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AEW Dynamite Results April 26, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

AEW Dynamite Results April 26, 2023: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

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Here are the full results for this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite Episode which is slated to air live on April 26, 2022, from FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, FL.

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on TBS in the United States. In Canada, AEW Dynamite is available through the TSN website. In India, AEW Dynamite airs on Eurosport every Thursday at 5:30 AM IST.

The show is available on the TSN Direct streaming service at 10 pm Eastern, the same time that the show will air live on TNT and FITE TV.

AEW Dynamite Results April 26, 2023

Orange Cassidy Vs Bandido For the AEW International Title

Throughout the course of the match, commentators expressed concerns regarding Cassidy's ability to maintain his International Title while defending it repeatedly. Cassidy opened the bout with a display of lucha skills, albeit lackluster, consisting solely of a half-hearted cartwheel that led to a quick stalemate with his opponent, Bandido. In an effort to play mind games with his opponent, Cassidy feigned a dive and instead opted to pose for the audience. However, Bandido quickly gained control of the match, catching Cassidy's dive and dropping him onto the barricade. Bandido continued to dominate, delivering a spinebuster and applying the Stretch Muffler submission hold until Cassidy managed to break free. Cassidy was then sent to the floor and taken out by Bandido's tope.

During the commercial break, Bandido maintained his momentum, but Cassidy eventually countered a delayed vertical suplex into a Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy attempted his signature little chops, repeatedly driving Bandido into the corner buckle. He then executed a top rope cross body and Michinoku Driver, coming close to securing the victory. Cassidy proceeded to land a dive, but was cut off by Bandido before he could follow up.

Bandido, demonstrating his impressive strength, executed a one-arm suplex from the apron back into the ring, subsequently dropping Cassidy with a pop-up cutter for a two-count. Although Cassidy avoided Bandido's finishing move, X Marks the Spot, he was caught by his opponent while attempting a cross body off the top rope. Bandido then pressed Cassidy high in the air with one arm, followed by a Frog Splash for a close two-count. Bandido expertly countered Cassidy's Mouse Trap maneuver, but Cassidy responded with a counter of his own, executing an Orange Punch while in mid-air. Cassidy then executed the Beach Break to secure the victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Jeff Jarrett Vs Dax Harwood

Amidst the electric atmosphere, multiple officials emerged during Jarrett's entrance and promptly escorted Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh to the back, as this was intended to be a one-on-one contest. An enthralling opening sequence of chain wrestling ensued, with Harwood successfully countering Jarrett's first two attempts at the Fargo Strut, before Jarrett ultimately succeeded on the third try. Jarrett unleashed a barrage of forceful right hands, only to be met with a series of brutal chops every time he turned his back on Harwood.

Jarrett showcased his resilience by fighting out of a superplex attempt and propelling Harwood into the turnbuckle with an emphatic chest-first collision reminiscent of Bret Hart. Jarrett followed up with a leg drop on Harwood, causing another round of Fargo Struts. The intensity between the two wrestlers escalated as they traded jabs, with Jarrett attempting a Figure Four, while Harwood executed a Sharpshooter. Both men eventually broke free, and Harwood drove Jarrett into the mat with a piledriver for a near fall.

Jarrett evaded the ring and ventured outside, with Harwood in hot pursuit. A top rope headbutt from Harwood earned him a two-count, before a series of crafty counters led to Harwood suplexing Jarrett into the ring for another close call. However, Sonjay Dutt unexpectedly appeared on the scene, hooking Harwood's leg in a failed attempt to interfere in the match. The chase was on, as Harwood pursued Dutt, but he was blindsided by The Stroke from Jarrett, who capitalized and secured the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Jeff Jarrett

Wardlow (w/Arn Anderson) Vs his opponent

In a display of sheer dominance, Wardlow won his match with a stunning combination of a headbutt, roundhouse lariat, and powerbomb. The speed at which he dispatched his opponent was so astounding that even the seasoned commentator, Excalibur, was unable to reveal the name of Wardlow's hapless victim.

After the bout, Arn Anderson addressed the defeated fighter, advising him to take a much-needed ice bath and indulge in a twelve pack of whatever libation he preferred. Anderson then turned his attention to the upcoming NFL draft, likening it to the rise of dynasties, and declared that Wardlow was the future of AEW.

However, before Anderson could finish his speech, he was rudely interrupted by none other than Christian Cage, accompanied by the formidable Luchasaurus. Cage boldly stepped towards the ring, but ultimately decided to stand down, with Wardlow and Luchasaurus staring each other down, much like they did in the previous week's episode.

WINNER: Wardlow (w/Arn Anderson)

Four Pillars Tournament Final: Sammy Guevara Vs Darby Allin

MJF joined the commentary team, brandishing a sizable jar of Kaylin & Kaylin pickles, which he voraciously munched on throughout the match, repeatedly promoting the tangy snack. Early on, the story revolved around Allin's efforts to keep Guevara grounded and prevent any high-flying attacks. Despite this, Guevara connected with a dropkick and executed an impressive kip-up.

