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AEW Double or Nothing (2023) Results: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners, Recap

AEW Double or Nothing (2023) Results: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners, Recap

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Here is the live broadcast of AEW Double or Nothing 2023, scheduled to occur over Memorial Day weekend on May 28, 2023, at the illustrious T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, a Las Vegas suburb.

Double or Nothing will coincide with NXT Battleground, an exclusive livestreamed extravaganza orchestrated by WWE for its developmental brand, NXT. This momentous occasion heralds the reemergence of a remarkable phenomenon last witnessed in 1989 when two prominent wrestling promotions, WWE's WrestleMania V and World Championship Wrestling's Clash of the Champions VI, staged simultaneous spectacles.

The highly anticipated main event is expected to showcase a titanic clash between MJF (c), Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and the sensational "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry. This enthralling encounter will be a mesmerizing four-way match, where the illustrious AEW World Championship hangs in the balance.

AEW Double or Nothing (2023) Results

The Hardys & Hook w/ Brother Zay vs. Ethan Page & The Gunns (if Hardys & Hook win, The Hardys gets control of Page's contract.

Ross aptly reminds us that stipulations of this nature rarely bode well for the unfortunate loser. Hook and Austin commence the contest with a lockup, engaging in an enthralling exchange of wristlocks. Hook manages to gain the upper hand, executing a seamless side headlock on Austin. However, Austin swiftly counters with a takedown, displaying his technical prowess. The cold-hearted handsome devil, perhaps a reference to myself, executes an ankle lock, adding a touch of malevolent charm to his repertoire.

In a seamless transition, Matt Hardy enters the fray and delivers a resounding elbow strike, demonstrating his precision and agility. Jeff Hardy swiftly joins his sibling, and together, the Hardys deliver a devastating double elbow strike, showcasing their remarkable synchrony. The talented Hook then tags in, swiftly executing a snap mare with remarkable finesse. Subsequently, Colton joins the mayhem, resulting in a frenzied six-way brawl. The Hardys and Hook assert their dominance, striking awe-inspiring poses, while the Gunns and Page regroup, seeking to devise a counter-strategy.

Colton cunningly seizes Hook's leg, prompting Austin to deftly sweep his other leg, effectively disrupting the opponent's momentum. Austin promptly tags back in, reentering the battle with renewed vigor. Page takes advantage of the situation, subjecting Hook to a chokehold in the enemy's corner. Seizing the opportunity, Page tags in, eager to unleash his formidable power. Despite Hook's valiant efforts, Page lands a colossal right hand, thus passing the baton to Colton. Colton, fueled by determination, executes a forceful tackle, only to miss his mark. Page's concern becomes palpable, as he fears being outmaneuvered by the Hardys. Enter Matt Hardy, who immediately springs into action, unleashing a barrage of forearm strikes and a masterful side effect maneuver on Colton. With Colton momentarily incapacitated, the heels seize the opportunity to launch a concerted attack on Brother Zay. Undeterred, Colton rallies and lands a dropkick on Matt. Page promptly tags in, relentlessly pummeling Matt. Matt finds himself at the receiving end of a triple team assault in the corner, enduring Page's punishing elbow strikes. Mockingly, Page taunts Matt with defiant "delete" shouts, aiming to undermine his spirit.

Austin seizes his chance to shine, swiftly tagging in and launching an attack on Matt. However, his momentum is temporarily curtailed as he inadvertently collides with the unforgiving turnbuckle. Unfazed, Austin demonstrates his technical acumen with a skillfully executed back suplex, deliberately slowing down the pace by employing a methodical chinlock. Colton subsequently enters the fray, forcefully propelling Matt into the turnbuckles. Yet, his daring dive ends in failure, as he misses his target. With a timely blind tag, Matt's resilient spirit resurfaces. Jeff Hardy spectacularly takes over the fight, launching a relentless assault on the Gunns. He executes a flawlessly executed Russian Leg Sweep, followed by a breathtaking leg drop. Demonstrating his aerial prowess, Jeff fearlessly soars through the air, delivering a resounding splash that nearly secures the victory. Unyielding, Jeff follows up with a swift back elbow strike, only to be unexpectedly upended by Colton's well-timed uppercut after a misstep from the top rope. Undeterred, Jeff retaliates with a well-placed kick, allowing Hook to tag in and execute a suplex on Page.

