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New Predator Film 'Prey' Sets All-Time Record Viewership On Hulu

New Predator Film 'Prey' Sets All-Time Record Viewership On Hulu

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Los Angeles, August 10 - 20th Century Studios' new film in the Predator franchise, Prey debuted directly on Disney's Hulu platform in the United States on August 5. Being a film of the blockbuster franchise, many wondered why 20th Century and Disney didn't open the movie in cinemas exclusively.

While there is no reason given by the studio, the movie has taken the streaming platform, Hulu by storm. On Tuesday, Disney revealed (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the film scored the No. 1 premiere on Hulu to date, including all film and TV series debuts.

Additionally, the pic was the most watched film premiere on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other territories, based on hours watched in the first three days of its release, however, Disney did not reveal the viewing hours.

The development of the film, Prey, began during the production of The Predator (2018), when producer John Davis was approached by Trachtenberg and Aison, with a concept that they had been developing since 2016. The movie was always in production for direct streaming release.

THR report says that Disney believes that sending the movie straight to Hulu — which, like other streamers, is competing to become a destination for original content — was a smart decision, and it's impossible to say whether Prey would have benefited from a theatrical release. The veteran Hollywood box office analysts also believe that it was a good move from Disney to send the movie on Hulu.

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