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Music By with Label:Zee Music Company | Time Length: 3:15

From || SONG RELEASE DATE : 22 May 2020

Yeah Li'l Homie
Recognise Game When It's In Your Face
Elevate Educate Motivate

Ride Ride Rippity Ride
Letmetell You Lil'some 'bout Pride (Wow)
Slide Slide Slippityslide
And I'ma Take You For A Walk On The Wildside
Holddownslowdown Graduate
The Wayyou Move Ityou'll Catch A Case
'Cause I Know That What's At Stake
All Work And No Play
Boy You Better Not Diss That Class
Spit That Fast You Better Go And Get That Cash
Oh You Like Being A Fool Packing A Tool
Boy You Better Get In School
How You Think That I Got Mine?
You Better Read Between The Lines
Yeah Cause Life Ain't Fair
You Better Get Up Get Out And Go Get There

Emiway X Lexz Pryde X Snoop
Dogg - NEW WORLD (Prod By Kiran
Bengal And Nick Price)

Whether Youre From India Los
Angeles Or Nairobi We All
Live In A New World New
World Is A Meeting Of Minds
Between 3 Unique Yet Similar
Global Stars Their Stories Are
Different But The Message Is
The Same: The Time Is NOW! Get
Up Off Your Ass Stop Making
Excuses And Go Get It

Artist/Lyrics - Emiway
BantaiLexz Pryde And Snoop

Produced By Kiran Bengal And
Nick Price

Additional Engineering By Frank

Managed By - Kshitij Nilkanth

Video By - Mvideospro
Illustration By - Pratik Yadav

Snoop Dogg Appears Courtesy Of
Doggystyle Records

Star :
Singer :
Lexz Pryde
Emiway Bantai
Snoop Dogg
Lyricist :
Emiway Bantai

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Video Song

Emiway X Lexz Pryde X Snoop Dogg - NEW WORLD (Prod by Kiran Bengal and Nick Price)

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