Seizing the advantage, Hook skillfully applies crossface submissions, relentless in his pursuit of victory. Page, refusing to yield, retaliates with a powerful kick. In a display of technical mastery, Hook swiftly transitions into an armbar, exerting immense pressure. However, Colton valiantly breaks up the submission, preventing his partner's imminent defeat. Sensing the tides turning against them, Matt shrewdly executes a blind tag, ensuring his continued participation in the bout. With an impressive splash in the corner, Jeff reignites the Hardys' offensive onslaught. The Gunns find their 3D maneuver blocked, as the Hardys spring into action, disrupting their opponents' plans. Matt expertly executes a Twist of Fate, while Hook nails the devastating RedRum move, ultimately compelling their opponents to submit, securing a resounding victory.

WINNERS: The Hardys and Hook

Blackjack Battle Royal for the AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy, The Butcher, The Blade, Bandido, Komander, Lee Moriarty, Big Bill, Ari Daivari, Tony Nese, Chuckie T, Trent, Kip Sabian, Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero Miedo, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Jay White, Juice Robinson, Keith Lee, and Dustin Rhodes.

The Luchadors obstruct everyone's attempts to rescue Nese from the clutches of Bandido's delayed vertical suplex. Fenix successfully eliminates Daivari, displaying his prowess. Brian Cage finally enters the ring and executes a German suplex on both Lucha Bros, demonstrating his raw strength. However, the current predicament arises from the multitude of competitors lingering outside the ring, making it unclear who remains legally involved in the match. White manages to eliminate Komander, showcasing his strategic acumen, while Starks skillfully evades elimination, exhibiting his agility. The Best Friends come to Cassidy's aid, pleasing the crowd with their timely intervention.

Blade's elimination is courtesy of Keith Lee, who exhibits his power and dominance. Swerve makes his long-awaited entrance and confronts Lee, igniting an intense face-off. The Lucha Bros join forces to eliminate Butcher, showcasing their unity. Bandido's elimination occurs, leaving the audience in suspense. Trent eliminates Moriarty, but Big Bill swiftly disposes of Trent, asserting his authority. Cage eliminates Lee, displaying his dominance once again.

Starks eliminates Robinson with a remarkable spear, showcasing his explosiveness. Starks delivers a powerful move to eliminate White, leaving the audience in awe of his prowess.

Penta, Bill, Swerve, Starks, Cassidy, Cage, and Dustin are the remaining contenders, capturing the attention of the crowd. Bill eliminates Starks with a devastating boot to the face, leaving Starks stunned. Rhodes eliminates Cage, while Swerve eliminates Rhodes, proving his mettle.

Only four competitors remain: Penta, Bill, Swerve, and Cassidy. Penta executes a sling blade on Swerve and follows it up with a backstabber on Cassidy, demonstrating his technical skill. Penta targets Bill's legs with powerful kicks, displaying his strategic approach. However, Bill counters with a forceful clothesline, propelling Penta over the top rope for his elimination. Bill commands Swerve to stand down, and Swerve cunningly double-crosses Bill, leading to his unexpected elimination. The final two competitors are Swerve and Cassidy, intensifying the excitement. Cassidy delivers a stundog on Swerve, but Swerve retaliates with a well-timed dropkick.

Swerve lands a knee strike, followed by a spectacular Swerve Stomp. Cassidy counters with a DDT, unleashing a relentless assault. Cassidy's onslaught continues with an Orange Punch, stunning both competitors. In a climactic moment, they both teeter on the edge of the ring. Swerve lands a powerful knee strike, but Cassidy blocks his subsequent stomp and skillfully kicks Swerve out of the ring, securing the victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Adam Cole vs. Chris Jericho (unsanctioned)

Jericho finds himself in possession of the JAS, minus Sammy. Roddy Strong joins forces with Cole, forming a formidable alliance. Jericho and Sabu engage in a fierce chair duel, but Sabu gains the upper hand, ultimately sending Menard crashing through a table. Meanwhile, Cole and Jericho face off while Sabu and Strong chase away the JAS, intensifying the battle. Cole relentlessly targets Jericho's left hand, unleashing a barrage of strikes and driving his knee into the ring post. On the apron, Jericho cunningly thwarts a Sunrise attempt and executes a DDT on Cole, utilizing the unforgiving apron. The action spills to the floor, with Jericho defiantly flipping off the crowd, displaying his disdain. Cole manages to evade a powerbomb but is met with a devastating face-first collision with the apron, undoubtedly causing immense pain.

