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Lockdown 2.0: PM Narendra Modi Extended Nationwide Lockdown Till May 3

Lockdown 2.0: PM Narendra Modi Extended Nationwide Lockdown Till May 3

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi extended nationwide lockdown till May 3 considering the Corona Virus threat. On the last day of 21-days lockdown, PM Modi addressed the nation and thanked the people of India for being calm and discipline during the first 21-days of the lockdown.

However, PM Modi also indicates that any decision on easing restrictions in parts of the country would be taken after April 20, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the country's poorest.

"After taking into account all suggestions, we have decided to extend the lockdown till May 3. Till April 20, each district, each state will be monitored closely to see whether the lockdown is being followed. Then we can decide on relaxing the restrictions," said the Prime Minister. Till yesterday, Corona Virus cases crosses 10,000 marks with 339 death.

"We absolutely must ensure that this virus does not spread to any further parts of the country. We should be worried every time we hear that someone in some part of the country has died of the virus. We must ensure that new hotspots do not spring up."

Talking about India's step to controlling the spread of the Virus, PM Narendra Modi said

"Today, you are well aware of the various aspects of Coronavirus Pandemic worldwide. You all have been a participant as well as a witness to the way India has taken steps to control the spread of coronavirus infection in comparison to other countries. We started screening of passengers coming from coronavirus affected countries even before when there was any case of infection in India. Even before the number of positive cases reached 100, we made it mandatory for passengers coming from abroad to stay in isolation facilities for 14 days.

When we had only 550 cases of coronavirus, India took a major decision to implement a complete lockdown of 21 days. India did not wait for the problem to become big but took major steps to tackle it even when it just started to emerge". The Prime Minister also said that India has been proactive than many of the developed countries and that helped us to be in a better position.

"This is the sort of crisis in which it is not right to make comparisons between countries. But it is also true, that when we compare the numbers related to #coronavirus with that of other big capable countries, it shows that, India is in a far better position.

Had India not adopted a holistic and integrated approach and took immediate steps, our situation would have been different. But, our experiences over the last few days have shown that the path chosen by us is correct".

PM Modi has again said that the lockdown may affect the economy but the lives of the people are more important at this time.

"If you look at it from an economic point of view, it would look like a huge cost. But the lives of the people of India are far more valuable. Today the world is appreciating the way India is moving forward even with the limited resources".

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