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AEW Dynamite Results July 5, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

AEW Dynamite Results July 5, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

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Here are the full results for this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite Episode which is slated to air live on July 5, 2023, from Rogers Place in Edmonton, AB.

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on TBS in the United States. In Canada, AEW Dynamite is available through the TSN website. In India, AEW Dynamite airs on Eurosport every Thursday at 5:30 AM IST.

The show is available on the TSN Direct streaming service at 10 pm Eastern, the same time that the show will air live on TNT and FITE TV.

AEW Dynamite Results July 5, 2023: Highlights

AEW Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament: Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy

Allin and Lee start off the match with a bang. Allin delivers a sharp slap, followed by Lee charging in and executing a powerful belly-to-belly toss. Darby joins in with a series of elbow strikes and then tags in Cassidy. Cassidy lands some "vicious" chops on his opponent. However, Lee counters with a double chop, causing Cassidy to go down. With his hands still in his pockets, Cassidy gets up, but Lee swiftly takes him down with another double chop. Allin tags back in, and he and Cassidy work together to double team Lee. Suddenly, Swerve makes a blind tag and catches Darby off guard with an uppercut, showing off with a pose afterward. Swerve follows up with a kneedrop, and a big forearm sends Darby out of the ring as the action goes to commercial break.

When we return, Swerve and Lee execute a double superplex on Allin, displaying their strength and coordination. Lee locks Cassidy in a bearhug while Swerve traps Allin under the ring steps, creating a disadvantage for Allin. However, Cassidy manages to save Allin temporarily. Lee thwarts an attempt by Cassidy to apply a rear chokehold and sends him back into the ring. Lee also blocks a DDT and avoids a stundog. In a surprise move, Darby performs a Code Red on Lee, taking him down. Swerve tries to intervene but accidentally strikes Lee instead. Cassidy seizes the opportunity and delivers a DDT to Swerve, allowing Allin to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy

AEW proudly introduces Nick Wayne, who has now turned 18, as he joins the roster.

Recapping the events from last week, we witness thrilling highlights of Hook relentlessly pursuing Jack Perry.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone awaits Perry's arrival. As Perry arrives, he immediately demands a highly coveted FTW title match. Suddenly, an unexpected assault unfolds as Hook launches an attack on Perry. In a swift reaction, Perry swiftly leaps into a nearby car and accelerates away, escaping the clutches of his assailant.

There exists a historical connection betwixt Adam Cole and MJF, wherein they partook in joint activities throughout the weekend.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. The Blade & The Bollywood Boys

Blade and Billy initiate the action with a lockup, swiftly followed by an arm twist executed by Gunn, who seamlessly transitions into a headlock. Gunn delivers a solid shoulder block, demonstrating his prowess. Blade attempts a rollup, but it only manages to garner a one-count. Gunn retaliates with a well-executed right hand strike. Caster swiftly tags in and secures a one-count of his own. The Bollywood Boys find themselves on the receiving end of a powerful bodyslam executed by Caster. Caster then tags in again, showcasing a move referred to as "scissor me timbers." The Acclaimed, along with Gunn, skillfully execute a scissor move, as we head into a commercial break.

Upon our return, Bowens successfully tags in, unleashing a series of chops and effectively neutralizing both the Boys and Blade. Billy promptly tags in, focusing his attention on Kallas, one of the Bollywood Boys. Caster concludes the match by executing his signature finishing move, known as the "mic drop," securing the pinfall victory.

WINNER: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

Harley Cameron, hailing from QTV, makes her appearance on the screen, expressing her determination to exhibit AEW what true talent truly entails. In response, Billy retorts with a resolute proclamation of "Suck it!"

Subsequently, a video is showcased, capturing the triumphant moment when Eddie Kingston emerged victorious and claimed the NJPW Strong Open Weight Championship.

A visibly injured Jon Moxley, his face marked by blood, shares his thoughts on Kingston in a heartfelt manner.