Back inside the ring, Jericho delivers resounding slaps to his opponent. A thunderous clothesline from Jericho leaves Cole reeling. Jericho cunningly inserts a chair into Cole's neck, inflicting further damage. However, Cole swiftly reverses a whip and hurls Jericho into a corner adorned with chairs, amplifying the impact. Cole fires away with strikes, connecting with a punishing pump kick. Jericho retaliates with a chop, but his attempt at a lionsault misses its mark, opening the door for Cole's superkick. Just when it seems that Cole may gain the upper hand with the Sunrise, Jericho skillfully blocks the move and transitions into the liontamer submission. Although Cole manages to reach the ropes, the absence of traditional rules comes into play. Seizing the opportunity, Cole seizes a fire extinguisher and sprays Jericho in the face, capitalizing on the momentary distraction. Aubrey Edwards assumes the role of the referee, her eyes adorned with copious amounts of makeup, perhaps signaling a significant development to come. Jericho counters with a Codebreaker, but Cole retaliates by returning the favor with the fire extinguisher.

Undeterred, Jericho grabs a kendo stick, only to be met by Britt Baker wielding one of her own. Baker mercilessly pounds away at Jericho, while Saraya attempts to intervene, only to be met with Baker's fierce assault. Cole takes advantage of the chaos, using the kendo stick to strangle Jericho, eliciting a close two-count. Cole persists with the chokehold, but Jericho seizes a chair and hurls it at his adversary, causing Cole to crash through a table on the outside. Jericho continues his relentless assault on the floor, raining down strikes on Cole. Determined to ensure his dominance, Jericho introduces a chain into the equation. He handcuffs Cole to the chain, but Cole manages to counter with a DDT, earning a two-count. In a surprising turn of events, Cole handcuffs Jericho to the other end of the chain. Cole delivers a Sunrise to Jericho, narrowly missing victory. Jericho retaliates with a rollup, followed by repeatedly whipping Cole with the chain. However, Jericho's subsequent Judas Effect misses its mark, leading to two consecutive superkicks from Cole. Cole delivers a devastating Boom and proceeds to wrap the chain around his knee, executing another impactful strike. Relentlessly, Cole rains down hammerfists on Jericho, leaving him unable to defend himself. Aubrey Edwards makes the decision to stop the match, recognizing Jericho's incapacitated state.

WINNER: Adam Cole

AEW World Tag Team Championship: FTR vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal with Mark Briscoe as special referee

Sonjay Dutt, Satnum Singh, and Karen Jarrett align themselves with the challengers as the match commences, with Lethal and Dax taking the spotlight. They engage in a lockup, followed by Dax executing a headlock takeover seamlessly transitioning into a headscissors. Both competitors regain their footing, with Lethal swiftly applying an armbar, culminating in a powerful shoulder tackle. Lethal executes a rollup, narrowly missing the victory. Displaying his technical prowess, Lethal flawlessly executes a deep armdrag. Dax retaliates with a headlock takeover of his own. Lethal responds with a punch and unleashes a series of chops in the corner, met with a resounding chop from Dax. Dax rolls to the floor, prompting the challengers to double-team Cash. However, Dax makes a remarkable recovery, surprising the challengers with a body press. FTR astound the audience with their synchronized double atomic drops. The challengers skillfully evade FTR's attempts at double sharpshooters, causing them to retreat to the floor for a moment of regrouping.

