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Vidhi Pandya Wants Tejasswi Prakash To Win Bigg Boss 15

Vidhi Pandya Wants Tejasswi Prakash To Win Bigg Boss 15

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Mumbai, October 20 - The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 came as a shock for the housemates as Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht have been evicted from the show during the mid-week eviction. This development came as a result of not contributing enough to the show.

While things never get easy in the show, many housemates found breaking Bigg Boss rules, which resulted in punishment by Bigg Boss in which the housemates had to evict any two contestants who they think have made the least contribution to the show. That's when the housemates ended up voting out Donal and Vidhi for not being able to catch hold the grip of the show.

Vidhi Pandya, after coming out from the house, explained the reason which led to her eviction. "See, I am an emotional person and I never did anything for the camera. In fact, I am lazy to think so much about strategies to be in the show and maybe not a great entertainer in terms of dancing or doing fights or getting into arguments or being part of gossip or just for the sake of getting the action. I prefer to be myself and that is what I did in the show", she said.

Vidhi was on good terms with some of the housemates such as Jay Bhanushali, Karan Kundrra, Umar Riaz, and Tejasswi Prakash. When asked about who could no longer be in the show, Vidhi said, "Tejasswi Prakash, as she is playing the game very nicely and I really want to see her winning the game".

"In fact, Vishal Kotian is also doing well and I had good terms with him. But he is more into making strategies. In fact, this is turning out to be negative for him, as not only the audience but housemates also know what actually he is as a person", she added.

While housemates voted out Vidhi and Donal on the basis of not doing much for the show, Vidhi, however, thinks that there are a couple of housemates who are also not doing much but still are in the show. "Simba Nagpal and Akasa don’t seem like much involved in the game. Of, course I have no personal enmity but as far the game is concerned, Simba is least involved. In fact, he is not performing well in the task", she said.

"Akasa is also not interacting much with other housemates. She has just good equations and friendship with Pratik. So, they are in fact lagging behind me in the entertainment aspect", she added.

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