Renee, in an interview segment, engages with Matt Hardy, who finds himself participating in a blind draw. As fate would have it, Hardy's selection is none other than Jeff Jarrett.

A video package featuring Kenny Omega and Wheeler Yuta is showcased, capturing their recent moments together.

Soon after, the iconic Chris Jericho makes his entrance, graciously soaking in the cheers from the Canadian crowd. However, beneath the surface, there is a touch of sadness in the air. Jericho acknowledges the need for change and reflects on his early days as a rookie in Canada. He expresses his desire to become an improved version of himself.

In a dramatic turn of events, the notorious Don Callis appears, provoking an intense dislike from the passionate Edmonton audience. Although there seems to be an underlying tension between them, Jericho and Callis appear to be forming an uneasy alliance. Callis talks about building a new "family" and extends an invitation to Jericho, hoping he will join their ranks. Jericho responds with a hesitant "maybe" before leaving the scene.

Up next is a preview of the upcoming Collision event, highlighting the highly anticipated match between CM Punk and Samoa Joe, as well as the clash between Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks.

In a backstage interview, Renee speaks with Roderick Strong, seeking an update on his medical condition. Unfortunately, Doc Samson has not yet cleared Strong for action. Adam Cole interrupts the conversation and cautions Strong to be careful. As Cole departs, Strong's intense gaze follows him, hinting at unresolved tension between the two.

Blind Eliminator tournament: MJF & Adam Cole vs. Daddy Magic Matt Menard & The Butcher

At the sound of the bell, Menard and Butcher launch a sudden attack, catching their opponent MJF off guard. Menard delivers a resounding slap to MJF's face, followed by a sneaky eye rake. MJF retaliates with an abdominal stretch, attempting to gain an advantage, but Cole refuses to offer his hand for leverage. Eventually, Cole relents and lends his hand, providing support to MJF.

Butcher and Menard seize the opportunity, dragging Cole towards the corner and subjecting him to a relentless double-team assault, just as the broadcast cuts to a commercial break.

Upon returning from the break, Butcher and Menard are now in control, effectively executing their double-team tactics, focusing on an abdominal stretch. It is revealed that Cole has yet to be legally involved in the match. However, MJF manages to counter with a hiptoss, swiftly followed by a poke to Cole's eye. Sensing an opening, Cole tags himself into the match.

With newfound momentum, Cole unleashes a series of impactful maneuvers, including a neckbreaker, an enziguiri, and a superkick, showcasing his skill and agility. MJF attempts a double clothesline, but Cole surprises him by delivering a devastating "boom" move, leading to the pinfall victory over Menard.

WINNERS: MJF & Adam Cole

MJF takes the center stage, basking in the adoration of the passionate Edmonton crowd, who clearly have a soft spot for both MJF and Adam Cole. MJF suggests another friendly gathering, a "bro session," scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Without hesitation, Cole graciously accepts the invitation, displaying their mutual camaraderie.

Adding a touch of surprise to the occasion, MJF extends birthday wishes to Cole, acknowledging his special day. Party supplies are promptly brought out, setting the stage for a festive celebration. MJF proceeds to serenade Cole with a rendition of "Happy Birthday," but Cole interrupts him, sensing that something may be awry. He is keenly aware of a hidden motive behind MJF's seemingly friendly gestures.

Undeterred, MJF urges Cole to make a wish, subtly attempting to push his face into the cake. However, Cole quickly turns the tables, deftly reversing the situation. Surprisingly, MJF takes it in stride, exhibiting good sportsmanship and maintaining an air of joviality. Cole graciously acknowledges MJF's efforts, expressing his gratitude.

The tense undertones and Cole's guarded demeanor suggest that he is wary of MJF's intentions, realizing that there may be more to this seemingly innocent birthday celebration than meets the eye.

In the backstage area, Renee finds herself in the company of Britt Baker, who expresses her disagreement with Ruby Soho's previous claim of taking everything from her. Baker confidently asserts that she still possesses her pride and proudly reminds everyone that she was the first-ever Owen Hart tournament winner.