Cash tags in and focuses his attack on Lethal's arm. Lethal resorts to pulling hair and delivering punches in an effort to break free from Cash's assault. Mark Briscoe intervenes, preventing the challengers from executing a double team maneuver. FTR executes backdrops on the challengers and sends Jarrett tumbling to the floor. However, Jarrett cunningly pulls down the ropes, causing Cash to fly over the top rope. Jarrett follows up with a leg sweep on Cash, proudly displaying her strut. Karen discreetly slaps Cash behind Briscoe's back, while Lethal lands an uppercut. Jarrett tags in, delivering a kick to Cash's gut. Lethal enters the ring and applies a rear chinlock, seeking to wear down Cash. Cash retaliates with a back suplex, leaving both competitors down. Cash attempts a rollup, but only secures a two-count. Lethal counters with a reverse atomic drop, followed by Jarrett executing a dragon screw. Jarrett locks in a Figure 4 leg lock, and Cash tries to punch his way out, but Jarrett rocks back, intensifying the pressure. Dax delivers a timely headbutt to save Cash from the predicament. Cash finally manages to desperately make the tag.

Dax enters the ring, delivering powerful strikes and relentlessly pummeling Lethal. He executes a lariat, seamlessly transitioning into a German suplex, followed by another. Lethal counters the third German suplex attempt, but Dax responds with a brainbuster, securing a close two-count. Lethal retaliates with a backbreaker facedrop, shifting the momentum. Dax unleashes a flurry of punches while Lethal is perched on the top rope. Cash gets sent to the floor, leaving Lethal to continue his assault on Dax. Lethal launches a series of chops, displaying his relentless determination. Dax retaliates with a superplex, leaving both competitors drained. FTR executes a devastating Doomsday powerbomb, but Sonjay Dutt pulls Dax out of harm's way. Briscoe also intervenes, tossing Dutt out of the equation along with Singh. In an unfortunate turn of events, Jarrett accidentally strikes Briscoe with a guitar. FTR capitalizes on the chaos, executing their signature Big Rig maneuver, but with no referee present to count the pin, Briscoe remains incapacitated. Karen Jarrett strikes Aubrey Edwards with a guitar as she attempts to take control of the match. Lethal retaliates with a double Lethal Injection, delivering a decisive blow.

Lethal seizes the championship belt, but Dax swiftly kicks it out of his hands. Jarrett seizes the opportunity, delivering a belt shot and a stroke, nearly securing the victory, as Briscoe starts to recover. Jarrett reprimands Briscoe, providing FTR with an opening to execute their devastating Shatter Machine maneuver, securing the pinfall.


TNT Championship: Wardlow vs. Christian Cage in a ladder match

In a brutal showdown, Cage relentlessly unleashes a series of strikes on Wardlow, who retaliates by blocking a whip and delivering a powerful forearm smash. Cage attempts a killswitch, but Wardlow thwarts the maneuver and counters with a thunderous corner shoulder tackle. Wardlow momentarily retreats to the outside to retrieve a ladder, but Cage intercepts him, dropkicking the ladder into the champion. However, Wardlow swiftly recovers and hurls the ladder at Cage while he's airborne. Taking the match to new heights, Wardlow introduces tables into the mix, strategically arranging them in the aisle.

With a forceful throw, Wardlow sends Cage crashing into the steel steps. Seizing an opportunity, Wardlow ascends to the top rope, but Cage quickly evades, redirecting Wardlow's trajectory into the guardrail. Inside the ring, Cage sets up a ladder as a precarious bridge, while Wardlow launches a barrage of forearms and positions Cage on the ladder. However, Cage manages to evade danger, deftly avoiding a powerbomb and causing Wardlow to collide with the ladder. Capitalizing on the opening, Cage makes a valiant attempt to secure victory, but Wardlow resiliently shakes him off. Undeterred, Cage showcases his agility and almost reaches the pinnacle of the ladder.

Wardlow executes an impressive airplane spin press slam, only to be interrupted by the appearance of Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus intervenes, sending Cage back into the ring and causing Cage to drop Wardlow off the ladder. Wardlow retaliates with a spine buster on a ladder. Seizing the moment, Wardlow ascends to the top rope, but his senton misses its mark. Cage sends Wardlow tumbling to the outside. Suddenly, Arn Anderson makes his presence known, attempting to aid Christian, but Wardlow leaps from the top rope, halting Christian's advance and causing the ladder to break under the impact. Undeterred, Wardlow retrieves another ladder, but Luchasaurus unleashes two devastating chokeslams. Double A tries to intervene, resorting to biting Luchasaurus' thumb. Wardlow seizes the opportunity, striking Luchasaurus with a chair before executing a senton off the towering ladder onto Luchasaurus on the floor.

