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Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot-Fronted 'Cleopatra' Biopic Gets A New Director On Board

Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot-Fronted 'Cleopatra' Biopic Gets A New Director On Board

Views: 105 | Updated On: | By Sunit Jangir


Los Angeles, December 7 - Gal Gadot-fronted biopic of "Cleopatra" is going through creative changes as Patty Jenkins, who was supposed to direct this keenly-awaited pic, has now moved into producing role. Kari Skogland, who got massive success with the Disney+ series "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", has now been attached to direct Cleopatra pic, according to Deadline.

The Deadline report suggests that Patty Jenkins fell off as director so she could focus on her next two projects - Wonder Woman 3 and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. She will now only produce the film along with Atlas Entertainment's Charles Roven, Gadot, and her Pilot Wave Motion Pictures partner Jaron Varsano. Paramount Picture has the distribution rights of this biographical drama, written by Laeta Kalogridis.

Cleopatra is the daughter of Ptolemy, the ancestor of the leader of Alexander the Great's army. When Rome's ruler Julius Caesar's mentor-turned-rival Pompey fled to Egypt after a brutal war for control of the empire, Egypt became a fixation of Roman rulers. Two siblings battled for the throne of Egypt.

After winning that internal struggle by appealing personally to Caesar, Cleopatra had a complicated relationship with Rome, becoming the lover of Caesar and later Marc Antony. The latter alliance would become the undoing of both Antony and Cleopatra.

"Cleopatra" is definitely a massive project Skogland has bagged. The movie has the potential to be a mega-hit. Though Cleopatra has already been the center of some controversy regarding Gal Gadot's casting in the titular role, it's hard to imagine this not at least getting some solid attention from audiences.

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