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A New Hulk Movie Called 'World War Hulk' Is In Development At Marvel Studios!

A New Hulk Movie Called 'World War Hulk' Is In Development At Marvel Studios!

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Los Angeles, October 21 - There is some great news for Hulk's fans. Marvel Studios is reportedly developing the sequel to "The Incredible Hulk" (2008) which is currently being called, World War Hulk. Having starred in several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Hulk is the only MCU's Phase 1 film to not have a sequel yet.

According to GWW, the first solo film for Mark Ruffalo as Hulk will begin production in late 2022 with a likely release window in the later half of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The first Hulk movie since 2008, likely to follow the events of the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+.

"The Incredible Hulk" was the only second film in MCU. Earlier, Universal Pictures had the film rights, and a movie titled "Hulk" was made under Universal in 2003, which starred Eric Bana as Bruce Banner/Hulk. However, with the rumor of a new Hulk film in development at Marvel, it possibly means Universal has lost the rights, which means they would revert back to Marvel.

Marvel's "World War Hulk" is a popular comic book storyline, which serves as a sequel to another popular Hulk story, Planet Hulk, partially adapted in the 2017 film "Thor: Ragnarok". The story of World War Hulk focuses on Hulk coming back to Earth looking for revenge against his friends in the hero community who tried to exile him to the cosmos.

While there is still a long way for Mark Ruffalo to get his solo Hulk movie, he will be reprising his role in the upcoming Disney+ series "She-Hulk", which stars Tatiana Maslany in the title role with Tim Roth reprising his "The Incredible Hulk" role as Abomination. The 10-episode series will premiere in 2022.

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