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AEW Dynamite Results May 10, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

AEW Dynamite Results May 10, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

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Here are the full results for this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite Episode which is slated to air live on May 10, 2023, from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI.

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on TBS in the United States. In Canada, AEW Dynamite is available through the TSN website. In India, AEW Dynamite airs on Eurosport every Thursday at 5:30 AM IST.

The show is available on the TSN Direct streaming service at 10 pm Eastern, the same time that the show will air live on TNT and FITE TV.

AEW Dynamite Results May 10, 2023: Highlights

Claudio Castagnoli (Ring of Honor Champion) vs Rey Fenix Double Jeopardy Match

In a stunning display of athleticism, Claudio launched a ferocious assault on Rey, knocking him down with thunderous blows. Despite the punishing attack, Rey sprang back up with remarkable resilience. Claudio persisted, attempting to grab Rey's leg, but the wily wrestler swiftly evaded his grasp. Undeterred, Claudio went for a monkey flip, yet Rey's nimble feet landed firmly on the mat.

Seizing the moment, Claudio tried to execute a gut-wrench suplex, but Rey expertly countered the move, sending them both hurtling towards the corner. Without missing a beat, Rey sprang out of the corner and executed a spectacular tilt-a-whirl suplex. Claudio grimaced in pain as Rey followed up with a punishing backbreaker. However, the seasoned wrestler quickly regained his composure and launched a barrage of devastating kicks at Rey in the corner.

Rey remained steadfast, countering with a swift springboard hurricanrana, sending Claudio rolling out of the ring. Not one to be deterred, Rey leaped out of the ring, landing two fierce dives on Claudio. Despite his valiant effort, Rey's third attempt was foiled when Claudio snatched him mid-air and slammed him against the barricade.

Undeterred, Claudio hoisted Rey onto his shoulders and began to climb the steel steps, looking to deliver a crushing vertical suplex. However, Rey proved too quick, kicking his way free as they brawled outside the ring. The crowd roared in awe as Rey deftly executed a hurricanrana, walking along the barricade with stunning acrobatic finesse.

As the action shifted back to the ring, Claudio launched a devastating fireman's suplex, but Rey refused to be pinned. Claudio attempted to gain the upper hand by carrying Rey to the top rope, but the plucky wrestler managed to slip out of his grip and launched a vicious counter-attack, knocking Claudio to the mat for a close two-count.

Undeterred, Claudio mounted a furious comeback, trading fierce chops and uppercuts with Rey in the center of the ring. Rey momentarily gained the upper hand with a devastating hook kick, but missed a leaping kick in the corner. However, Rey quickly regained his footing, executing a spectacular cutter on Claudio for another near-fall.

As the match reached its climax, Claudio's superior strength proved to be the deciding factor. After hitting Rey with a series of punishing blows, Claudio executed a Ricola bomb, leaving Rey reeling on the mat. Despite valiantly attempting to mount a comeback, Rey fell victim to Claudio's hammer and anvil elbows, culminating in a devastating Ricola bomb that secured the pinfall and the victory for Claudio.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli

As the cameras make their way to the back, the imposing figure of Miro strides purposefully towards Tony Khan's office, disregarding Lexi as she crosses his path.

A taped promo featuring MJF hypes up the main event of Double or Nothing, drawing comparisons between the combatants and the legendary Beatles. With his characteristic bravado, MJF declares that he is the "Paul" of the group, destined for the most successful career of all.

A video package highlights the storied rivalry between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, fueling anticipation for their upcoming clash.

FTR, clad in street clothes, make their way to the ring and publicly apologize to Mark Briscoe for their previous transgressions. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal enter, accompanied by Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh, to issue a challenge for Double or Nothing. The crowd erupts in cheers as Dax poses the question of whether or not they should accept. However, he stipulates that FTR will only agree to the match if Jarrett and Lethal admit to their use of Mark Briscoe. A tense exchange ensues, culminating in Mark's intervention and an all-out brawl.

Renee Paquette catches up with Jericho backstage to ask about his recent confrontation with Adam Cole. Jericho reveals that he has obtained a court order banning Cole from the building, and subsequently accepts a falls count anywhere match against Roderick Strong. Strong informs him that the JAS will be banned from the premises during their encounter, prompting a showdown between two formidable opponents.

As Renee approaches Tony Khan's office, Miro emerges from the room, evidently preoccupied with important matters. Thunder Rosa enters the office, likely to discuss her future plans with Khan.

