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'777 Charlie' Becomes The Highest-Grossing Film of Rakshit Shetty

'777 Charlie' Becomes The Highest-Grossing Film of Rakshit Shetty

Views: 22605 | Updated On: | By Sunit Jangir


Bengaluru, June 23 - Kannada star Rakshit Shetty has another blockbuster in his hands as his adventure comedy-drama "777 Charlie" has become the highest-grossing film worldwide of him. The movie is also about to become the second-biggest Kannada movie of the year, by beating "James".

Directed by Kiranraj K., "777 Charlie" has grossed apporx. 76 crores through the second Tuesday at the worldwide box office. This was enough for it outshine "Avane Srimannarayana (ASN)" to become the biggest movie of Shetty's career. ASN was a huge blockbuster upon its release in 2019 and grossed over 74 crores worldwide.

"777 Charlie", unlike ASN, was also released in Hindi and so far it has had a good run at the box office with a net collection of over 4.50 crores. The other versions excluding Kannada have scored approx. 7 crores net while the original Kannada version of the movie made over 51 crores and is a blockbuster. Overseas, "777 Charlie" has minted approx. 5 crores gross.

The film follows the journey and bonding between a lonely factory worker and a Labrador Retriever. Dharma (Rakshit) is a loner, who doesn't socialize with people, and spends his time by working in a factory. Charlie, a small Labrador dog makes a complete changeover in Dharma's life. In the companionship of the little Charlie, Dharma finds his purpose in life and develops himself into a better human.

Produced by Rakshit Shetty, and G. S. Gupta, the movie is winning the hearts of the audiences with its heartwarming emotional storyline and have got excellent reviews from critics and audiences alike. It also stars Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait, and Bobby Simha, among others in key roles.

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