Emerging from the depths of the arena, Cage resurfaces and sets up a ladder within the ring. However, Arn Anderson pulls the ladder away, allowing Wardlow to deliver a powerbomb. With the belt tantalizingly within reach, Wardlow seizes it, potentially securing victory.

WINNER: Wardlow

AEW Women's World Championship: Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm

As Hayter's entrance music blares through the arena, a surprising twist unfolds. She fails to make her appearance, revealing that she has fallen victim to a vicious assault orchestrated by Saraya and Ruby. Despite her injuries, Hayter musters every ounce of determination to make her way to ringside. However, the Outcats, aware of her weakened state, ruthlessly target her injured shoulder. Storm executes dropkicks, driving Hayter into the unforgiving steel steps. Undeterred, Hayter demands that the match commences.

Storm seizes the opportunity, relentlessly pounding on Hayter's vulnerable shoulder. Meanwhile, Britt Baker valiantly fights back against Saraya, while Ruby Soho adds to Hayter's agony by spraying paint into her face. Storm delivers a powerful hip attack, garnering a near fall of 2. Hikaru Shida enters the fray, swiftly striking Sho with a stick to provide some assistance to Hayter. Displaying incredible resilience, Hayter retaliates by sending Storm crashing into the exposed turnbuckle and follows up with her signature move, HayterAde, earning a close 2-count.

Unrelenting, Storm rallies back, forcefully sending Hayter into the turnbuckle before executing her devastating finishing move, Storm Zero, ultimately securing the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Toni Storm

House of Black Open Challenge for the AEW Trios Championship: House of Black vs. ???

Julia Hart is out first, and my, she looks lovely. It's The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Max delivers a great rap. Apparently, the challengers have opted for a regular match, although it wasn't made entirely clear. Bowens and Black start the match with some chain wrestling. They lock up, and Black takes Bowens down with a headlock. Bowens counters with a backdrop, and they both sit down and stare at each other.

Black delivers a kick, and here comes Matthews. Bowens rolls him up, showcasing some technical skill in this match. Bowens follows up with a leg lariat, and Caster tags in, tripping Matthews. Bowens hits a dropkick, and Caster executes a backdrop on the apron for a near fall. Matthews fights back with a kneelift. King tags in, and he and Black double team Caster. King delivers a huge clothesline, and Black tags in. Bowens tries to fight back with a running forearm, but Black catches him in a kneebar.

The action spills to the floor, and it seems that the House of Black rules apply here. Bowens manages to kick his way out of the kneebar. Black applies another kneebar, and Matthews nails a meteor. Black tags in again and continues to target Bowens' knee. Matthews tags in and joins in attacking the knee. King tags in and delivers a senton. Bowens attempts a kick, but it has no effect. Bowens has been in the ring for way too long. King knocks Caster and Gunn off the apron.

Bowens sends King and Matthews to the floor, and he finally manages to make the tag, but wait... King pulls Billy Gunn off the apron. Billy fights back and reaches the apron, finally getting the tag. Billy cleans house on Matthews and Black. Gunn hits the Kallas, followed by the Famouser on King and Matthews. Black delivers the Black Mass for the pinfall.

WINNERS: House of Black

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill vs. Taya Valkyrie

A renowned singer serenades Jade to the ring, but unfortunately, I missed catching the artist's name. Taya initiates the match with a series of forceful forearms, swiftly transitioning into her signature move, the Road to Valhala. However, Jade skillfully blocks the maneuver, leading to a fiery exchange of forearm strikes. Taya follows up with a powerful overhand chop, displaying her strength. In a seamless motion, Taya executes a sliding lariat, but Jade slips away and cunningly throws Mark Sterling in front of Taya, using him as a shield against Taya's cross body.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Jade swiftly delivers a swift kick, sending Taya reeling. Inside the ring, Jade follows up with a precise back elbow strike. Taya, resilient as ever, counters with a sliding German suplex, showcasing her technical prowess. Leila Grey, providing a well-timed diversion, allows Jade to deliver a punishing kick, sending Taya tumbling to the outside. Jade seizes the opportunity to execute a powerful suplex upon Taya's return to the ring. A thunderous spinebuster by Jade follows, nearly securing a pinfall.