The show also features a video spotlighting Sammy Guevara, with Jericho offering high praise for the young superstar. In the clip, Sammy showcases his natural talents and readiness for a world championship run.

In a brief interlude, Tony Khan takes a moment to acknowledge the talented roster and tease an upcoming announcement regarding future opportunities for the stars. He hints at a possible Saturday show, coinciding with the Warner's Upfront presentation.

Orange Cassidy (AEW International Champion) vs Daniel Garcia

The match between Cassidy and Garcia commenced with an explosive start as Cassidy swiftly took down Garcia upon the ringing of the bell. Garcia quickly regained his footing and brought down Cassidy, engaging in a series of moves and counter moves. Cassidy exhibited his agility, going from an arm bar to a side headlock, while Garcia attempted to whip him into the ropes. Cassidy adeptly blocked the move, applying an arm bar and taking Garcia down. The momentum shifted as Garcia skillfully reversed the move, only for Cassidy to reverse it again. The two continued their back-and-forth battle until Garcia went for a drop toe hold, which Cassidy deftly blocked, putting his hands in his pockets and walking away.

Cassidy's momentum built as he executed a pair of drop kicks and slammed Garcia's head into the turnbuckle. In response, Garcia attacked Cassidy's hand, knocking him to the floor and delivering a punishing drop on the ring apron. The action intensified on the outside as Garcia relentlessly attacked Cassidy, culminating in a curb stomp. As the match resumed on full screen, Garcia hit a running elbow and tossed Cassidy out of the ring. Cassidy valiantly fought back, landing a dive and returning to the ring to trade blows with Garcia.

Garcia's vicious chops targeted Cassidy's injured hand, but Cassidy responded with a series of elbow strikes in the corner. Garcia landed a superplex and floated over, only for Cassidy to turn it into the stundog millionaire. Undeterred, Garcia cut off Cassidy with a Dragon Screw and the two engaged in a fierce exchange of punches. Garcia ultimately gained the upper hand with a kick to Cassidy's knee cap and targeted his injured hand with stomps.

Cassidy attempted to finish the match with the Orange Punch, but Garcia countered with a drop kick to his knee, rendering him unable to stand. Garcia taunted Cassidy with soft kicks before hitting a jumping pile driver for a near fall. Cassidy managed to reverse a number of Garcia's subsequent moves, including a dragon tamer and cross face, and rolled him over for the pin and the victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

The Outcasts grumble incessantly about Hikaru Shida's comeback, and a trios match is arranged: The Outcasts vs Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Jamie Hayter. Christian Cage strides out onto the stage with Luchasaurus. We learn that Wardlow will not be present this evening. Tony Schiavone inquires as to how Cage can maneuver himself into a bout with Wardlow. Cage snarls at the Detroit audience to silence their clamoring, dismissing them as the most abhorrent city in the United States.

He declares that his name possesses such clout that he can do as he pleases. Cage then probes why so many wrestlers in AEW have unresolved issues with their fathers. He proceeds to ridicule Jungle Boy and claims that Wardlow had a father. However, he refrains from denigrating Wardlow's father since he was a mere nobody. Cage then brazenly asserts that Arn Anderson was searching for a new son and that he would discard Brock Anderson to the side to embrace Wardlow instead. He proceeds to lampoon Arn in front of the live crowd.

Subsequently, we are treated to a video montage that features Darby Allin. The footage depicts him and his father performing a series of daredevil stunts in order to shatter the psychological barriers in his mind.

Julia Hart vs Anna Jay No Holds Barred

During her entrance, Anna launched a surprise attack on Hart with a steel chair, followed by hurling a trash can into the ring. As Anna entered the ring, Hart retaliated, and the two fierce rivals brawled outside the ring. Hart then pulled out a Kendo stick, inflicting painful blows on Anna, who later managed to grab the weapon and strike back.

Their brutal violence continued, with Anna being slammed headfirst onto the timekeeper's table, while the audience was forced to watch on a small screen due to the interruption of Taco Bell and Wendy's ads. Upon returning to full-screen mode, Hart retrieved chairs from under the ring, only for Anna to execute a reverse Jaded onto them for a near-fall. Anna then put the trash can over Hart's head, kicked it, and covered for a two-count.

As the match progressed, chairs were tossed into the ring, with Hart selling a hip injury as they ascended to the top. Despite the injury, Hart managed to hit a devastating super plex and apply the Hartless submission hold, ultimately forcing Anna to tap out.

