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Pathaan Second Day/First Thursday Early Estimates; Earth Shattering Collections Everywhere

Pathaan Second Day/First Thursday Early Estimates; Earth Shattering Collections Everywhere

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Mumbai, January 26 - Pathaan, which took a mega bumper opening on the first day by collecting 57cr net box office collections in all the versions has gone to another level on its second day which is simply outstanding as the first day itself was the record single day for Bollywood.

Today was a huge national holiday in the form of Republic day and Pathaan being an already-established blockbuster has gone to another level. The biggest growth has come in centers that were lacking on the first day which is a huge boost. The mass centers of North where Shah Rukh Khan starrers underperform have seen extraordinary collections today due to the holiday and the genre.

The early estimate collections suggest 65+ crores net, which is more than anything else released at the box office in the Hindi version beating its own record. The collection might touch 70 crores as well as mass centers behave like a monster today. The first two days are record single days for Pathaan and the only other film which repeated something similar to this was Salman Khan starrer Dabangg in 2010 when the first three days of the film emerged as record single days. Here the third day will be tough but not impossible the way film is behaving at the box office.

The first two collections will take the entire collections of Pathaan to over 122cr net (official data awaited). "Pathaan" has emerged as the highest weekend in the Hindi film industry in flat two days. It also became the first film which crossed 100cr in two days only. The weekend record of KGF2 of around 140cr will be crossed easily as it will need less than 20cr on Friday. The real target is to achieve 150cr weekend which is not much of an ask and Pathaan should cross it easily as well. Tomorrow will be the first big taste of Pathaan which will determine where the film goes eventually.

Stay tuned...

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It should be test and not taste ->siddesh
26 Jan 2023 09:27:53 pm IST

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