A rope break from a Scorpion Death Lock allowed Guevara to hit a punishing pump knee, sending Allin tumbling to the outside. Allin sought to execute a German suplex from the apron, but Guevara managed to take the referee, land a low mule kick on Allin, and follow up with a massive moonsault to the floor, leaving Allin cut over his eyebrow.

Undeterred, Guevara executed a massive Frog Splash and attempted to follow up with Three Amigos, but Allin countered on the third suplex, reversing it into a Scorpion Death Drop. Allin then tried to dive to the floor, but Guevara deftly countered with a mid-air cutter. Guevara set up a table at ringside, but Allin rallied with a series of chops, positioning Guevara on the table. Just then, Tay Melo rushed to the ring, distracting Allin who was perched on the top rope. Seizing the opportunity, Guevara struck with a Spanish Fly, nearly securing the victory.

As Allin struggled on the table, Guevara leapt off the top rope, executing a spectacular 630 senton to the floor. Allin barely managed to beat the count, but an enraged MJF stormed the ring. Guevara attempted a splash, but instead ate an Allin shotgun dropkick. Once again, Melo took the referee, and in a nefarious move, MJF tossed Allin's skateboard to Guevara, who dramatically flopped to the mat. Referee Paul Turner caught sight of Allin with the weapon, and in a shocking turn of events, disqualified him. Undeterred, MJF and Guevara reveled in their victory, holding up the title match graphic for Double or Nothing for all to see.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara

Adam Cole addresses Chris Jericho

Adam Cole vociferously demanded Jericho to show himself from backstage, condemning the reprehensible actions against Britt Baker from last week's episode. As Cole was about to take matters into his own hands, Jericho appeared on the colossal screen. Jericho adamantly expressed his disdain for being near a gutless individual like Cole, thereby dispatching Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager to assault Cole. Nevertheless, Orange Cassidy and Bandido came to Cole's aid, only to find themselves still outnumbered. However, as Killswitch Engage's “End of Heartache” resonated, Roderick Strong made an unexpected debut, storming the ring with a flurry of backbreakers, causing The Jericho Appreciation Society to scatter, and reuniting the former Undisputed Era members in AEW.

In another segment, an episode of QTV was broadcasted, with QT Marshall attempting to expound to his crew about last week's debacle involving Powerhouse Hobbs. Hobbs was unequivocally irate and demanded that Marshall rectify the situation, while Marshall continuously reiterated his pledge to Hobbs, insisting they must proceed to Plan B.

Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita (w/Don Callis) Vs The Butcher & The Blade (w/Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford)

Bryan Danielson graced the commentary booth prior to the break and openly criticized Takeshita for his apparent ingratitude towards everything Danielson had done for him, stating that Takeshita prefers to mingle with amateurs. Blade swiftly launched an assault on Takeshtia with a barrage of strikes, but Takeshita returned fire with a powerful punch and dropkick. Takeshita and Omega demonstrated quick tagging techniques and hit the You Can’t Escape and a Takeshita senton on Blade, earning a close two-count.

Although Omega teased a Terminator Dive, Sabian tripped him up, and Ford shielded her husband while Butcher wiped out Omega on the floor. Sabian took advantage of the situation, and Butcher & Blade kept Omega isolated during the picture in picture commercial break. Omega bounced back, hitting the Kotaro Crusher on Blade, and Takeshita made the hot tag, entering the ring and showcasing his prowess by dropping Butcher with a Takeshita-line and a series of Helluva Kicks. Takeshita then slammed Butcher with a brainbuster, but Blade broke up the pin attempt with a stunner/lariat combo.

In an effort to drag the lake, Butcher & Blade tried to take down Takeshtia, but Omega intervened and foiled their plan. Takeshita retaliated by flooring Butcher with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. He then hit Blade with a jumping knee, while Omega delivered a Snap Dragon and a dive to the floor onto Sabian & Blade. Takeshita concluded the match with a charging knee strike on Butcher, clinching the victory.

WINNER: Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita (w/Don Callis)

After the match, Bryan Danielson took to the stage and declared that a true professional had secured the pin, while an amateur appeared drained. He lamented that had Takeshita opted to train with the BCC, he would have risen to stardom, but instead, he chose to align himself with The Elite, who had inferior talents such as Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa.

Suddenly, the BCC emerged from behind and ambushed Omega and Takeshita. Danielson urged them to finish the job they started on Omega from the previous week. However, their attack was cut short by the arrival of The Young Bucks, who stormed in and laid out the BCC with their signature superkicks.

Meanwhile, Danielson was goading Takeshita to enter the ring and save Moxley. Takeshita appeared torn between his allegiance to The Elite and his sense of morality. Nonetheless, he intervened and prevented Omega from using a screwdriver on Moxley.

The BCC intervened and tried to stand tall with Takeshita, but he refused to join forces with them. At this point, Yuta administered a low blow, and Danielson declared that Takeshita had made his choice. Moxley charged in and, in a gruesome turn of events, utilized the screwdriver on Takeshita, leaving him battered and bleeding.

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