WINNER: Julia Hart

House of Black (World Trios Champion) vs The Best Friends and Bandido House Rules match

The match kicks off with Malakai Black and Bandido, and the crowd is fervently chanting for the House of Black. The arena lights are dimmed, creating an intense atmosphere for the battle ahead.

Bandido starts strong with an impressive arm drag and a series of powerful kicks, but Black swiftly retaliates with a devastating kick of his own. Black dominates Bandido in the corner and locks on an excruciating arm bar. Despite Bandido's valiant effort to reach the ropes, there are no rope breaks in this match. Bandido manages to free himself from the hold, and Chuck Taylor tags himself in.

All three men work together to attack Black, but Trent remains in the ring. Brody King enters the fray and breaks up a pin attempt with a thunderous senton onto Trent. The match goes to picture in picture, and when it returns to full screen, Trent successfully takes down King. Buddy Matthews enters the match, and Trent hits him with a stunning spinning DDT. However, Chuck and Bandido are nowhere to be found on the apron, having been taken down by the House of Black.

Bandido enters the ring and unleashes an impressive display of skill, cleaning house and taking down both Black and King with a daring dive. Buddy strikes back with a brutal knee strike on Bandido, and Chuck enters the match, delivering a devastating soul food. However, Buddy quickly tags in King, and they execute Dante's Inferno, securing the pinfall and the well-deserved victory.

WINNER: House of Black

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega in a steel cage

On this night, Omega's over-the-top intro is nowhere to be found as Bryan Danielson takes up commentary duties.

Mox ambles towards Omega on the ramp, and they immediately start exchanging blows. The skirmish rages on all the way to the cage, where Yuta and Claudio ambush Omega. The Young Bucks intervene to stop the attack, but Yuta is hurled off the stage. Claudio clobbers the Bucks, and Matt is tossed off the stage. The savage duo then proceeds to pummel Matt until Nick launches onto them.

Meanwhile, Omega yells for Mox to join him in the cage. As soon as Mox reaches the cage, the door slams shut, and the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

The two combatants exchange chops in the center of the ring. Omega transitions to jabs, and Mox charges into a big boot from Omega, who follows up with a near-fall You Cannot Survive. Omega pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire, hurls it towards Mox's head, and then slams it into his back. The chair's sharp points pierce Mox's skin, causing him to bleed.

Omega repeatedly smashes Mox's head into the top turnbuckle, and Mox retaliates by flinging Omega into the corner camera. Mox then propels Omega into the cage using a springboard maneuver and hammers him with a chair. Omega counters with a dropkick, bulldogs Mox onto the chair, and then body slams him onto it. Omega ascends to the top rope, but Mox meets him there and delivers a super plex, slamming Omega onto the chair.

In the picture-in-picture segment, Omega seems to have lost the match's momentum. When the broadcast returns to full screen, Mox chokes Omega with the turnbuckle hook and wraps the rope around his neck. Omega uses eye gouges to break free, but Mox resumes choking him with the rope. Omega manages to escape, but Mox retaliates with a knee strike. Mox then retrieves a bag from under the ring, and it's revealed to contain broken glass.

Omega unleashes a flurry of strikes, misses the glass, and slams Mox onto the mat. Omega lands a V-Trigger and goes for the One-Winged Angel. Mox counters with a rear sleeper hold. Omega falls back, driving Mox into the glass. Mox continues choking Omega, who finally escapes but eats a knee strike. Mox then grabs the screwdriver from the bag under the ring.

Omega anticipates Mox's pile driver attempt and counters with a back drop, followed by a V-Trigger. Both men struggle to get back on their feet. When they do, they trade slaps, with Omega landing another V-Trigger, and Mox going for a lariat. Omega evades the lariat and delivers a snap suplex, followed by another V-Trigger. The cage cannot withstand the ferocity of their collision, and both men tumble through it. Omega's leg becomes ensnared between the cage and the ring, and they spill out onto the floor.

Mox springs up and rolls Omega back into the ring, screwdriver in hand. Don Callis, Omega's ally, runs into the ring, grabs the screwdriver from Mox, and then Omega blindsides Mox. Omega hits a ripcord V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel, but Callis interferes again, this time attacking Omega with the screwdriver. Despite Callis's interference, Mox manages to score the pinfall, securing the victory.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

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