly executed a stacked Storm and Soho, punctuating her feat of strength with a mesmerizing combination of a neckbreaker and a DDT, triggering a tantalizingly close near fall. Soho, displaying her resilience, deftly evaded Baker's Lockjaw submission hold, transitioning seamlessly into her own finishing maneuver, No Future. However, just as victory seemed within grasp for Soho, Storm seamlessly executed a tag, affording Baker the opportunity to administer an Air Raid Crash upon her unsuspecting opponent. Seizing the moment, Saraya capitalized on yet another distraction, this time blinding Baker with a malicious spray to the eyes, ultimately culminating in Storm's triumphant execution of the Storm Zero, securing a stolen victory. In the aftermath, Excalibur aptly acknowledged Storm's remarkable achievement, having secured her fourth victory in a mere span of five days within the hallowed realm of AEW.

Roderick Strong Vs Chris Jericho in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

With remarkable ferocity, Strong launched a relentless assault, unleashing a barrage of chops and charging forearms upon Jericho, his attack commencing even before Jericho could shed his jacket. In the fervor of the moment, Strong's momentum nearly collided with referee Aubrey, threatening to trample her in the process. A chop battle ensued, a contest Jericho ill-advisedly engaged in, resulting in Strong executing a powerful takedown slam. The exchange of chops between the two combatants persisted, with Strong finding himself perched on the apron, successfully evading a springing Jericho and countering with a slam of his own onto the unforgiving apron. Returning to the ring, Strong came perilously close to executing his signature maneuver, the End of Heartache, only to be thwarted by Jericho's timely counter, transitioning into the excruciating Walls of Jericho. Though Strong managed to secure a rope break, the battle between the two fighters spilled into the vast expanse of the crowd during the commercial break, propelling their clash into uncharted territory.

Amidst the tumultuous encounter, Excalibur found himself compelled to convey the deeply unfortunate news of the passing of the esteemed Superstar Billy Graham, a solemn task he undertook with admirable composure, while Taz and Schiavone shared heartfelt condolences.

Strong and Jericho continued their relentless brawl, traversing the confines of the crowd. Jericho, demonstrating his ruthless tenacity, slammed Strong through a table, the shattering of wood punctuating the brutality of their encounter. The fight spilled into a stairwell, with both warriors grappling precariously upon a ledge. With astonishing force, Jericho lunged forward, relentlessly tackling Strong, only securing a two-count. The frenzied spectacle persisted as they descended back into the maelstrom of the crowd. Armed with a chair, Jericho found himself pelted with plastic cutlery and even ice cream, a scene that elicited uproarious amusement from Schiavone. Engaging in rather unconventional tactics, Jericho resorted to delving into a nearby trashcan to cleanse his face, an action that raises certain questions, if you ask me.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Strong exhibited visible signs of his battle wounds, blood staining his shoulder. The relentless skirmish led the combatants outside the confines of the arena, where a surprise appearance by Adam Cole materialized. Emerging ominously from the shadows, Cole seized the moment, delivering a devastating blow to Jericho while situated amidst a pile of dirt. Building upon the foundation laid by his ally, Strong swiftly followed suit, launching a formidable jumping knee strike, securing a hard-fought victory.

WINNER: Roderick Strong

Jungle Boy Jack Perry Vs Rush (w/Jose the Assistant)

With unparalleled aggression, Rush wasted no time in pouncing upon Perry, launching a relentless assault on the outside as soon as the bell tolled. Unleashing a ruthless onslaught, Jose cunningly extracted a cable chord from beneath the ring, providing Rush with a merciless tool to repeatedly slam Perry's head against the unyielding barricade. The viciousness of the attack resulted in Perry's unfortunate bloodshed, a crimson testament to the brutality endured. Regrettably, Perry found himself unable to mount any offensive maneuvers before the action transitioned into a picture-in-picture segment.

Undeterred, Perry valiantly attempted to rally, unleashing his signature comeback lariat, only to find Rush keenly prepared, countering his efforts. However, Perry valiantly retaliated, mustering a resounding chop that reverberated through the arena. Astonishingly, Rush resorted to a rather unsavory maneuver, explicitly grasping Perry's groin, a perplexing action that left both spectators and the bewildered Excalibur at a loss for words. Even more baffling was the referee's inaction, as he simply stood by, failing to address the flagrant violation. Undeterred by the questionable tactics, Perry and Rush ascended the second rope, engaging in an arduous battle of chops, culminating in Perry's shift to headbutts and a masterful hurricanrana.

Exploiting every opportunity, Jose once again inserted himself into the fray, audaciously seizing Perry's leg in plain view of the official. Evading Rush's charging onslaught, Perry swiftly ensnared his opponent in the clutches of the Snare Trap. Despite the excruciating hold, Rush exhibited incredible resilience, managing to reach the safety of the ropes. The battle between the two combatants spilled onto the apron, where Rush shamelessly wiped Perry's face with his own blood before committing the repulsive act of licking it—an act both grotesque and unsanitary. Seizing a moment of advantage, Perry charged forth, only to be devastatingly subjected to an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, perilously teetering on the precipice of a potentially catastrophic landing.

