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Struggle For Bollywood At The Box Office Continues As Laal Singh Chaddha And Raksha Bandhan Fail To Meet Expectations

Struggle For Bollywood At The Box Office Continues As Laal Singh Chaddha And Raksha Bandhan Fail To Meet Expectations

Views: 2833 | Updated On: | By Kamlealam Ansari


Mumbai, August 12 - Two of the most anticipated Movies of the year Laal Singh Chaddha by Aamir Khan and Raksha Bandhan by Akshay Kumar released yesterday with so many expectations. But both the movies struggled on their first day despite having the advantage of a national holiday on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

The main reason why these movies had to encounter the struggle is that Both have less commercial appeal and are made in a more urban-friendly manner. Audiences are showing less interest in both movies despite there being the presence of Big stars like Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

The combined collection of both movies on day 1 is 20.20 crore net. Overall both movies projected below-average results which further worries the filmmakers of Bollywood and also indicates that they should retrospect to see what is going wrong these times.

They need to realize that the preference of the audiences has undergone a drastic change over the years. The success of movies like KGF chapter 2 and Pushpa, in which the main hero is of the anti-hero type indicates that the audience prefers heroes with a touch of negative shade. Recently the warm reception south superstar Suriya has been receiving for his cameo role in Vikram which is filled with a negative shade is a clear example of this.

Bollywood needs to reduce the number of experimental type films and focus on mass movies which engage the audiences throughout their duration, in long term emerge as big hits.

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