Jade demonstrates her dominance by stomping on Taya before transitioning into a surfboard submission, applying immense pressure on Taya's limbs. Taya, however, manages to escape and retaliates with a fierce clothesline, garnering a close near-fall. Employing a wrist control technique reminiscent of studying New Japan tapes, Jade continues to deliver impactful clotheslines, maintaining control of the match. Taya retaliates with a Blue Thunder bomb, earning another near-fall.

Springboarding into the air, Jade attempts a high-flying maneuver, but Taya counters with a lungblower, though not quite connecting with full force due to her desperation. The two competitors engage in a heated exchange of strikes at the center of the ring. Taya expertly sweeps Jade's legs, transitioning into an STF submission hold, putting tremendous pressure on Jade. Taya follows up with a forceful curb stomp, narrowly missing a pinfall.

Leila attempts to interfere, but Taya perseveres, executing the Road to Valhala finisher once again, coming within inches of victory as Jade barely manages to kick out. In a final surge of resilience, Jade delivers a powerful kick and connects with her finishing move, the Jaded, securing the three-count for the win.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill vs. Kris Statlander

Statlander unleashes a swift and impactful kick, followed by a lightning-quick running knee strike. Jade retaliates with a mighty boot, showcasing her raw power and presence in the ring. However, Statlander manages to skillfully evade Jade's finishing move, the Jaded, and counters with a breathtaking spinning tombstone piledriver, displaying her remarkable agility and strength. The referee's hand slams the canvas for the three-count, signaling an impressive victory for Statlander. WINNER: Jade Cargill

MJF Vs Jungle Boy Jack Perry Vs Darby Allin Vs Sammy Guevara: AEW World Title

MJF cunningly opted for an early retreat, asserting his dominance over the match, but was swiftly overwhelmed and driven to the ringside floor by the collective force of Guevara, Perry, and Allin. With unparalleled agility, Perry executed a remarkable double springboard arm drag, propelling both Allin and Guevara outside the ring, while MJF unleashed a devastating lariat that left Perry reeling. Teasing a daring dive, MJF astutely chose to indulge in a triumphant Fargo Strut and Rick Rude-inspired hip swivel. Allin fearlessly soared through the air, delivering a breathtaking dive onto MJF on the unforgiving floor, followed by Perry's consecutive, awe-inspiring dives. A momentous climax arrived when Guevara defied gravity, executing a jaw-dropping Shooting Star Press to the floor.

A mesmerizing Tower of Doom spectacle ensued, leaving MJF at the receiving end of a relentless onslaught from all competitors. Perry nearly secured victory with a two-count following a venomous Poison Rana on Guevara, while Allin exhibited unyielding determination, launching himself into Perry and MJF with full steam corner charges. In a remarkable display of storytelling, MJF managed a swift float-over stunner and ensnared Allin in a side headlock, evoking a captivating narrative.

With seamless fluidity, Guevara provocatively flipped off the apron, effortlessly landed on his nimble feet, and swiftly caught Perry off guard with a powerful thrust kick, simultaneously executing a cutter mid-air to incapacitate Allin. Displaying his exceptional agility and strength, Guevara laid MJF flat with a standing Spanish Fly, seamlessly transitioning into a top rope Frog Splash. Yet, to the astonishment of the crowd, MJF defiantly kicked out, provoking resounding chants of support for Sammy. Demonstrating his resilience, MJF fiercely unleashed a powerbomb, stacking Guevara, and nearly trapping Allin in a suffocating side headlock, ultimately dropping him mercilessly on his head with a driver for a near fall.

With contemptuous disregard, MJF contemptuously spat on Allin, setting the stage for a barrage of high-impact maneuvers from all four competitors, resulting in a dramatic moment of simultaneous exhaustion. Each pillar of the ring unleashed moves reminiscent of their mentors—a Scorpion Death Drop, Code Breaker, and Killswitch—culminating in MJF's Cross Rhodes, compelling Perry to summon every ounce of strength to kick out.