Meanwhile, Renee approaches Jericho and inquires about his recent conversation with Don Callis. Jericho proceeds to explain his situation to Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara, emphasizing that he has not yet reached a decision. He cautions them that their partnership cannot last forever. Observing the conversation, Renee informs Sammy and Daniel about their participation as a tag team in the upcoming tournament.

Britt Baker vs Ruby Soho in an Owen Hart Tournament match

Toni Storm and Saraya make their entrance alongside Ruby, while Britt Baker emerges alone. It seems that, upon turning into a babyface, Baker has momentarily lost her understanding of how heels operate within teams.

The match commences with Baker immediately attempting a pinfall and applying the lockjaw submission hold. However, the dynamic shifts when Ruby rolls out of the ring, causing Baker to engage in a confrontation with Toni and Saraya. This distraction grants Ruby the opportunity to gain the upper hand. The underlying narrative of the match revolves around Baker maintaining control when inside the ring, while Ruby seizes the advantage when they venture outside.

During an attempt to execute the lockjaw on Baker, Saraya strategically distracts the referee, allowing Toni to hold the title in the opposite corner. Ruby then slams Baker into the title, but the resilient Baker manages to kick out at the count of two. Subsequently, Ruby tries to apply her own version of the lockjaw, only for Baker to skillfully reverse it. Sensing the shift in momentum, Toni and Saraya promptly drag Ruby out of the ring.

The match reaches its conclusion when Ruby executes a Victory Roll and cleverly holds onto Toni Storm's hand to secure the pinfall and emerge victorious.

WINNER: Ruby Soho

Kenny Omega Vs Wheeler Yuta

In his long-awaited return since the Forbidden Door was opened, Omega entered the match with his right shoulder and neck taped up. Right from the start, Yuta launched a swift attack, catching Omega off guard. Both competitors engaged in a fierce exchange of chops, but Omega swiftly turned the tide with a devastating assault in the corner, including a high backdrop and a powerful backbreaker. Demonstrating his agility, Omega executed a Kotaro Crusher, but his momentum faltered as he hesitated during the You Can't Escape maneuver, allowing Yuta to counter with raised knees on the ensuing moonsault attempt.

Taking advantage of Omega's momentary vulnerability, Yuta targeted the taped-up neck, maintaining control during the commercial break. However, Omega eventually rallied and launched a compelling comeback. He delivered a running palm strike, sending Yuta bouncing like a basketball, followed by a brutal fisherman's buster for a near fall. Yuta managed to evade a V-Trigger and countered with an impressive Angle Slam, nearly securing the victory. Climbing to the top rope, Yuta's hesitation gave Omega the opportunity to swiftly follow and execute a massive leg-trapped superplex.

With the match intensifying, both competitors exchanged forearm strikes, and Yuta showcased his skills with a well-executed bridging German suplex, earning another close two-count. Yuta attempted several rolling German suplexes, but Omega fought free and unleashed a punishing V-Trigger to the back, followed by two Snap Dragon suplexes. Yuta came close to a surprise roll-up pin, but Omega responded with a powerful charge and another V-Trigger.

In a dramatic turn of events, as Omega prepared to deliver his finishing move, Don Callis made his presence known, prompting security to intervene. Exploiting the distraction, Konosuke Takeshita struck Omega with a Blue Thunder Bomb, followed by a massive splash from Yuta, though it only garnered a two-count. Yuta ascended the ropes, but Omega quickly countered by punching through Yuta's legs, delivering a devastating blow to the face, and finally securing the victory with the One Winged Angel.

After the match, Claudio Castagnoli stormed the ring alongside Takeshita, launching an attack on Omega. However, The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page rushed to the ring brandishing chairs, evening the odds. Castagnoli suffered a devastating BTE Trigger, but as Page prepared for a chair shot, the Dark Order intervened at the last moment, snatching the chair away. This thrilling main event concluded the show with a tantalizing cliffhanger.

WINNER: Kenny Omega

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