Undeterred by the onslaught, Perry valiantly fought back within the confines of the ring, but was swiftly rendered motionless by another punishing forearm strike. Unraveling in a fit of aggression, Rush callously shoved the referee aside, clearing a path for Perry to cunningly secure a flash pin with a handful of his opponent's trunks, snatching a victory that was undoubtedly aided by less than honorable means.

WINNER: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Switchblade Jay White (w/Juice Robinson) Vs Ricky Starks

A calculated exchange ensued as White skillfully enticed Starks into an early pursuit, cleverly driving him towards the unforgiving edges of the ring. However, Starks exhibited unwavering determination, fiercely countering by forcefully propelling White into the unyielding barricade. As the battle raged on, White swiftly seized an opportunity, executing a scorching Hot Shot and unleashing a series of ferocious chops. Temporarily taking the fight outside the ring, Starks valiantly retaliated, refusing to yield until White ruthlessly drove his face into the apron.

Within the arena, resonating chants reverberated as White asserted his dominance during the intermission, only for Starks to dramatically shift the tides upon their return. Bursting forth from the corner with lightning speed, Starks unleashed a thunderous lariat, followed by a spectacular Manhattan Drop, a charging knee, and a powerful back elbow. White, caught off guard, found himself hurtling through the air with an emphatic belly-to-belly suplex, culminating in a breathtaking Tornado DDT, narrowly missing a three-count.

Momentary hesitation proved costly for Starks, as White swiftly retaliated, delivering a shoulder strike to the midsection, followed by a snap DDT. Displaying his tenacity, White draped Starks over the top rope and unleashed a colossal uranage, nearly securing victory. Signaling for the potentially match-ending Blade Runner, White encountered fierce resistance from Starks, who valiantly fought back, eventually suplexing White over the top rope and onto the unforgiving floor.

Returning to the squared circle, Starks initiated a lightning-quick roll-up, tantalizingly close to sealing the triumph, before expertly executing a snap neckbreaker. With unwavering determination, Starks unleashed a deceptive slam, almost clinching victory. However, an unexpected twist unfolded as Robinson intervened, tripping up Starks, allowing White a chance to unleash Blade Runner. Yet, displaying sheer resourcefulness, Starks swiftly rolled up his opponent, narrowly missing the three-count.

Exploiting an opportune moment, White resorted to gouging Starks' eyes, drawing a stern admonishment from the vigilant referee. Sensing an opening, Robinson interjected with a chair, but Starks swiftly seized control, banishing Robinson to the outside, and retaliating with resounding strikes to White's midsection and back, ultimately resulting in his own disqualification.

WINNER: Switchblade Jay White (w/Juice Robinson)

Don Callis Addresses His Actions

Tony Schiavone assumes his place in the center of the ring, orchestrating the introduction of the enigmatic Don Callis. Amidst a phalanx of security personnel adorning the stage, Callis makes his regal entrance, met with a cacophony of boos reverberating throughout the arena. The colossal video screen illuminates, showcasing the footage of Callis's treacherous betrayal of Kenny Omega from the previous week, fueling the crowd's disdain for the cunning impresario. Inquisitively, Schiavone probes into the motives behind Callis's actions, yet the conniving strategist redirects the narrative, choosing instead to expound upon the transgressions committed against him by Omega.

Unveiling himself as the victim in this convoluted saga, Callis meticulously details the lengths he has gone to mold and shape Omega's illustrious career. He boldly proclaims that without his guiding hand, the very essence of Kenny Omega would cease to exist. As this proclamation hangs heavily in the air, the resonating jeers intensify, underscoring the deep-rooted animosity towards Callis.

Suddenly, like a tempest unleashed, Omega storms forth from the backstage area, obliterating the ranks of security guards with an unyielding fury. Not even the Blackpool Combat Club can deter his wrath, as Jon Moxley executes a bone-jarring Paradigm Shift atop the stage.

In a display of unwavering unity, the Blackpool Combat Club infiltrates the ring, issuing a resounding warning to The Elite, urging them to remain vanquished. However, defying the odds, Omega rises to his feet, resolute and defiant. The beleaguered Young Bucks, limping but undeterred, join the fray, brandishing weapons of retribution. The scales of combat find equilibrium as Hangman Adam Page, amidst thunderous adulation, emerges from the depths of the arena, greeted with a profound ovation. In a symbolic gesture, Omega extends a barbed wire broom to Page, cementing their unity in the face of adversity.

A cataclysmic brawl ensues, each faction taking turns savagely pummeling the hapless Wheeler Yuta. The Young Bucks unleash their formidable BTE Trigger, while Page delivers a thunderous Buckshot Lariat. In an awe-inspiring moment, Page, flanked by Omega and the Bucks, proudly declares themselves as the very embodiment of AEW, the venerated force known as The Elite. Page proclaims that at the forthcoming Double or Nothing event, it shall be The Blackpool Combat Club locked in a frenzied clash against The Elite, aptly dubbed "Anarchy in the Arena."

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