Seizing the microphone, MJF slyly acknowledged his awareness of Guevara's financial predicament, insinuating a deal for him to lie down and accept the monetary reward. Astonishingly, Guevara complied, momentarily lying down before swiftly rolling up MJF for a two-count. MJF effectively blocked the GTH, attempted the Salt of the Earth submission, only for Guevara to counter with the Walls of Jericho. Perry valiantly attempted to break the hold but was intercepted by Allin, who applied a devastating Scorpion Death Drop. In a stunning turn, all four competitors simultaneously applied their submission holds, prompting an explosive breakout initiated by MJF.

A flurry of three consecutive Destroyers ensued, as Perry utilized the backs of Guevara and Allin as springboards to flawlessly execute a breathtaking Destroyer on MJF, barely garnering a two-count. Undeterred, Perry delivered a resounding Tiger Driver on Guevara, but Allin, capitalizing on the opportunity, propelled Perry into the barricade before unleashing a fierce tackle on both Perry and MJF, plunging into the depths of the crowd.

Guevara swiftly intercepted Allin's ascent to the ropes, delivering a mesmerizing Spanish Fly onto MJF and Perry on the unforgiving floor, igniting thunderous chants of "Holy Sh*t" from the captivated audience. With all combatants back in the ring, an epic display of relentless strikes, chops, and forearm exchanges ensued until MJF resorted to a calculated eye poke, temporarily subduing his opponents. Guevara retaliated with his signature springboard cutter, while Allin unleashed a spectacular Code Red, and Perry charged MJF with an explosive forearm strike, with each competitor vying for a decisive pinfall. A breathtaking sequence of innovative near falls left the crowd electrified, culminating in Guevara's lightning-fast Implant DDT on Perry, followed by Allin's subsequent Code Red. However, MJF resiliently kicked out, defying expectations.

In an astonishing turn of events, Guevara connected with a cutter off the ropes on Perry, who rolled out to the floor, while MJF, resorting to underhanded tactics, executed a low blow on Guevara, brandishing the Diamond Ring. Allin swiftly retaliated, delivering a punishing skateboard strike to MJF's back, culminating in a devastating Coffin Drop. Seizing the moment, Allin applied a side headlock, yet Perry valiantly broke up the pinfall attempt. In a state of confusion, Perry and Allin inadvertently collided in the center of the ring, allowing MJF an opportunity to wield the AEW Title as a weapon. However, Guevara valiantly tackled MJF to the outside, leaving Perry clutching the title, torn between moral decisions, prompting an unfavorable response from the crowd, and nearly falling victim to a roll-up.

Guevara, displaying unwavering determination, struck Perry with the GTH, only to be launched outside by Allin, who subsequently executed a Coffin Drop. Nonetheless, MJF cunningly positioned the title on Perry prior to impact. In a last-ditch effort, MJF employed a side headlock on Allin, rolling him up for the victory.


Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and "Hangman" Adam Page): Anarchy in the Arena match

The electrifying performance of Violent Idols resonated through the stage while The Elite locked eyes with the BCC in the stands, their presence commanding attention. Undeterred by the chaos, the band continued to play, their music intertwining with the unfolding spectacle. The formidable pairings of Nick & Yuta, Matt & Castagnoli, Page & Danielson, and Omega & Moxley engaged in fierce combat, each duo vying for dominance. Adding to the intensity, Don Callis joined the broadcast table, injecting his expertise into the narrative.

Outside the ring, referee Rick Knox fell victim to a brutal assault, becoming the first to spill blood in this relentless match. Page executed a devastating Buckshot Lariat on Danielson, shedding his eyepatch and hurling it toward his opponent. With unwavering determination, Page pursued Danielson, brandishing a screwdriver, only to be intercepted by Yuta's chop block. Overwhelmed by a 4-on-1 assault, Page found himself on the receiving end of a merciless beatdown. However, just when all hope seemed lost, The Bucks and Omega arrived, swooping in to rescue their beleaguered comrade. The Elite unleashed a torrent of punches in all four corners, their strikes punctuated by thunderous superkicks.

