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महेश बाबू ने नागरिकों से आग्रह किया कि वे मास्क पहनें क्योंकि ताला खुलना शुरू हो गया

महेश बाबू ने नागरिकों से आग्रह किया कि वे मास्क पहनें क्योंकि ताला खुलना शुरू हो गया

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Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu has urged the citizens to wear masks as a mandatory precaution every time they step out from their houses as the lockdown has started opening-up for the people. He said that people must use masks to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.

Sharing a picture of himself wearing a mask, the actor took to Twitter and wrote, "We are opening up. Slowly, but surely. In a time like this, masks are mandatory. Make it a point to wear a mask every time you step out, that's least we can do to protect ourselves and others".

He further wrote, "It may seem odd, but it is the need of the hour and we must get used to it. One step at a time! Let's adapt to the new normal and get life back on track. It's cool to be masked. I am. Are you?"

Mahesh Babu has often seen guiding people to stay safe in this health crisis. Earlier, he had requested people not to believe in fake news which has been spreading rapidly on social media.

Talking about the lockdown, India has been in lockdown since March 25 when the nationwide lockdown for a minimum of 21-days was announced by the honorable prime minister Narendra Modi Ji. It was later extended for more 19 days before the two more extensions of 14 days each with some exemptions were announced.

A few states have already opened up the large part of the lockdown, however, it will be completely lifted after May 31 if there is no further announcement.

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