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Team Vickida No Varghodo in Mumbai For Film Promotions

Team Vickida No Varghodo in Mumbai For Film Promotions

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Mumbai, July 8 - Fun-filled family Gujarati film "Vickida no Varghodo" team was in Mumbai for the promotion and premiere of their film. The out-and-out comedy film runs around Vicky's exciting love life and how his past takes his present life on a roller coaster ride.

Vicky's character is played by renowned Gujarati superstar Malhar Thakar. Talking about the movie and his character he says, "It's a fantastic, loveable and boy next door character. The audience wants to see me playing such characters and they love me for this. Film's name 'Vickida No Varghodo' is apt because this film is all about marriage, Baarat, and a lot of family drama. I am portraying the lead as Vicky who is totally relatable and the best part of him is his honest & clear intentions. But he gets into a lot of trouble for his honesty. Vickida no Varghodo is not just a family entertainer but it's a hilarious joy ride".

The golden era of the Gujarati film is back now. Producers, actors, and directors want to do something new and creative in the movie they make.

National Award Winning film Reva's actress Monal Gajjar says, "Yes I 100% agree on the point that the golden era of Gujarati film is back. The right producer always knows the right investment in talent, and script, and hence the final product is outstanding. I think everybody is putting so much effort here. We now can see so many good movies coming like Nadi Dosh, Vickida No Varghodo, etc. We have an audience coming to the theatre to watch the Gujarati cinema".

"When you watch Vickida No Varghodo you will realize that the story is completely urban. I hope this will be well taken and help us reach the youth today", Monal Added.

Talking about her character and the movie Student of the Year actress Manasi Rachh says, "The big co-incident in this film and ‘Student of The Year’ is that I am playing Student in both the films. I am playing Vidhya, who is really naughty. She is not a simple girl, instead, she will rag on everyone, and keep her ambitions and dreams ahead of everything else. We had blast while shooting Vickida no Varghodo and all the crew members had a lot of fun".

Jinal Belani also plays a significant role in the movie talking about it, she said, "I am playing a school girl and it's so nostalgic to play that part and relive school life and experience innocence of first love. My character name is Radhika and I am playing Vicky's, first love. Since I am born and bought up in Mumbai, I always wanted that my movies should get promoted in my hometown. Even general film collection data shows that 30% of collections are from Mumbai. We have a huge Gujarati audience here who are ready to support and appreciate our culture", Jinal shared her thoughts on coming to Mumbai for the promotion.

National Award Winning director reveals why he made Vickida No Varghodo a light-hearted film after giving films like Reva, "Reva was based on a novel. After winning the National Award for it, whoever used to meet us would ask us which novel we were making a movie on next. Basically, people got the impression that we were “serious” filmmakers. We did not want people to typecast us and hence wanted to try something different. That's why we chose Vickida No Varghodo, which is a light-hearted family entertainer".

Chhello Divas, Sweetie Weds NRI, Tashkent Files, Buddha In A Traffic Jam, and Still About Section 377 are some movies and web series produced by Sharad Patel, Founder of SP Cinecrop and producer of Vickida No Varghodo, he is very confident about his film. He says, "I have produced a mixed bag of films in terms of language and content. While some were dealing with suppressed issues in India, others were pure entertainers and the audience enjoyed them all. I have always focused on content that will connect with the audience and every time it has been accepted. I am confident that my next Vickida No Varghodo will be loved by the masses".

Shreyanshi Patel, co-founder of SP Cinecorp and the producer of Vickida No Varghodo says, "Gujarati cinema is on the runway ready to take off and reach high and my film is the perfect starter. The film surely is a funny and entertaining ride and I urge the audience to watch the film in the theater and show their support".

Sharad Patel presents "Vickida No Varghodo", produced by Shreyanshi Patel and Sharad Patel of SP Cinecorp in collaboration with Ajay Shroff, Pankaj Keshruwala, and Vikas Agarwal of Janvi Productions, and Ashissh Pattel and Nirav Patel of Rishiv Films and co-produced by Pritish Shah of Sun Outdoors. This movie is written, directed & edited by Rahul Bhole and Vinit Kanojia.

Malhar Thakar, M Monal Gujjar, Jhinal Belani, Manasi Rachh, Anurag Prapanna, Alpana Buch, Anant Velani, and Chirayu Mistry starrer, is all set to release on 8 July 2022.

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