The momentum carried the match up the ramp, with The Bucks incapacitating the lead singer of Violent Idols, effectively silencing the music. Seizing the opportunity, The Bucks launched themselves off the ramp, targeting Castagnoli and Yuta with audacious dives. Meanwhile, in the ring, Omega and Moxley pummeled each other with fragments of the announce table. Matt Jackson executed a series of seamless rolling Northern Lights suplexes on Yuta, their descent down the ramp accentuating their impact. Nick Jackson joined the fray, vaulting both himself and his brother onto Castagnoli, leaving Yuta vulnerable to a bone-crushing powerbomb on the ring's edge. Simultaneously, Moxley endured a relentless assault from Omega and Page until a fateful misstep caused Page to inadvertently strike Omega with a boot.

With the battle spilling into the stands, Castagnoli and Matt waged their own war amidst the fervent crowd. Meanwhile, Moxley propelled Omega into a colossal poker chip, paying homage to the first Double or Nothing event. A poker chip adorned with barbed wire, resonating with symbolism, served as the backdrop for Moxley's snap suplex on Omega.

The screen divided its attention, capturing the visceral spectacle unfolding in dual perspectives. On one side, Moxley relentlessly stabbed Omega with a fork, while on the other side, Castagnoli executed a mesmerizing Giant Swing in the concessions area, subjecting Matt to a dizzying assault. Amidst the chaos, Moxley ensnared Omega in a suffocating sleeper hold, causing his adversary to collapse onto the bed of barbed wire. As the relentless assault persisted, both Nick Jackson and Page found themselves bleeding, victimized by the ruthless BCC, who methodically dismantled Page while Castagnoli and Matt brawled outside the confines of the arena. In a display of resourcefulness, Moxley unearthed a leaf blower, introducing an unconventional weapon to the ring. Seizing an opportune moment, Page executed his signature move, the Dead Eye, on Moxley, who lay vulnerable on the apron. Resolute and sporting trunks emblazoned with Captain America motifs, Omega wielded a trash can lid, transforming it into an impromptu shield until Castagnoli thwarted his plans.

Nick Jackson staged a valiant resurgence until Moxley struck with a thunderous King Kong lariat, followed by a bone-jarring piledriver. Trapped in a painful Boston Crab and Crossface combination by Moxley and Yuta, Nick endured immense suffering until Matt limped his way into the ring, having weathered a piledriver atop a pickup truck. Summoning his last reserves of energy, Matt unleashed an explosive superkick on Moxley, defying expectations. Simultaneously, Page administered a devastating Buckshot on Yuta, leaving both opponents reeling. As the battle intensified, Matt found himself barefoot and vulnerable, as Moxley subjected him to the excruciating pain of tacks, culminating in a Death Rider maneuver. Nick valiantly attempted to rescue his brother but fell victim to a Cutter, driving him into the bed of tacks. Undeterred, Castagnoli endeavored to execute a Ricola Bomb on Omega, only to be met with a fluid counter in the form of a V-Trigger. Sensing an opportunity, Danielson surged forward, his Busaiku Knees finding their mark on both Omega and Page, before The BCC unleashed a synchronized assault with stereo anvil elbows on The Elite.

In a jaw-dropping moment, Matt found himself with tacks lodged in his mouth, which Castagnoli ruthlessly uppercut, causing the painful projectiles to be forcefully expelled. Yuta capitalized on the chaos, executing a thunderous German suplex, leaving everyone breathless with anticipation. Rising to their feet, Omega and Page acknowledged their numerical disadvantage but valiantly fought back against their adversaries. Displaying breathtaking synergy, Page and Omega delivered a relentless barrage of attacks, overwhelming their challengers. In a pivotal moment, Page executed Dead Eye on Danielson, followed by Omega's devastating One Winged Angel on Page, only for Yuta to intervene and break the pinfall.

Undeterred, Omega and Page resumed their offensive onslaught, utilizing a flurry of rolling maneuvers against Yuta. As Omega and Page prepared to unleash their signature double Buckshot maneuvers, Callis cunningly handed Yuta a screwdriver, abruptly turning the tide. The unsuspecting Page fell victim to the treacherous strike, allowing Yuta to secure a shocking seatbelt pin, effectively clinching the victory. As the dust settled, it was revealed that the masked man who had intervened was none other than Konosuke Takeshita, leaving the audience in awe of his surprise appearance and spectacular flying knee strike.

WINNER: The Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)

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