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Bang Bang Lyrics

Music By with Label:Zee Music Company | Time Length: 2:02

From || SONG RELEASE DATE : 01 Jun 2020

Bang Bang Photo
Bang Bang | The Casino | Shannon Saumitra D Berman

Enjoy Bang Bang A Sensuous Song From ZEE5 Original The Casino The Song Is Composed By Poonam Penned By Shabbir Ahmed And Sung By Shannon And Saumitra Dev Berman

Music: Poonam
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Shannon Saumitra Dev Berman
Arranged & Programmed: Ganesh Waghela
Additional Programming: Aniket Kharatmal & Jayguldekar
Supervisor: Anis Ali Sabri
Assistant: Daud Khalu Sanjay Lal
Mix & Master: Rizwan Ali Sabri

Star :

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Bang Bang | The Casino | Shannon, Saumitra D Berman

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